Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 23 - Reuther *

Hi my name is Sandy Reuther and I live in rural northwest Kansas.  I enjoy trail riding and camping out with my horses, friends and family.  I have a mostly broke 8 year old spotted draft mare, Gypsy, that needs lots of trail time. I also just adopted an 8 year old grulla mare, Shiloh, that is only halter broke. Hopefully, Shiloh and I will become a good riding team as the year progresses. I look forward to riding "with" you this year.  Happy Trails to all of you!
2013 / 123.53 Miles / 70th Place


  1. Date 1/3/2014
    Miles to date: 2.02
    Miles this ride: 2.02
    I got out and road Gypsy around the block. It was uneventful and I loved every minute of it. My daughter went with me on her Belle. I have started DD 2014!

  2. Date 1/11/2014
    Miles to date: 2.20
    Miles this ride: 0.18
    I had a friend come out to ride so I got Gypsy ready for her and rode long enough to make sure that she would behave and be a good partner. Spent the rest of the day cleaning pens.

  3. Date 1/19/2014
    Miles to date: 3.24
    Miles this ride: 1.04
    I worked on getting Gypsy comfortable out riding by herself and then I ponied Shiloh using Gypsy. It was interesting because Gypsy still needs a lot of guidance and Shiloh had never been ponied before. We got to the point where we could all walk in both directions around the round pen in a calm manner and called it a day.

  4. Date 1/25/2014
    Miles to date: 3.24
    Miles this ride: 6.92
    I went on a trail ride with a friend. Nice long relaxing ride. I definitely need to work on canter departs that do not involve bucking.

  5. Date 1/26/2014
    Miles to date: 7.96
    Miles this ride: 1.04
    Worked with Gypsy in the round pen. Got inside before the horrible winds came.

  6. My spreadsheet shows you at 11.20 miles :-)

  7. Date 2/22/2014
    Miles to date 14.54
    Miles this ride: 3.34
    Thanks for fixing the mileage. Haha, don't tell anyone that I teach math. I just rode around a few quarters today to get the girls going again. I can't wait for spring!

  8. Date: 3/9/2014
    Miles to date: 16.84
    Miles this ride: 2.30
    Took Gypsy out today by herself. She bucked once and took off once but I actually handled it and remained calm. By the end of the ride she was calm and compliant. We will get this!

  9. Date: 4/13/2014
    Miles to date: 18.11
    Miles this ride: 1.27
    A short but productive ride. Did a bunch of ground work because Gypsy was opinionated. Followed that up with riding in the round pen and around the house. I also saddled up Shiloh and did some desensitizing.

  10. Date: 5/3/2014
    Miles to date: 22.89
    Miles this ride: 3.51
    Had a great ride with friends at Sappa Park. Just what I needed to relax and unwind.

  11. Date: 5/10/2014
    Miles to date: 26.87
    Miles this ride: 3.98
    Had another great ride at Sappa Park today. That was, right until my daughter was playing around jumping logs and got bucked off. Rode another mile after that, at her request, and then went to doctor to find out her hand is broken.

  12. So sorry to read about your daughter! Hope she heals quickly!

  13. Date: 6/5/2014
    Miles to date: 69.68
    Miles this week: 42.81
    I am about 1 1/2 weeks into a 4 weeks internship with Sherry Jarvis. My horses are getting so much better. All these miles are on Gypsy and she is doing lateral work, backing, and being very responsive. Shiloh is challenging but is also making great progress. Sherry has ridden her twice so far and that went very well.

  14. Date: 6/12/2014
    Miles to date: 99.80
    Miles this week: 30.12
    Another week of internship. These are the miles on Gypsy. I did ride Shiloh for the first time. It was scary and amazing.

  15. Date: 6/12/2014
    Miles to date: 123.04
    Miles this week: 23.24
    Gypsy to date:122.00
    Shiloh to date: 1.04
    Still at internship: Actually riding Shiloh now. Life is good!

  16. Date: 6/28/2014
    Miles to date: 149.84
    Miles this week: 26.80
    Gypsy to date:145.8
    Shiloh to date: 4.04
    The last of the internship!

  17. Date: 7/3/2014
    Miles to date: 150.88
    Miles this ride: 1.04
    Gypsy to date:146.84
    Shiloh to date: 4.04
    Just a short ride to the end of the block and back. Ponied Shiloh while riding Gypsy to see how Shiloh will react to trail. There was not an issue!

  18. Date: 7/25/2014
    Miles to date: 155.72
    Miles this ride: 4.84 (2.77 on 7/19 and 2.07 on 7/25)
    Gypsy to date:151.68
    Shiloh to date: 4.04
    Rode at saddle club last Saturday and went on a trail ride today. Gypsy did not care that she was alone or that she was wearing a curb bit for the first time ever. YEAH! Worked with Shiloh on ground work in the round pen. She is making progress.

  19. Date: 7/31/2014
    Miles to date: 159.56
    Miles this ride: 3.84 (1.78 on 7/29 and 2.06 on 7/31)
    Gypsy to date:155.52
    Shiloh to date: 4.04
    Rode Gypsy at the practice for the 4H/Open show and decided she's not ready. I would have to ride her in a shanked bit and she's used to a snaffle. I'll just go to show and help and maybe get her going for next year. Today I rode a new trail that Gypsy had never been on. She did great even though she was all alone!

  20. Date: 8/19/2014
    Miles to date: 163.14
    Miles this ride: 3.58
    Gypsy to date:158.10
    I got home from school and my daughter had Gypsy saddled and ready to go! Life is good.

  21. Date:9/20/2014
    Miles to date: 166.38
    Miles this ride: 3.24
    Gypsy to date:161.34
    When school starts it always seems that riding ends. I want to be a kid again. Oh well, at least I got to ride today!

  22. Date: 10/4/2014
    Miles to date: 177.88
    Miles this ride: 11.5
    Went on the Friends of the Peckerneck Trail Ride. It was beautiful weather, scenery and friends.

  23. Date: 10/25/2014
    Miles to date: 181.52
    Miles this ride: 3.64
    Just went out in a stubble field and practiced canter departs. Found the confidence I had lost and fell in love with my horse again.