Monday, January 5, 2015

Distance Derby 2014 Year End Leaderboard

Distance Derby 2014 in now at the end.  Such a great year for so many riders.  Congratulations to Team 74 - Crazy Legs for the Top spot.  She pretty much was in the lead the whole year!  Awesome year Diane!  It was so much fun to watch so many people make it to the 1000 mile marker this year!  Let just remember that any time in the saddle is fantastic and if we stay on top, even better....RIGHT!!!  Many hugs to you all, give your horses a hug from me too, and I hope that 2015 is even better then 2014 for everyone :-)  Happy trails and ride on!!!

Remember we are planning to recognize all the DD2014 Teams at the Horse Trail Riding Expo on March 21/22,2015. Come Join Us!  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 - Goodbye and thanks for all the rides!

Distance Derby 2014 is over. Thanks everyone for all the fun posts and pictures we all shared during the year. So fun being able to ride virtually with everyone. I hope and pray for a wonderful 2015 for everyone. Hope you meet your goals going forward and are content with how far you have come and the experiences you had in 2014. With the beginning of the derby in 2012 by Tammy Martin Vasa we all had the opportunity to track our miles together and have fun watching others ride more. I hope you all will continue to track your miles either with the other derbies out there or on your own, just so you can go "wow, I rode that many miles in a year". Happy Trails, happiness and hugs to you all!