Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 96 - Ridin' Rescues

My name is Colleen Hamer and I live in Blair Nebraska.  I have been riding horses for over 45 years.  I tried to retire from full time horse training but I got drug back into it when I saw a need to help unwanted rescue horses.   I now train horses for the Star Equine Rehabilitation Program which is a part of the Nebraska Humane Society.   I own 2 horses of my own, Smore and Ringo who I enjoy riding on trails, chasing cows, participating in clinics and occasionally riding in trail courses. 


  1. Jan. 4, 2014
    8.5 miles
    8.5 miles to date

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  3. Jan 9, 2014
    Arena riding on Smore (lesson)
    .4 miles

  4. Jan 10, 2014
    Arena riding on Scout and Red
    .5 miles

  5. January 16, 2014
    Lesson with Emily on Smore
    .4 miles today
    9.8 miles total

  6. January 19, 2014
    Rode Ponca on Smore. Accompanied by Terri, Judy and Cindy.
    5.8 miles today
    5.6 miles total

    1. Correction: 15.6 miles total

  7. January 23, 2014
    Rode Smore in a lesson with Emily Johnson.
    .5 miles today
    16.1 total miles to date

  8. January 24, 2014
    Rode Scout in preparation for showing to a potential buyer
    .9 miles today
    17 total miles to date

  9. February 13,2014
    Rode Hope in arena and rode Smore at Chance Ridge sorting.
    2.2 miles today
    19.2 miles to date

  10. Feb. 24, 2014
    Rode Hope and Willow in Arena and Pasture.
    1.2 miles today
    20.4 miles to date

  11. Mar 15, 2014
    Rode Smore in Ponca with Judy Varner
    5.85 miles today
    26.25 miles to date

  12. March 18, 2014
    Rode Willow in pasture and arena
    3 miles today
    29.25 miles to date

  13. March 19
    Rode Hope in Arena and yard
    1 mile today
    30.25 miles to date

  14. March 20
    Rode Willow around Cunningham
    7.5 miles today
    37.75 miles to date

  15. March 21
    Rode Hope in round pen and pasture
    1 mile today
    38.75 miles to date

  16. Rode Hope in round pen and yard while showing to potential adopter.
    1/4 mile today
    39 miles to date

  17. Rode Smore in Ponca Hills with Judy V. and Cindy G.
    5 miles today
    44 miles to date

  18. 3/28/14
    Rode Red at Kimber's barn
    1/8 mile today
    44 1/8th miles to date

  19. 3/29/14
    Rode Luna in roundpen at Lockwood
    1/8th mile today
    44 1/4 miles to date

  20. 3/30/14
    Rode Kahlil in Ponca hills
    7.17 miles today
    51.42 miles to date

  21. 4/5/14
    Rode Smore and Royal at Cunningham with Terri
    9.25 miles today
    58.59 miles to date

  22. 4/9/14
    Used Smore to work a couple of mares from the saddle at Lockwood.
    1.25 miles today
    59.84 miles to date

  23. When my spreadsheet adds up your miles, you are at 61.92 miles :-)

    1. ok. Maybe I added wrong. I'll go with that. :-)

  24. 4/16/14
    Rode at Omaha Stockyards Arena. Rode Ringo and Hope.
    Miles today: 4.91
    Total miles to date: 66.83

  25. 4/19/14
    Rode Ringo at Lockwood to work Luna from his back. Then went to Cunningham and rode around the lake with Terri.
    Today: 8.04 miles
    Total 74.87

  26. 4/22/14
    Rode Hope, Luna, Ringo and Baby Ringo at Lockwood for training.
    Today: 2.71
    Total: 77.58

  27. May 1-4th
    Rode in Peter Campbell clinic in Archie MO.
    Low estimate to be 1 mile per day for a total of 4 miles.
    Total: 81.58 miles

  28. May 9, 2014
    Rode Ringo to work with horses at Lockwood.
    Miles today: 1.26
    Total miles: 82.84

  29. May 10, 2014
    Rode Ringo in Florence Days Parade then rode at Two Rivers
    Miles for parade: 5.18 miles
    Miles at Two Rivers: 5.85
    Total Miles today: 11.03
    Total Miles: 93.87

  30. May 21, 2014
    Rode Ringo in Skyline Ranches.
    4.85 miles this date
    Total miles: 98.72

  31. May 21, 2014
    Rode Ringo at Cunningham after Skyline ranches
    7.52 miles this ride
    Total miles: 106.24

  32. May 24, 2014
    Rode Ringo at Cunningham with Terri
    6.95 miles today
    Total miles: 113.19

  33. May 29, 2014
    Rode Ringo at Skyline Ranches then to Cunningham for some trail clearing.
    Miles at Skyline: 3.33, Miles at Cunningham: 1.34, Total miles today: 4.67
    Total miles: 117.86

  34. June 1, 2014
    Rode Ringo near Ponca while giving Joleen a lesson.
    Miles today: 1.62
    Total miles: 119.48

  35. June 13, 2014 (Friday the 13th)
    Moonlight ride at Cunningham with Joanne, Sue and Terri. I rode Ringo.
    Miles today: 7.47
    Total miles: 126.95

  36. June 16, 2014
    Rode Classic in arena and around farm.
    Miles today: 2.68
    Total miles: 129.63

  37. June 18, 2014
    Rode Classic in arena, pasture around farm and up the road.
    miles today 5.75
    total miles: 135.38

  38. 6/20
    Rode Classic in arena and around property.
    1.15 miles today

  39. 6/24
    Rode Classic to Blair. Rode with Michelle J who was on Hope.
    Miles today: 15.03
    Total: 151.56

  40. 6/25
    Rode Kip in the arena for 1.37 miles. Then rode Hunter in arena for 2.35 miles. Miles today: 3.72
    Total: 155.28

  41. 6/28
    Rode Classic while judging the Trail Rider Challenge at ViewPoint Farms
    3.22 miles today
    158.5 miles total

  42. 7/2
    Rode Classic at Marilynn Reichels place while giving a lesson.
    2.26 miles today
    161.76 miles total

  43. 7/3
    Rode Classic at Ruth's place by Mormon Bridge.
    3.37 miles today
    Correction to yesterdays total: -1 mile
    163.13 miles total

  44. 7/4
    Rode Red during Jayne's lesson
    Miles today: .73
    Total miles: 163.86

  45. 7/6
    Rode Classic while giving lesson to Joleen
    Miles today: 1.28
    Total miles: 165.14

  46. 7/7
    Rode Kip and Classic at Vroman's barn
    Miles today: 1.17
    Total miles: 166.31

  47. 7/8
    Rode Classic at NHS, then OSY, then at home
    Miles today: 7.11
    Total miles: 175.42

  48. 7/9
    Rode Classic around our pasture, trimming trees and dragging limbs around.
    Miles today: 3.36
    Total miles: 178.78

  49. 7/28
    Rode Dervish on a training ride around their property.
    Miles today: 1.25
    Total miles: 180.03

  50. 7/29
    Rode Ringo while looking for Leishman's cows. Didn't find the cows but had a great ride.
    Miles today: 4.98
    Total miles: 185.01

  51. 7/30
    Rode Ringo again while looking for Leishman's cows. Found the cows and trailed them home. A long day but got really good ride time on Ringo. I think he might make a good horse when its all said and done.
    Miles today: 12.57
    Total miles: 197.58

  52. 8/11
    Rode Kip at Cunningham to trim trees and to meet Mary Hansen and Chris to discuss erosion problems on the trails.
    Miles today: 7.19
    Total miles: 204.77

  53. 9/1
    Rode Dervish in South Dakota. Down the road and around the place. Also rode Gage in the small pen that I built to suffice as a round pen.
    Miles today: 3.58
    total miles: 208.35

  54. 9/2
    Rode Dervish down the road in South Dakota again. Then rode Gage around the place a little bit.
    Miles today: 8.03
    Total miles: 216.38

  55. 9/14
    Rode Dervish and did some exploring around my Mom's place. Rode down the road and checked out a minimum maintenance road, then followed a creek back around to another min maint road. Finally road through the neighbor's place since they had given me permission earlier.
    Miles today: 6.74
    Total miles: 223.12

  56. Out of order: Sept 10
    Rode Gage down the road and back as a test run. He did fabulous!!
    Miles today: 2.13
    Total miles: 225.25

  57. Sept 15
    Rode Gage down the road and into the neighboring hay meadow. Trotted around, worked on direction changes, etc. Then loped a short distance on the way home.
    Miles today: 1.05
    Total miles: 226.30

  58. Sept 16
    Rode Dervish on a great adventure. Started out riding through neighbors land. It is so beautiful there. There is a dam with a pond and they have benches set up so people can watch birds. Then there is a water hydrant and tank back in one corner of the property where we did some desensitizing to scary things. Rode out on to the min. maint. rd and then veered off into an unplanted field that went as far as you could see to the south. Rode a long way down there then crossed over the creek and ended up in an unfenced pasture that bordered a beanfield. Around the beanfield there alfalfa had been planted and there were windrows. We rode along that border to see if we could get through some way back to the road that we started on. Came to a dead end eventually and had to double back. I was getting pretty tired...we had been out a lot longer than I had planned. Lost track of time and got lost to boot. Went back the way we came and took a different min. maint. rd back to the main road. Worked on getting Dervish to stay with me and not be chargy and forward. Good luck with that. It was a battle for sure. But we made it home in one piece. My ass was sore and so was my left knee.
    Miles today: 12.06
    Total miles: 238.36

  59. 10/15
    Rode Kip around Cunningham lake with my friend Ruth on her TWH. Beautiful weather.
    Miles today: 7.26
    Total miles: 245.62

  60. 10/16
    Rode Ringo at Ponca with Terri, Greg and Jess.
    Miles today: 4.92
    total miles: 250.54

  61. 10/17
    Rode Luna in round pen and around the yard and briefly up the road.
    Miles today: 1.27
    Total miles: 251.81

  62. 10/18
    Rode Gage in roundpen and arena. Rode around yard.
    miles today: 1.07
    total miles: 252.88

  63. 10/21
    Rode Gage and Luna. Both ridden in round pen and arena. Took Luna to a paddock and loped her outside for the first time.
    miles today: 2.63
    total miles: 255.51

  64. Oct 26
    Rode Gage around Cunningham with Michelle on Kip. Gage learned so much and when we were finished he was a damned nice riding horse. Another couple of times and he will be good to go.
    Miles today: 8.01
    Total miles: 263.52

  65. Oct 26 (previous post should have been Oct 25)
    Rode Luna in round pen and around pasture.
    Miles today: 2.73
    Total miles: 266.25

  66. Oct 27
    Rode Gage around Cunningham with Ruth on Wally.
    Miles today: 7.84
    total miles: 274.09

  67. Nov 2
    Rode Gage at Cunningham during the Friends of Horses trail ride. 21 riders. Gage did fabulous!!
    Miles today: 7.6
    Total miles: 281.69