Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 48 - Dodgin' Bullets *

dodgin bullets

My name is Marcia Himmelberg.  I live outside of Lawrence, Nebraska.  I live with my husband, Kurt.  We have 4 children - Kelsey, 20; Kara, 18; Austin (AKA Henry), 15; and Emily, 11.

Up until October 2011, I had been horseless for 15 years!  Not sure how I did that!  I sure missed having horses and didn’t realize how much until I bought my first one on an “accident”.  I bought Bullet at an Exotic Bird / Animal auction in Lexington, NE.  They couldn’t get a bid on him and were down to $35.  I thought I would run him up to $100 and then get out.   Long story short, I bought him for $90!  I had already called and asked the hubby permission for a horse two times prior that day and his response was always a flat “no”, so panic set in as I realized I had just bought a 3 year old stud colt that I knew nothing about.  Needless to say Kurt wasn’t impressed and it was a bumpy month at my house until Bullet started proving himself.  He even had to admit what a bargain I had found and even though he still doesn’t share my passion for horses or understand it, he allows me to completely submerge myself in the horse life!

 Since October of 2011, we have added another colt named Remington (there’s a pattern emerging with the names lol).  He is a 9-10 month old grade blue roan.  I am very excited about this little guy and look forward to our new venture together.  Sometimes a little apprehensive, since I have been out of the horse training for several years and am quite rusty.  It’s a good thing I have a close friend and neighbor who is my resident professor of training.  She has helped a ton along the way with bullet and I look forward to her help with Remington!

I love riding every free chance I get.  My youngest daughter has an interest in horses and riding.  I look forward to sharing this with her.  My older children like horses and have an interest too, but their lives are incredibly busy and we only have one broke horse to ride.  Hoping to change that sometime in the future… still working on hubby about adding a third horse!

I look forward to calculating miles this next year and am so glad to have found such a neat grup of people to share my passion with.  This should be fun!
2013 / 329.70 Miles / 50th Place


  1. Can't wait to see if I beat my miles from last year!

  2. 01/15/14 - 6.0 mi....not the most enjoyable ride I've ever had, but "a day spent in the saddle, is not a day wasted" as they say
    (YTD: 6.0)

  3. 01/19/14 - 8.02 mi. Beautiful day to be in the saddle! Glorious weather and some awesome, much needed arena time with my favorite boy and my youngest daughter. Bullet did amazing and I feel like we accomplished a lot in an afternoon :) Totally makes up for Wednesday's ride!

  4. 03/09/14 - FINALLY got some time in the saddle today! I feel sane again woo hoo! Even if it was only two short miles, I'll take it!
    (YTD: 16.02)

  5. 03/10/14 - 7.64 on Bullet, 4.03 on Willy - Was such a beautiful day to get out and ride! Not sure if a person can founder on nice weather, but I'm pretty sure I'm about to :) Great day riding Bullet with friends, then came home and worked Emily's horse, Willy. All is well in my little world again ;)
    Total for the day = 11.67 (almost did my current YTD in one day, bring on spring!)
    (YTD: 25.69)

  6. 03/13/14 - 9.67 Loving this spring weather. Had a beautiful ride with my beautiful daughter over to the Candy Ass Ranch to see the birthday girl!
    (YTD: 35.36)

  7. 03/28/14 - 4.72 mi. Nice day for a ride with the wind which has been unusual!
    (YTD: 42.78)

  8. My spreadsheet has you at 40.08 miles.

  9. On 03/09/14 I had 2.0 miles, I didn't put it in number form. If it doesn't count, that's fine, but that's where I could see it being off. I added all my hours again (three times) and come up with a YTD of: 42.08

  10. 04/25/14 - 6.17 perfect evening for a ride with my son...lots of giggles!
    (YTD: 48.25)

  11. 05/02/14 - 3.49 mi. Rode with Emily (Team 31, Willy aka Big Ug) finally lol
    (YTD: 51.74)

  12. 05/06/14 - 3.49
    05/07/14 - 5.26
    (YTD: 60.49)Slow and steady may not win the "race" here, but sure is nice to be finally logging some consistent ride time :)

  13. 05/22/14 - 9.51 rode at Liberty Cove with team 42 for Coy's birthday. Good ride with the kids today! Then put some much needed extra miles on Bullet after we were done. Great day to be horseback and it was much much for Bullet as for me :)
    (YTD: 72.46)

  14. 05/24/14 - 3.0 mi.
    (YTD: 75.46)

  15. 05/25/14 - 2.5
    05/27/14 - 5.77, rare ride alone tonight. Missed the chitter chatter of my kids, but also really enjoyed time alone with my favorite little red horse
    (YTD: 83.73)

  16. 05/29/14 - 4.86 Had a sore pony tonight, think he was a little muscle from our ride alone the other night.
    (YTD: 88.59)

  17. 06/02/14 - 2.67
    06/07/14 - 9.43
    (YTD: 100.69)

  18. 06/10/14 - 4.21 ~ 4.0 mph moving average, not bad for a pretty red horse who HATES to trot and had sore ride we'll try for 6.0 mph :)
    (YTD: 104.90)

  19. 07/10/14 - 3.08 felt good to be back in the saddle...
    (YTD: 107.98)

  20. 08/07/14 - 5.25 great night ride with the besty
    08/10/14 - 2.70 first night ride with my youngest
    (YTD: 115.93)

  21. Guess I'm out of the derby :( I'm still riding, actually more this fall than I did all summer! Just didn't get as much consistent time this year as last. I'll still be checking the leader board and riding every second that I can be while this weather holds :) I will be back next year though! Ride on, my friends!!

  22. I still have you listed, so post away :-) Thanks for letting me know you are still riding :-)

  23. Thanks! I hadn't been logging them as I thought I was out of the derby :( Oh well, I will go back to keeping track and logging :)