Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 109 - Moonlight Mustangs *

My name is April Sanders.  I live in the cute little town of LeRoy, KS.  Horses (mustangs) are my all time passion.  I ride every spare moment and when not riding I am training my other mustangs.

When I heard about this DD 2013 of recording my miles and time in the saddle, I knew I needed to sign up.  My goal is to ride and have fun recording the actually miles I ride.

Nevada is my 16yo mustang mare who will be my main mount.  We have ridden many trails, competed in rides, rode parades, and rode with a mounted drill team.  Learning and trusting each other has been a rewarding adventure.  My husbands 9yo gelding will get a few rides as well and I have a little mustang pony under saddle training.  I look forward to getting a few rides in on her this summer.

Nevada and I love our weekend camping, trailriding and especially the moonlight rides with our friends.  Those moonlight rides are awesome and I always wear a helmet during those night rides for safety.

In 2012 there was a "Ride to Remember" to help raise funds for a veteran's therapuetic riding center in NM, and we continued the ride for the whole month of November.  For 30 days I rode a horse to honor our veterans.  Nevada and I even rode our 5 miles into town to cast our vote.

I love riding my mustang Nevada Girl and look forward to recording how many miles we can actually ride together.  The Moonlight Mustangs, 48 and doing great.

April Sanders with Mustang Nevada Girl
"God does not promise an easy Journey,
just a safe place to land"


  1. I rode Jan 1st for about 10minutes, it was soooo cold. Fun being on a horse the first day of the year.

    12Jan 2014 - Miles: 7.54 MTD: 7.54
    First trailride at Hillsdale Lake with friends, temp was 65.

  2. 25Jan - Miles: 1.75 Gorgeous day to ride my new ride Aspen.
    26Jan - Miles: 6.3 MTD: 15.59 Just another great day to ride before the cold snap. I rode Nevada and my husband rode Aspen. She was great for him.

  3. 22-Feb-14 Nevada Miles: 4.59
    23-Feb-14 Aspen Miles: 5.91 MTD: 26.09

    It has been a very cold Feb, but this weekend we got a chance to get out.

  4. 15Mar - Nevada Miles: 2.36
    Awesome clinic with Lee hart. In the saddle 6 hours having horsemanship lessons.

  5. 17Mar Nevada 1.23 miles
    18Mar Nevada 1.1 Miles
    19Mar Aspen .89 Miles
    19Mar Nevada 1.2 Miles
    21Mar Nevada 2.2 Miles
    23Mar Nevada 5.36Miles MTD: 42.45

    What a wonderful week I had with my two nieces here. I worked all day, however once I got home they walked up from grandma's to ride with me. I saddled three horses every evening so they could have lessons. Then by the end of the week they rode with me a couple of miles trailriding around our acres. They loved the whole week.

  6. Sorry, but my spreadsheet adds you up to 40.43, would you please re-add your miles?

  7. Yep I just added from this site and it only adds up to 40.43 as well. I will check when get home most likely forgot to add a day of riding. ugh.

    25Mar Nevada 4.21 miles MTD: 44.64

  8. 30Mar Miles 12.44 Rode Nevada of course on the great day.
    31Mar Miles 4.23 Rode Nevada getting in shape for the summer.
    2Apr Miles .67 Rode Aspen trying to get her use to humans period.
    MTD: 61.98

  9. 5-Apr-14 Nevada 4:07:24 hours in the saddle 12.31 miles 61 degrees MTD: 74.29

    Awesome day today. We rode today raising money with sponsors for Meals on Wheels. Met lots of new horse friends and again my mustang Nevada Girl was an awesome ride.

  10. 9Apr Miles: 8.54 Rode Nevada after work half at trot and canter.
    10Apr Miles 6.01 Rode Nevada again after work half at trot.
    11Apr Miles .52 Rode Lil Zip to check fence line after the pasture burn.
    12Apr Miles 19.39 MTD: 108.75
    Rode Nevada today with a lot of trotting and cantering. Preparing for a weekend ride across some ranches around Caney, KS. 28 miles first day and 20 miles the second.

  11. Glad you see you are getting some good miles in. Wow, the ranch rides sound like fun! I would love to to do that someday. Happy trails my friend!

  12. 23Apr Miles 2.1 - Rode Aspen, it was her turn to get out.
    25Apr Miles 9.37 - Rode Nevada after work at the state park until dark.
    26Apr Miles 8.33 - Rode Nevada to mark the trail for a competition on Sunday. MTD: 128.55

  13. 26-May-14 Miles: 5.55
    27-May-14 Miles: 6.41
    28-May-14 Miles: 6.55
    29-May-14 Miles: 5.22
    30-May-14 Miles: 6.2
    31-May-14 Miles: 5.45
    1-Jun-14 Miles: 3.25
    Whew been busy working a new little mustang forgot to be logging my miles the past month. darnit.
    After only 32 days in the saddle, this little 4yo mustang (Mejia) just finished a Cowboy Logic clinic with Lee Hart and she was awesome, and I am going to keep this one.

  14. Oops, I fogot to put MTD: 167.18

  15. 8-Jun-14 Nevada Miles: 4.43
    8-Jun-14 Mejia Miles: 2.42
    MTD: 174.03

  16. 14-Jun-14 Mejia Miles: 1.7
    16-Jun-14 Mejia Miles: 2
    17-Jun-14 Nevada Miles: 2.1
    18-Jun-14 Mejia Miles: 2.4
    19-Jun-14 Nevada Miles: 2.1
    19-Jun-14 Mejia Miles: 1
    MTD: 185.33
    My goodness, I get so busy with work and summer projects, haying, and working horses I forget to log my miles. So can only go back a few days, but having fun on my new little mustang Mejia.

  17. 20-Jun-14 Nevada 5.2
    21-Jun-14 Nevada ponyMejia Miles: 6.4
    22-Jun-14 Mejia 1st trailride Miles: 8.92
    25-Jun-14 Mejia round pen Miles: 0.4
    26-Jun-14 Mejia lesson 1.4
    MTD: 207.65

  18. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  19. 4 Jul Nevada roundpen 1
    4Jul Mejia roundpen 0.7
    5Jul Mejia roundpen 1.1
    6Jul Mejia 1.8
    6Jul Nevada lake 6.4
    7Jul Mejia lake 7.2
    8Jul Nevada lake 15.95
    MTD: 241.8
    I am having such a blast working my new little mustang.

  20. 11-Jul-14 Mejia arena miles: 1.2
    12-Jul-14 Nevada Lake miles: 7.82
    12-Jul-14 Nevada full moon Miles: 1.2
    15-Jul-14 Mejia pen work Miles: 1.5
    16-Jul-14 Mejia exercise Miles: 2.21
    MTD: 255.73

  21. 19-Jul-14 Nevada endurance ride Miles: 15.83
    20-Jul-14 Mejia despooking and practice. Miles: 6.13

    MTD: 277.69

  22. 24-Jul-14 Mejia trailride Miles: 6.52
    MTD: 284.21

  23. 2-Aug-14 Nevada Miles: 1.2
    3-Aug-14 Nevada Miles: 0.4
    5-Aug-14 Mejia Miles: 1.6
    7-Aug-14 Mejia Miles: 2.6
    MTD: 290.01

  24. 13-Aug-14 Aspen practice Miles: 1.2
    15-Aug-14 Zip trailride Miles: 6.2
    16-Aug-14 Zip trailride Miles: 10.42
    18-Aug-14 Mejia lessons Miles: 1.8
    20-Aug-14 Mejia roundpen Miles: 1.1
    20-Aug-14 Nickers roundpen Miles: 0.8
    Miles To Date: 311.53

  25. 21-Aug-14 Mejia lesson Miles: 1.4
    22-Aug-14 Nickers practice Miles: 0.7

    MTD: 313.63

  26. 23-Aug-14 Mejia trailride 6.2
    24-Aug-14 Nevada trailride 12.3
    24-Aug-14 Nickers practice 0.8
    26-Aug-14 Nickers practice 0.7
    MTD: 333.63

  27. 30-Aug-14 Nevada JbarS Miles:6.72
    31-Aug-14 Nevada JbarS Miles:16.92 MTD: 357.27

    Spent the weekend in Osceola, MO at the Jbar S with OMgoodness tons of trails. What a blast.

  28. 7-Sep-14 Nevada Elk City 8.89
    8-Sep-14 Nickers lesson 0.52
    8-Sep-14 Mejia lesson 0.62 MTD: 367.3

    Sunday, 7Sep Nevada and I rode at a hiking rock formations, running streams, and more park, that is open to equestrian riders only twice a year. Oh how beautiful it was.

  29. 11-Sep-14 Mejia obstacles Miles: 1.2
    12-Sep-14 Mejia cattledrive Miles: 8.25
    13-Sep-14 Mejia cattledrive Miles: 12.6
    14-Sep-14 Mejia cattledrive Miles: 5.2 MTD: 394.55

    Took my 4yo Mustang Mare, Mejia to meet cows for the first time. Wow, the cattledrive, sorting, roping, and dragging was oh such an awesome experience. Wow.

  30. 20-Sep-14 Mejia ACTHA Miles: 9.42 We got 4th place.
    21-Sep-14 Mejia trailride 4.51
    23-Sep-14 Mejia obstacles Miles: 1.82
    24-Sep-14 Mejia obstacles Miles: 2.1
    25-Sep-14 Mejia lesson Miles: 1.89 MTD: 414.29

    Mejia is doing so well for starting under saddle in May 2014. I am going to ride Nevada Saturday. She has had enough rest. :)

  31. 27-Sep-14 Nevada trailride 6.72
    MTD: 421.01

  32. 3-Oct-14 Mejia riding miles: 0.8
    4-Oct-14 Mejia riding miles: 2.82
    8-Oct-14 Nevada moonlite miles: 0.82
    9-Oct-14 Mejia exercise miles: 2.41

    MTD: 427.86

  33. 11-Oct-14 Nevada trailride Miles: 12.4
    12-Oct-14 Mejia trailride Miles: 11.82
    MTD: 452.08

  34. 21-Oct-14 Mejia obstacles Miles: 0.82
    23-Oct-14 Mejia obstacles Miles: 1.2
    23-Oct-14 Nevada smallride Miles: 1
    25-Oct-14 Mejia Clinic Miles: 6.34
    26-Oct-14 Mejia CompetitionMiles: 5.22
    MTD: 466.66

  35. 20-Dec-14 Mejia Trail/arena work Miles:6.4
    21-Dec-14 Nevada Taril/arena work Miles:6.5
    22-Dec-14 Aspen saddlefit/trail Miles:1.5
    23-Dec-14 Nickers saddlefit/trail Miles: 2.3
    24-Dec-14 Mejia arena Work Miles: 5.8
    MTD: 489.16
    I may not reach 500 miles, however it has been a fun year working with all my mustangs and helping the families with theirs. Love to ride.

  36. 26-Dec-14 Aspen arena Miles: 2.2
    26-Dec-14 Nickers arena Miles: 3.1
    27-Dec-14 Mejia driveway funMiles: 1.2
    28-Dec-14 Nevada road Miles: 5.2
    MTD: 500.86
    WooHoo, I made 500 miles before the end of year.

  37. Congrats on getting 500 miles this year!!