Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 34 - LostTexan

My name is Anna Clawson from Honobia, OK
I found the Distance Derby in April of 2013 and had be following some of the teams.  I love to ride and now about to travel w/the horses w/the purchase of a GN trailer.
I have one BLM mustang gelding (Trigger). I had adopted him as a 9 yr old who will be 23 this year. I also have a 15 yr old grade mare (Ginger). My husband has a 17 yr old BLM gelding (BJ or Shaggy Broke Jail) we adopted as a 3 yr old.
I have competed in NATRC on all 3. Ginger placed nationally and in our region in 2012 in the Competitive Pleasure division.  And  one of my goals for 2014 is to try endurance with Ginger.  We love to meet friends to pleasure ride and camp. Another goal in more pleasure/camp trips w/Trigger.


  1. 30 mph gusts w/Ginger. Barefoot :(. Still a great ride w/a friend
    Sun Jan 12, 2014
    Hours 3:44:14
    Miles: 9.11
    Miles to Date: 9.11

  2. 25 mph gusts w/Ginger. Still barefoot. Rode w/Chelsea
    Elevation from 757.4 to 1,474. Good climb for conditioning
    Sun 01/19/14
    Hours 1:52
    Miles: 4.9
    Miles to Date: 14:01

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  4. Flat work in the pasture w/BJ
    Mon 01/20/14
    Hours 00:23:32
    Miles 1.13
    Miles to Date 15.14

  5. Flat work in the pasture w/Ginger
    Mon 01/20/14
    Hours 00:27:27
    Miles 1.11
    Miles to Date 16.25

  6. more flat work in the pasture w/BJ. Doing great w/half pass & side passing.
    Sat 01/25/14
    Hours 00:23:37
    Miles 1.03
    Miles to Date 17.28

  7. Went to Yourman WMA w/Ginger. Still barefoot, but good footing there, not so much rocks.
    Sun 01/26/14
    Hours 03:26
    Mile 11.0 (couldn't do that again, right on it)
    Miles to Date 28.28

  8. nothing again last week. silly weather. Looks good for later on this coming week. Good luck to everyone and praying everyone gets better riding weather. Stay safe

  9. Went back to Yourman WMA . Rode Ginger. Was able to bring 2 friends w/me on this trip. One was able to get some miles on another of my horses. Great ride.
    Sat 02/15/14
    Hours 2:44
    Miles 8.7
    Miles to date 36.98

  10. Got to do some flat work in the pasture w/BJ this afternoon.
    Mon 02/17/14
    Hours 00:24:13
    Miles 1.13
    Miles to date 38.11

  11. Was able to get a short ride in today. Rode w/2 wonderful friends. Good ride, but all logging roads came to dead ends.
    Tues 02/18/14
    Hours 01:09:53
    Miles 3.3
    Miles to date 41.41

  12. I think we are only about 3.5hrs from each other. Are there any places to camp/ride between us that we could meet?!! I love to meet and ride with new people. I live halfway between Wills Point and Quinlan (close to the east side of Lake Tawakoni and about 30 min from Greenville if you are looking at a map

    1. Would love to meet up to ride. I'll have to check but there might be a 'day' ride area around Pat Mayse State Park near Powderly. Vet day is the 8th for coggins, so that w/e is out. McGee Creek west of Antlers OK has some really nice trails and a place to primitive camp.

  13. Got in a short ride in the round pen. Trying Ginger out in a bosel. At least was in the saddle before the ice hits again tomorrow.
    Sat 03/01/14
    Hours 00:28:31
    Miles 1.04
    Miles to day 42.45

  14. Got a ride in today before the storm rolls in. Been dealing w/gallbladder issue the past week. Sore, but well worth it.
    Sat 03/15/14
    Miles 4.24
    Miles to date 46.69

  15. Got a very short ride in. So ready to be feeling better. Will try again on Thurs.
    Tues 04/01/14
    Miles .57
    Miles to date 47.26

  16. Got in a nice slow ride. Trying to get rides in before surgery. Hurt, but ok.
    Rode Ginger on the lease land near our place. Great to ride w/friend that loves horses and trails.
    Fri 04/04/14
    Hours 02:39
    Miles 8.3
    Miles to date 55.56

  17. will have surgery this week. Will try to get one more ride in before that. Stay safe everyone and keep the pictures coming. I'll be riding w/you all until I can get back in the saddle.

  18. Got in one more ride. Rode Ginger on the lease land. She is due for new shoes, had some stumbling going on. Chelsea (ride buddy) rode BJ. We had a breezy cool ride, but it was worth it. Found some old log roads and had some climbing to do. She is such a wonderful friend to ride with me before I go for surgery tomorrow.
    Wed. 04-16-14
    Hours 01:43
    miles 5.3
    Miles to date 60.86

  19. Not able to ride until after the 6th of May. Doc did say I could walk the horses. so they will be my walking buddies 'til then. At least we will get some exercise in 'til the saddle time.Hope and pray everyone stays safe. Enjoy the spring weather and trails.

  20. Replies
    1. Feel a lot better now. Just have to get the doc's ok to ride. Follow up is on the 6th. All cuts (4 of 'em) are healing wonderfully. Not sick. Soreness is very low. Was sick a month before surgery. Walking alot. I walk one horse, the other two follow, so we're all getting miles in to stay in shape. ;) Feeling very close to my ol'self. Just so ready to get the miles in. Missed 2 LD rides that I had planned on. Have to make up some miles.

  21. One more week, then it's time to see the doc. Praying that I will be released to ride and to get back into doing things. This limit is wearing on me. Still doing lots of walking and am thankful that the weather has been nice so I can. Glad to see lots on the board raking up the miles. Stay safe and I do hope everyone post pictures of their rides. It's nice to see when you can't get on the trail

  22. Been moved up to 20# limit. Doc said I could ride slowly. No rodeos or racing or jumping, etc. BUT...he said to have someone else to saddle my horse. YAH...He said after 2 wks NO restriction and to keep walking. It's the best way to heal is to keep moving. So, I will keep walking and I will also start riding in the pasture for a mile here and there. But I CAN RIDE. Happy day indeed. Stay safe out there everyone.

  23. Didn't ride this week. As of today, I'm off the limits. My mom had knee replacement surgery and is coming home today. Staying in the hospital w/her during the day makes for a long day, the chores at home and at her house. I'll be staying w/her 'til Sat afternoon, so I'm hoping to ride then. So glad she had this operation, she now has straight legs and is able to walk w/o pain. Operation was Monday and she walked 800 feet on Wed. So proud of my mom. Keep riding and stay safe everyone. NO MORE FALLS,

  24. Got a short ride in the pasture today. Felt good. 1st ride post surgery. Add to that another 2 weeks not riding taking care of my Mom. she had 1 total knee replacement and is doing great. We are already planning camping trips. Hope I am as tough as my mom.
    Rode BJ (got REALLY FAT)
    Sat 05-24-14
    Hours 00:24
    Miles 1.03
    Miles to date 61.89

  25. Rode BJ in the pasture. Added some trotting. Will try to ride trails this week if the weather will allow. Feel good. Not hurting.
    Mon 05-26-14
    Hours 00:23:38
    Miles 1.16
    Miles to date 63.05

  26. Rode Ginger and Chelsea on BJ. We took to the hills. Lots of UP and then back. Great for all of us. Great work out. Good to be out on the trails again. Had to cut it short before the next round of storms hit.
    Date 05-27-14
    Time 01:35
    Miles 4.5
    Miles to Date 67.55

  27. Rode BJ in the pasture. Kept his feet moving for solid 30 mins. No trotting, the pasture is slick and muddy. He is very over weight. We'll be working on the weight issue. We've had so many storms here in SE OK, it's hard to get everything outside done and ride time. BJ did good .
    Date 6-09-14
    Time 00:30:23
    Miles 1.34
    Miles to date 68.89

  28. VERY gusty today. Rode BJ in the pasture as soon as the storms rolled by. Grass wet and slick. Standing water in the pasture. Just rode in extended walk best we could. Didn't worry about side passing nor roll backs.
    Date 6-10-14
    Time 00:35:21
    Miles 1.56
    Miles to date 70.45

  29. Again w/BJ in the pasture. Worked on the extended walk, side passing L & R and roll backs. Hoping everyone is well and I'll be able to sneak off for a long ride this weekend.
    Date 6-12-14
    Time 00:40:28
    Miles 1.85
    Miles to date 72.3

  30. not much here lately. Rode BJ in the pasture
    Date: 6-29-14
    Miles .97
    Miles to date 73.27

  31. Took BJ to AtoZGuest Ranch (in SE OK still). They rent horses for guided trail riders and have full equestrian camp sites. In the AM I rode with the 1 hour group. The horses were amazing and it was a fun group. They know their job is to take care of the riders. In the PM I rode w/the 2 hour group. Great group of people and had fun visiting. BJ did great. He need the slow climbing rides to loose weight.
    Date 07-05-14
    time 3 hrs total
    miles 2.65 am
    4.53 pm
    Miles to Date: 80.45

  32. Still in. Tested positive for Rocky Mtn Tick Fever. uuugggg. So want to get back in the saddle. Planning a camp trip just for me when I get done w/this. Ride on everyone and stay safe.

  33. Oh sorry to read this. I got that back in California when I was in my mid 20's thought I was gonna die! Hoping you feel better soon!!!

  34. RODE TODAY!!!! Got a short ride in w/Chelsea. She is training a very green mule. Both did great. Her dogs chased off some wild turkeys so the mule didn't have any issues with that. Great to be in the saddle again. One more doc visit on Tuesday and hoping all is clear.
    Date 08-24-14
    time 1:35 hrs
    miles 4.76
    Miles to Date 85.21

    1. Forgot to add, I rode BJ. Will be down loading and posting.

  35. Rode BJ @ Robber"s Cave SP w/friends. Helped check and mark trail for an up coming NATRC ride there in Oct. BJ was pushy but got better
    Date 9-13-14
    time 5:08 hrs
    miles 16.55
    miles to date 101.76

  36. Day 2 of trail work.
    Date 9-14-14
    time 2:54
    miles 8.48
    miles to date 110.24

  37. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

  38. Got to sneak off for a ride today. Rode BJ (still the fattest) w/Cheslea and her green mule. Did a lot of climbing and of course the down hills.
    Date 9-21-14
    time 1:40
    miles 5.0 (yes, I couldn't do that if I had to again)
    Miles to date 115.24

  39. Went to Robber's Cave State Park again to help w/the final check on the marked trails for the NATRC ride there next weekend. Took BJ of course (this Mr Chubs, but is look'n better). Met 2 wonderful ladies from Ada OK when I arrived and took off for a ride.
    Date 9-27-14
    Time 3:03
    Miles 9.09
    Miles to date 124.33

  40. Date 2 @ Robber's Cave State Park. Checked another loop. added more ribbon and a break.
    Date 9-28-14
    Time 3:15
    Miles 7.68
    Miles to date 132.01

  41. Rode Trig this morning for a little bit. Didn't realize how much I missed riding him. Will be getting him out of the pasture more often. Great ride, short, but great.
    Date 10-06-14
    Time 00:40
    Miles 1.7
    Miles to date 133.71

  42. well, back on the meds for tick fever again. oh so wish this would go away.... went riding anyway. Rode BJ @ Horse Heaven Ranch w/Brenda and the girls. GPS stopped working for about 30 mins, so I had lost some of the miles but will take what it did count. Used the "My Tracks" app on the phone too. It recorded the time BUT not any of the miles. Will have to learn how to use it right. I go back to look at it and I had the google tracking off. will have to check it out tomorrow to see if it works. Anyway.
    Date 10-25-14
    Time 3:36
    Miles 8.44
    Miles to date: 142.15

  43. Rode Ginger in the pasture, working on staying calm & not rushing back to the boys. And to try out the "my tracks" app. Got it to work.
    Date 10-26-14
    Time 00:27:28
    Miles .66
    Miles to date 142.81

  44. felt pretty good today. Rode Ginger in the pasture.
    Date 10-30-14
    Time 00:25:19
    Miles 1.03
    Miles to date 143.84

  45. oh, how I dislike hunting season. was going to r ide this afternoon and someone is hunting right across the river. Too close. And a pretty day for November. Oh well, got some fence cleaning done. Stay safe everyone

  46. Got in a ride on the beautiful day. Great riding weather for November. Rode Trig in the pasture this afternoon before the hunting got back out.
    Date 11-23-14
    Time 00:30
    Miles 1.14
    Miles to date 144.98

  47. got a short ride in to see if there was a difference after taking Ginger to a horse chiro. All smiles. HUGE difference. She was relaxed and stepping out.
    Date 12-22-14
    Time 00:15
    Miles .56
    Miles to date 145.54