Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 124 - Newtson *

  I am a soon to be retired school teacher from central Nebraska, whose greatest passion is riding. Trail riding to be exact.  My husband and I and our good friends spend alot of quality time traveling to different places, (in state and out state) to ride new and old favorite trails. 

Of course I must also introduce my riding partner, Hoo Ha. He is a 12 year old gelding of unknown parentage. I have owned him since he was a fuzzy 4 month old orphan. We have put in alot of miles together.  We have several other horses on our farm, but Hoo Ha is my favorite. He has quite the personality.  

We also have two Corgies and a terrier cross mutt who love to tag along on home rides.  They don't get to travel with us, because they know their job is to stay home and act as guard dogs when we are away. That I say with tongue in cheek, but they sure think that is their job.
2013 / 557.04 Miles / 30th Place


  1. Connie - I just realized you are Mikes mom! I am married to Troy Anderson, what a small world!

  2. January 12, 2014
    Nimrod 6.33 miles
    Hoo Ha 4.96 miles
    Had to get three cows in from neighbors, so decided to ride both horses since they were in.
    11.29 total miles

  3. January 20, 2014
    Hoo Ha 5.54 miles
    Buster 4.71 miles
    Beautiful day to ride. Had to bring in a cow calf pair and heifer after dinner, so continued riding after that chore was done. Warm, yet windy.
    10.25 miles
    21.54 total miles

  4. January 26, 2014
    Hoo Ha 9.27 miles
    Decided to ride in the a.m. as strong winds were predicted as the day progressed. They were right. Windy but nice riding.
    30.81 total miles

  5. February 22-23, 2014
    Sat. Hoo Ha 11.07
    Sat. Buster 6.74
    Sun. Buster 7.38
    25.19 miles for the weekend
    Morning snow kept me from riding Sunday a.m. Was all melted by afternoon so I decided to ride before turning horses out for the week. Both days were somewhat breezy and cold, but nothing like the cold I rode in over Christmas vacation!
    56.00 total miles

  6. March 9, 2014
    Very warm sunny, but windy afternoon. Temp was lower 70's. Big grass fire over 20 miles north (Comstock). Huge billowing smoke cloud. Nebraska had several big fires this afternoon.
    Hoo Ha 4.67
    Buster 4.87
    65.54 total miles

  7. March 10, 2014
    Another warm sunny day in the low 70's. Left the yard around 5:00. Had a lazy enjoyable ride. Just what I needed after a "sort of'" stressful day in the classroom. Watched a beautiful sunset.
    Buster 6.76 miles
    72.30 total miles

  8. March 14,2014
    Vacation day from school. Beautiful day to be home and of course ride. High 60's.
    Hoo Ha 7.23 miles

    March 15, 2014
    Saturday. My longtime friend Wendy Charlton from Pleasant Dale came back home to Loup City where she still keeps her horses. It was a windy, chilly day, but we rode anyway. Her pastures west of town are outstanding to ride. Rugged cedar filled canyons...great! Because of the cold wind, we did cut our ride short. Enjoyed the rest of the afternoon road tripping around the neighborhood and a quick sandwich at Sportsman's before she headed back home.
    Hoo Ha 5.89 miles
    85.42 total miles

  9. March 16, 2014
    Warmer today than it was Saturday. Decided to ride the 'old Nimrod today.
    6.58 miles
    92 total miles

  10. March 30, 2014
    Beautiful day for riding. Glad I rode today instead of yesterday when it was so windy and chilly.
    Hoo Ha 10.33 miles
    102.33 total miles

  11. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

  12. April 5, 2014
    Cold windy Saturday, but rode anyway. My good friend from South Carolina was back in NE for a visit and spent two days at our place. She really wanted to ride the tree free hills of NE, so we did. We did stay in a lot of draws because of the chilly 25-30 mph wind. Cut our ride short.
    Hoo Ha and Buster
    4.47 miles

    March 6, 2014
    Beautiful day today to ride. Marjean is on a plane by now headed back east. A shame she's not here to enjoy this day.
    Buster 4.02 miles
    Nimrod 4.77 miles
    13.26 miles for the weekend
    115.59 total miles

  13. Wrong date on last entry, it should be April 6. One of those "moments" I guess.

    April 9, 2014
    Wednesday ride with Julia Mruz west of Gibbon. Beautiful evening. Just like summer. Cheri and I traveled together.
    Hoo Ha 8.12 miles
    123.71 total miles

  14. April 12, 2014
    Peckerneck Save the Trail Ride. Beautiful Sat. ride. Approx. 57 riders. Went Friday, camped until Sunday morning. Broke camp early morning, soaking wet and strong winds. Snowing hard by the time I got to Hazard. Made it home before the blizzard hit hard. 8 inches of snow. No school the next day. Drifting was awful.
    Hoo Ha 11.27 miles
    134.98 total miles

  15. April 19, 2014
    Beautiful day for a ride. Raked and burned trash off garden this morning. I'm ready for a tiller. Decided to catch old Nimrod for my ride. I think he enjoyed it as much as I. Cut my ride short as he's pretty soft.
    Nimrod 6.27
    141.25 total miles

  16. April 26, 2014
    St. Michael trail ride. Beautiful day for the day long ride. 42 riders which is really down from normal. Camped over.
    Hoo Ha 16.16 miles

    April 27, 2014
    Got up early at St. Michael's and drove to the Poole Ride. Small ride again, but weather was not the best. 17 riders. Very windy with storm threat late afternoon. Bad storm did blow through, but we were all headed home by then. Cut the ride short because of it. Home by 4:00 and glad to get there. Drove through tornadic turbulence which was frightening, but no damage done.
    Hoo Ha 7.67 miles
    23.83 weekend miles
    165.08 total miles

  17. May 10, 2014
    Put some garden in this afternoon then deciced it was such a nice afternoon I decided to ride. Rain is forecast for most of next week. Glad I rode as Mother's Day turned out to be a mess. Felt bad for our graduates.
    Hoo Ha 6.27 miles
    171.35 total miles

  18. May 23-27, 2014 Fort Robinson
    Annual after school vacation to Ft. Rob. Left Thur., May 22 and returned Wed., May 28. Our friends, Sekutera's, Frahm's, Peterson's, Jarzynka's and Dickman's all camped by mare barns.
    Friday, 5/23 10.4 miles on jeep trail.
    Saturday 5/24 15.56 miles Rode Bluffs and trails beind James Ranch. Did some bushwhacking to get out of there before dark.
    Sunday 5/25 8.40 miles.Sekutera's left. Leslie rode Buster. Afternoon it rained 1 3/4 in. so we road tripped west of Chadron and checked out Roberts Trailhead and places to camp up Ash Creek. Think we'll stay with the Fort.
    Monday 5/26 10.37 miles Peterson's, Jarzynka's and Dickman's all left this a.m. Rode Old Jeep Trails in back of Johnson Lake and came back down Smiley Canyon.
    Tuesday 5/27 11.04 miles Rode up Mexican Canyon and back of James Ranch to Spring Creek. Had beautiful riding weather the entire trip. Only rained once. No wind or bugs. What a grand time! I rode Hoo Ha and hubby rode Buster.

    55.77 total Ft. Rob miles
    227.12 total miles

  19. June 12, 2014
    Hoo Ha 5.07 miles
    232.19 total miles

  20. June 15,2014
    Buster 6.20 miles
    Nice late afternoon ride with daughter and grandson'
    238.39 total miles

    June 18, 2014
    Used horse to check cows. Morning was so nice I decided to catch old horse and ride him.
    Hoo Ha & Nimrod 8.17 miles
    246.56 total miles

  21. June 21-22, 2014
    St. Jude Ride, Peckerneck Trail, Alma, NE
    Some difficulty riding because of thunderstorms and muddy trails, but we endured with slow patience and had a fun safe ride.
    Hoo Ha 19.77 miles
    266.33 total miles

  22. June 25, 2014
    Wed. night ride at Rosie's pasture. Had 25 riders. A calm, slightly overcast evening. Made for a beautiful ride. The hills and scenery are awesome.
    Hoo Ha 6.30 miles
    272.63 total miles

  23. June 26, 2014
    Difficult finding safe times to ride because of dangerous summer storms. Quick pasture check did net me a couple miles.
    Nimrod 2.04 miles
    274.67 total miles

  24. July 3-6, 2014
    Halsey...heat limited our riding, but had a great time despite it.
    Hoo Ha 21.21 miles
    295.88 total miles

  25. July 11-18, 2014
    Great horse camping vacation in the Black Hills at Elk Haven. Riding and weather was perfect. Temperature was in the 70's and only rained (with hail) one afternoon.
    Hoo Ha 62.39 miles
    358.27 total miles

  26. July 30, 2014
    Wed. ride at Wilderness Area, St.Paul. 9 riders. Nice evening with very few mosquitos.
    Nimrod 5.80 miles
    364.07 total miles

  27. Aug. 3, 2014
    Eustis Trail Ride. Hot, but pleasant day with enough beneficial breeze. These foks know how to host a ride. They kept us well hydrated with plenty of refreshments for man and beast at several well planned stops. Sack lunch at noon and a most delicious Bar B Que after the ride (with pie and ice cream). Grandson Clancy went with me.
    Hoo Ha 11.86 miles
    375.93 total miles

  28. Aug. 17, 2014
    Afternoon ride with daughter and two neighbor gals. Short ride because we decided to go to neighbors lake for an impromptu cookout. Not getting much riding done since school has started. Free time is spent putting up my garden produce.
    Hoo Ha 4.25 miles
    380.18 total miles

  29. Sept. 1, 2014
    Busy at State Fair watching grandson show his market goats for 4-H and FFA. Couldn't let the weekend pass without riding, so caught the first unsuspecting steed and went for an evening ride.
    Hoo Ha 5.14 miles
    385.32 total miles

  30. Sept. 7, 2014
    Nice Sunday ride with friends. Local pastures.
    Hoo Ha 5.07 miles
    390.39 total miles

  31. Sept. 13-14, 2014
    My sister and I were invited to ride as gallery riders during the 10 day National Hunting Dog Prairie Chicken Contest held at the Lee Ranch between Amelia and Atkinson. I was only able to attend over the weekend. Did we ever get an extreme workout, horse and human both. Contestants were mounted on Tennessee Walkers and you know the rest of that story. Our little cow ponies were at full (long) trot during most of the rides. They were fine with that, but no so for the humans on board.I believe I am ready to stick with my slower paced trail riding, unless I have access to a gaited horse It was a great experience, including all the wining and dining that goes along with it. Great weekend, but my knees are somewhat sore from all that posting.
    Hoo Ha 32.25 miles
    422.64 total miles

  32. Sept.20-21, 2014
    Weekend at Halsey with Frahms, Walrath and Kusek. Great weather and riding. Walrath and Kusek both experienced "buck-offs", due to fresh horses. Just some bruising, but nothing broken. Sat. was a long ride from Natick to mill 125 (where 4-H riders camp). Last mile was drop dead gorgeous through the trees with fall trees starting to turn.
    Hoo Ha 20.36 miles
    443.00 total miles

  33. Oct. 4-5, 2014
    Big Canyon weekend with Frahm's, Walther's and Jarzynka's. Wind was so strong Friday it almost blew us back home. Pretty chilly too. Woke up to wind, but not as strong as Friday, and chilly. It froze up there Fri. night. Very pleasant and beautiful ride once we dropped down into the canyon. Had a nice 3 hour ride following the stream from one end to the other. Ride back to camp was more pleasant as the wind had died down some and it had warmed up. Jarzynka's left for home about 4:00. We stayed on for a Sunday ride. Woke up to wind again, but once down in the canyon it was very pleasant. There was threat of rain, but it held off until we were back at camp.
    This is always such a nice place to go for 2 or 3 days.
    Hoo Ha 17.2 miles
    460.20 total miles

  34. Oct. 18-19, 2014
    St. Michael Trail Ride...Beautiful weekend for a ride. Went Friday and stayed until Sunday afternoon. No wind! Had 42 riders which was down from the past, but I don't think it was advertised as well this year. A couple gentleman ended up under his horse in a deep trail, had to dig him out before the horse could be up-righted. Amazingly he just had some leg bruising and was able to ride the entire day. After lunch a lady had her horse trip and fall on her. Possible dislocated shoulder. She did leave the ride to find a doctor. Both nights we camped were chilly, but that was to be expected considering time of year. Had a nice Sunday morning ride in the bluffs. Great weekend!
    Hoo Ha 20.30 miles
    480.50 total miles

  35. Oct. 26, 2014
    Beautiful weekend. Should have ridden Sat. as well as Sunday, but had yard stuff I needed to do. Caught old Nimrod and we just went north. I guess I was like Forrest Gump...rode so far and decided this was enough, turned around and went back. Thanks for the good ride Nimrod.
    Nimrod 10.11 miles
    490.61 total miles

  36. Nov. 1-2, 2014
    Weekend at Halsey. Cold and miserable Friday night and all day Sat. Spent most of the day in my sister's roomy slide out trailer. At times we had up to eight in there. It was our refuge Sat. We never threw a saddle on a horse that day. Our furnace wouldn't work Friday night, so I dug out the old buddy heater. Sat. the guys worked the furnace over and got it to working. Just some minor corrosion on some wire. Nice bonfire Sat. night. We could feel the warm front start to arrive. Woke up Sunday morning to a day that was beautiful. Had a lovely ride that was easy on the horses. Perfect fall day. Joe Sekutera and his son Tyson joined us Sunday morning. Weekend campers were us, Frahms, and Dickmans. Had the campground to ourselvesexcept for a solitary tenter that must have showed up sometime Sat.
    Hoo Ha 16.2 miles
    506.81 total miles.