Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 46 - Auer **


I am a middle age woman that has LOVED horses since I can't remember when!!  I finally owned my first horse when I turned 14 yours old.  I was more interested in horses then boys!!  I have lived in southeastern Nebraska where I was born, raised, went to school, married, had our family for my entire life.  Boring, yes to some I know, but I would not trade this for any other way of living. 

Riding is relaxing for me and I enjoy meeting new people, going to new places, hooking up with old friends and riding.  I own three horses and live on an acreage.  I purchased a nice paint gelding last fall (2010) and have truly learned to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.  My geldings name is Scout, and I also ride a mare and her name is Babe. 
I am fairly new to trail riding, but not to camping.  I am finally "living my dream" to get the truck hooked up, load up and go meet friends to ride for the day or days!  I really enjoy the camping and the bonding time this brings for me.  I probably will not post that many miles like many of you, but I will enjoy reading and seeing where everyone is traveling to, their adventures and the distances they are logging. 

Happy Trails!!!  Alice 

2012 / 200.46 Miles / 42nd Place
2013 / 189.90 Miles / 62nd Place


  1. 1/12/14. I am off and walking:-). Took Babe out of the lot for the first time in over two months....what was I thinking???? We made it back home in good shape with just a few attitude adjustment for her!!!! 4.2 miles today. YTD = 4.2. At least I am on the board in January in NB:-)

  2. Hi Alice! Hope we can meet up on the trail this season! maybe at Branched Oak or Rock Creek? My son is graduating from High School in May and life feels crazy right now with all the school activities but that will all be winding down before I know it! Jenny Andersen

  3. Riding in the CO mountains with Deb H and 11 other Nebraska friends. I rode a bay horse called King and he was great. Had sooo much fun and two things off of my bucket list..riding in the mountains and going to the Denver Livestock Show and Rodeo. LIFE IF GOOD!! Rode 4.58 miles YTD = 9.38 miles.

  4. Diane I want to go the wine and cheese for the DD 2013 so please count me in. Thank you!!

  5. Sorry I forgot:-( I want to change my profile picture and write up. When do I need to have this done by. Hopefully I will have a gaited horse soon and I will send you a picture of that one or something else. Please let me know. Thank you and I am very sure this is the last time I will bug you tonight:-)

  6. OPPPSSSS 4.2 plus 4.58 = 8.78 not 9.38 sorry!!!!!

  7. Glad you are coming to our party :-) You can send me your updated info any time you want to. Just send it to the email address

    1. 3/11/14 week a couple short rides on Babe and Gypsy for 3.1 miles

      3/15/14 rode at Brenda Messink centered riding clinic for 2.2 miles

      3/20/13 rode Babe around the section (5.20)and Gypsy in round pen for 1.16 miles.

      Previous miles = 8.78 miles plus today's post = YTD 20.44 miles

  8. 4/7/14 - Rode Gypsy in round pen = 1.1 miles
    4/8/14 - Rode Babe in round pen and around place = 1.7
    4/9/14 - Rode Babe at Two Rivers in the afternoon and eve = 6.8
    4/10/14 - Rode Babe with Andrea and Kam for 5.8
    4/11/14 - Lesson on Babe for 1.9 miles
    Total entry = 17.30 miles + previous miles 20.44 TOTAL = 37.74

  9. 4/1714 riding Babe around home for 3.4 miles
    4/18/14 babe at lessons with Brenda's for 2.9 miles
    Previous miles 37.74 plus today's post of 6.3 totals miles to date = 44.04.

  10. 5/4/14. Lesson at Brenda's then a slow ride around her field for 3.93 miles. Then home and rode gypsy in round pen for 2.4 miles. Total today is 6.33 miles. Previous miles 44.04 +today's of 6.33 YTD = 50.37 miles.

  11. 5/9/14 met Cindy N. At Wagon Train today for a nice and slow 6.8 miles on Babe. 50.37+6.8 = YTD 57.17.

  12. 5/17/14 went to Skyline Ranch and rode at a Sherry Jarvis clinic today for 6.8 miles. Very nice and very interesting clinic!!!
    5/20/14 rode with Lynn around her place...nice ride. Both rides were on Babe. today total 5.5 miles. Previous mileage 57.17 + 6.8 miles + 5.5 miles YTD = 69.47 miles

  13. 6/11/14. Rode Babe at Two Rivers with a few on a Wed. Nite ride. 6.8 miles.
    6/13/14. Megan came out this am to ride Kam. I rode Gypsy in the round pen then first time down the road for 1.6 miles.
    I then loaded up Babe and headed to Lynn's and rode with her and Judy for 6.8 miles.

  14. 6/13/14. Continued. I was locked out for some reason. So here goes 69.47 + 6.8 miles + 1.68 + 6.8 = YTD 84.75. Burning up those miles!

  15. 6/21/14. Meg came out and we rode in the aren and down the road for a quick 1.9 miles. Rode with Judy and Cindy N last Wed here at my house for a 6.8 miles. Rode Gypsy Friday for 1.9 miles. Previous miles 84.75 + 1.9 + 6.8 + 1.9 =

  16. 6/21/14 continued YTD miles = 96.35

  17. 6/24/14 - Went to Branched Oak and rode with Cindy N. and Deb H. today. for 7.0 miles. Cindy and I spent the night and had a nice time. Deb had to go home to take care of her animals.
    6/25/14 - Cindy and I, then Trudy joined us for another nice slow ride. for 6.02 miles.
    Previous miles 96.35 add 7.00 miles and 6.02 miles YTD = 109.37.

  18. congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

  19. Looks like last post was the end of June at 109.37 miles. I will type a shorten version:
    7-14-14 Babe and Gypsy at home for 4.2 miles
    7-17-14 Gypsy to Two Rivers (good) 7.85
    7-18-14 Gypsy to Spring Creek (not good) 3.9 miles
    7-19-14 Babe to Wagon Train (good) 4.5 miles
    7-21-14 Gypsy @ Judys. Gypsy has a sore front leg 4.8 miles
    Total 134.62

    8/19/14 Gypsy @ Calamus for 4.8 miles
    8/20/14 Gypsy @ Calamus Lake 4.8 miles
    8/21/14 Gypsy at the Loop River by Calamus for 5.0 miles
    8/24/14 Gypsy @ Two Rivers for 4.9 miles
    8/25/14 Gypsy at Two Rivers 6.5 miles
    Total miles 160.62
    9/6/14 Gypsy to Trail Challenge AND many short rides around home for 10.00 miles
    9/18/14 CGW Gypsy 6.0 miles
    9//19/14 CGW for 14 miles
    9/20/14 CGW 6 miles
    9/21/14 CGW 6 miles
    Total miles 201.22
    October very little riding, Claytons wedding and Randys mother seriously ill!
    10/7/14 Gypsy here at home by self for 6.1 miles
    10/14/14 MOPAC @ Elmwood with Cindy and Deb, I rode Gypsy for 10. Miles
    10/17/14 Rode @ Lynns today with Gypsy very windy for 5.6 miles
    Total Miles 222.92

  20. 10/25/24 Gypsy at home 3.5 miles
    10/26/24 Gypsy at home 4.1 miles
    10/2914 Meg, Kam, Babe and I in fields 2.2
    10/30/14 Kathy N., Diane B., Judy A and I at Pawnee Lake 8.5 miles
    YTD = 241.22

  21. 11/28/14 Gypsy at Pawnee Lake today for Black Friday Ride and chili dump. 8 miles
    11/29/14 Gypsy and I went to Wagon Train and rode with Tanya, Diane and Cindy for 6.5 miles.
    YTD = 255.75