Saturday, January 4, 2014

Team 108 - Peace and Joy

Hello, my name is Stephanie Laird and my horse is Condada, a beautiful 18 year old Arab bay gelding. He and I have been a team since 2008 and we mainly just pleasure ride but have done several ride-a-thons, a judged trail ride fund raiser, the cancer ride at Silver Creek, and my favorite pain/fun inducer: endurance Riding. It's a love hate thing, I love the other competitors and both Condada and I love the actual competition, it's the price and the early morning stuff that hurts, oh and of course it's painful for me if I don't condition myself enough but I have found a balance that fits my budget.  My team name is pretty simple, riding brings me peace, because I love being with my horse and joy is what I feel during and after a ride.  It helps me decompress from work and life:-) and being in creation deepens my relationship with God.


  1. That is so awesoeme Stephanie...I love that it gets you closer with God!

  2. Welcome Stephanie!
    So glad you decided to join :)
    Looking forward to riding again soon!