Monday, January 6, 2014

Team 103 - Artful Path *

I'm Beth Ridenour from Lawrence, KS. I grew up in the Flinthills with Quarter Horses a Dad who was a cool cowboy and didn't know it. I own an adorable Mustang mare, Logen. She is eight years old and we have been together for 2+ years. During this time we've gotten to know one another, worked through the rough spots, and celebrated the good times (with soft peppermints). Logen is the best part of me. We know we belong to each other. I have a truck, "Okee," and Logen has a 1969 trailer, "Dokee." I'm fixing up her "four-wheeler" so next spring we will visit friends and new places.

We owe thanks to Becky Buchanan (Lawrence, KS), Centered Riding Instructor and Horse Training Goddess, and Harry Whitney (Salome, AZ), the man with few words and all the answers, followed by a smile.

Okey-dokey, see you on the trail.
2013 / 165.32 Miles / 64th Place 


  1. I loved centered riding, best to you in the derby.

  2. Wow, what a small world - my folks had friends who had the motel in Salome when I was growing up! Love the name of your truck and trailer. If you're ever going to Rock Creek by Fairbury, NE message me!

    1. Hi Jamie! I would love to travel to NE to ride. You all have a great group(s) that get together. I joined the local trail riding club last year but couldn't get to many horsey events, but this year here we go!

  3. January 10
    .93 miles
    YTD .93 miles

    I rode Rocky with a bareback pad. Logen had a third ultrasound and a consultation with K State vet med facility. I will take her in in a week. Logen did not stop her heat cycle and she is very sensitive. We will do lots of ground work until she is better.

  4. Hi Beth, I love the picture you have on your blog this year. Glad you got some riding in! Sending good thoughts to Logen so she can feel better and get you two on the trails. :-)

  5. Yippie! Logen is healed from her surgery and we are reintroducing the saddle, bridle, and me on her back. She had her ovaries removed after finding a tumor. She has not worn a saddle since the last of Sept 2013. After a few unanticipated bucks (!) we worked on our mounted exercises in the round pen. She hasn't lost her spunky attitude!

    May 2
    .50 miles
    YTD 1.43 miles

    May 3
    .6 miles
    YTD 2.03