Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 87 - Dragon Rider

Hi! My name is Becca Reuther. I live in northwest Kansas where I attend college, clean houses and ride horses. I am hoping to ride more this year. I have three horses. Belle is a 7 year old BLM Mustang mare who is my main riding horse. Her daughter Flicka is one of my current training projects. She is almost 3 and will start riding this spring. I just got a mini who is 2 and will also be a project. I look forward to riding in the Derby with you this year. Happy Trails!


  1. Date 1/25/2014
    Miles to date: 0.37
    Miles this ride: 0.37
    I let my friend take a trail ride on Belle. When they got back I had to get on to make sure Belle knew she could canter without bucking. I rode just long enough to get her calmly cantering. Have to clean the house for the birthday party.

    1. love your team name, do you like dragons?

      team #21 Silver Spur (Jayda)

    2. love dragons actually, favorites our medival and eastern dragons

  2. Date 2/22/2014
    Miles to date: 3.81
    Miles this ride: 3.34
    Went on a trail ride with my mom.

  3. Date 5/3/2014
    Miles to date: 6.82
    Miles this ride: 3.01
    Finally got to go on another ride. I'll be glad when school is out.

  4. Date 5/10/2014
    Miles to date: 10.80
    Miles this ride: 3.98
    Went on a trail ride today. Had a great time. Broke my hand, Grrr, no riding for the next 6 weeks.

  5. Sorry you broke your hand :-( Hope you heal quickly!

  6. Date 6/18/2014
    Miles to date: 29.51
    Miles this ride: 18.71
    I'm back! Joined my mom for her last week of internship and getting some miles in!

  7. Date 6/28/2014
    Miles to date: 56.31
    Miles this ride: 26.80
    Last of the internship!

  8. Date 7/3/2014
    Miles to date: 57.35
    Miles this ride: 1.04
    First ride on my horse since I broke my hand. When I rode at the internship it was on other horses. It went well, but I need to relax a whole lot more. It was a good restart on Belle.

  9. Date 7/25/2014
    Miles to date: 60.33
    Miles this ride: 2.98
    Rode at saddle club in Oberlin on 7/19/2014

  10. Date 7/31/2014
    Miles to date: 63.82
    Miles this ride:3.49
    Rode at practice for the horse show on 7/29.

  11. Date 8/16/2014
    Miles to date: 69.27
    Miles this ride:5.45
    Rode two rides this week. First time taking my horse out by herself. She was fine, I was a bundle of nerves

  12. Date 8/19/2014
    Miles to date:77.95
    Miles this ride:8.68
    Two days and two more rides. Both rides went well. I walked, trotted, and cantered both times and not once did my horse consider bucking.

  13. Date 9/20/2014
    Miles to date:85.74
    Miles this ride:7.79
    Two days of riding and life is good!

  14. Date 11/10/2014
    Miles to date:93.31
    Miles this ride:7.57
    Two more ride, mainly worked on riding circles on a loose rein