Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27th Leaderboard Update

January 27th Leaderboard is a lively one :-)  Lots of riders this past week.  Congratst again to Team 74 Crazy Legs for leading the way with over 200 miles already.  Congrats to all 108 riders for getting on the leaderboard in the 1st month of the year!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

DD2013 Year-End Celebration

Time for all the DD2013 riders to celebrate their achievements whether it was 1600 miles or 6 miles. Everyone of you has something to neigh and stomp your hooves about!  So come and join the fun at our year-end Wine and Cheese Festivity.  Bring your favorite wine, cheese, hors d'oeuvres and/or appetizers to share (also bring your own table service).

All DD2014 riders are also invited; so you can meet, greet and get inspiration from some of the last two years derby riders.  

Date:       February 16, 2014 
Time:       2:30 pm  
Location:  Chance Ridge Event Center,   
               506 Skyline Rd, Elkhorn, NE 68022 

Oh, we are asking for volunteers to help decorate and setup for the festivity.  Please contact me or Tammy Vasa if interested in helping.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Team 95 - Rest Stop

Lonsumflight is his registered name but I call him Breyer. He is a double registered Quarter Horse/ Paint and his color is black. We came to develop our partnership 18 years ago when he was just 4 months old and we've been best friends ever since. 

My name, is Dee Morris. I grew up in the town of Grand Island, Nebraska so you could pretty much call me a city girl. After begging my folks for years, I got my first horse when I was 12. He was my first best friend and we went everywhere together. His name was Flash. We moved to the mountains of Estes Park, Colorado and that's where I really learned to ride. A year later we moved to Longmont, Colorado and I became experienced in 4-H and showmanship.

Now back in Nebraska for the past 25 yrs, I mostly just ride to ride. I love exploring in the canyons south and North of Gothenburg because it's a workout for both myself and my horse.  
My passion is riding and I'd like to make as many friends as I can who share the same passion. I've created a group page on Facebook so I can find people from all over who would like to share their experiences, photos and favorite places to ride their horses. 

This competition will be good for me to get back to riding more consistently. I've injured the nerves in my neck which make it hard to do much of anything and I haven't spent much time in the saddle over the past 2 yrs. I'm hoping to push myself to get out there and enjoy life again instead of staring at it though the window. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th Leaderboard

Week 3 and still riding :-)  Part of this week was good for riding and Sunday was a gift!  Lots of people rode and drove and had fun in the sun.  Such an unusual January, but we will take it won't we :-)

Congrats to Team 74 for leading the way.  She is in the Pacific Northwest (I think) so they have alot more opportunities weather wise to ride then the midwestys.  However, Team 10  is here in Nebraska and she is in the number 2 spot.  With a 100 riders already on the leaderboard, we are all making tracks big time!

Note:  I reposted the leaderboard on Tuesday morning; still using the cutoff posting time of Monday at 10:30pm.  I made a mistake and missed a post at 2:33pm of miles, so that is why there is a change this morning.  Thanks for understanding.

DD2014 Photo Contest



1)      The contest is open only to 2014 Distance Derby team members.  Photos may be submitted by the person who took the photo or the legal guardian of a minor photographer.  If you are submitting a photo on someone else’s behalf as a favor for the “technically challenged,” any prize won will be mailed to the person you are submitting for.

2)      This is an amateur photo contest.  If you are professional or accept money for your photos, please do not enter.

3)      Eligible photos have to have been taken by the team member submitting them.  Eligible photos must have been taken in 2014.  If a submitted photo does not win in a given month it may be resubmitted again in another month.  Only one photo per team may be submitted per month.

4)      Photos must have been taken while riding or driving an equine or while preparing to ride or drive, not while traveling to or from a ride while not riding or driving.

5)      This is a photo contest, not a picture contest.  Photos may be cropped, lightened, or darkened, but no other enhancements are allowed.

6)      The contest runs from January 20th through December 31, 2014.  However, entries may include photos taken starting January 1, 2014.

7)      Your entry for each month must be received by midnight on the fifth of the following month to be eligible.  Any entries received after the deadline will be considered your entry for the month in which it is received.

8)      Each month’s winner will be announced by the 10th of the following month.  Prizes will be shipped in the month the winner is announced.

9)       The 2014 judge is professional photographer, Bill Jammer of Wayne, NE.  The judge’s decisions are final.

10)   TO ENTER:  Email photos to in a JPG format.  Entries will NOT be accepted in any other form or through postal mail, text, or via any other type of social or electronic media.  Please include the photographer’s name, postal address, DD2014 team number/name, and a description of the photograph.  Please try to keep photos under 1MB.

11)   Each photographer retains the rights to his/her photographs.  Each photographer, by submitting his/her entries hereby gives permission to the 2014 Distance Derby Photo Contest coordinator to use his/her photograph(s) for this photo contest’s purposes only and will not be used for resale.  Winning photos will be posted on the DD2014 blogspot and DD2014 Facebook page.  We also reserve the right to resize, crop, or color-adjust winning photos for contest purposes.

Note:   This contest is sponsored by Marvel Rahn, Team 70 - Follow your Dreams.

Team 17 - Painted Arrow

My name is Jessica Smith. I am 22 years old and I am Vice President of a local non-profit bareback horse riding organization for youths here in Bellevue, Nebraska. The focus of our club is to teach our members responsibility, positive self-esteem, and good citizenship through caring for the horses, learning good horsemanship, fundraising, and civic activities.

My horse is a 6 year old American Paint Horse mare named Arrow. I've had her for two years now and I trained her myself. We've definately gone on some crazy rides! When I first got her, things weren't perfect. I went out looking for a 14.2 - 14.3hh Arabian and came home with an untrained, young, spooky, and pushy 15.3hh painted rollercoaster. Now she's my best friend and having her in my life has been the greatest ride of all. Nothing compares nor ever will. This will be our first year with the distance derby and I'm really excited! Thanks.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Team 132 - fxhtr Smith

Hi, I would like to join the distance Derby.  My name is Helen Smith, my sport with horses is fox hunting from September to April, and then whatever is fun for the rest of the year.  I have four horses, two that mostly foxhunt and two that mostly trailride. Saturday I rode 9.3 miles, and Sunday I rode 10.5 miles (moving avg 5.3 mph, and top speed just 19.5 mph (very icy under hoof)).  Team name could be "fxhtr Smith". Thanks, Helen.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Team 8 - Hard to Prove

     My name is Megan Aprill. I am from Nashville TN, but have recently moved up to the DC area. I've been riding for 15 years. I started out in the hunter world as a kid, but switched to dressage a couple years back. Since moving to Maryland, a good friend of mine has introduced me to endurance riding and I'm loving it! My horse Milo is a 12 year old OTTB rescue. I'm really looking forward to the competition keeping me accountable with my riding goals and am ready to hit the trails!

Team 116 - Weber

Inline image 1

Hello, my name is Kris Weber and I live near Valentine Nebraska. I love riding, and growing up on a cattle ranch, it fueled my passion for horses and riding, when I'm not riding, my busy with the local drill team,  or showing horses, or photographing them. 

I own several horses, but my main horse is Wyatt, a 5 yr old solid bred paint horse, or one of the main ranch horses, Sis, a 9 yr old grey quarter horse or one of the many other ranch horses. 

I have allot of plans this year to ride and log in miles with the Ride America, go on a few overnight trail rides, ride with the lady wranglers, and of course working cattle on the ranch. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Team 131 - Willy

Hi, my name is Emily and have a horse named Willy (A.K.A.)
"Big Ug" as my mother calls him. I live outside of Lawrence, Nebraska. My mom's name is Marcia (Dodgin' Bullets", dad: Kurt, who doesn't  like horses, sisters: Kelsey and Kara, brother: Henry
We borrowed Willy from some friends and well, basically I fell in love with him from first glance. I am saving up to buy him this summer, hint hint wink wink. 
I hope to have a full horse loving life and am glad to be able to sign up with people who share the same interests.
Welp that's about it, see ya later :)  

Team 130 - Nyx

My name is Augusta Schubert, and this is my horse, Nyx, an 8 year old grade mare I have had since my junior year in high school. I've been riding since I was old enough to hold on; my dad jokes that his cow horse was my first babysitter. I spend nearly every spare moment I have on horseback, and I know I've put a lot of miles on my old saddle! Together Nyx and I have overcome every obstacle in our path, and when I am on her back, I know there's nothing that can hold me back. When I read about the Distance Derby in the North Platte Telegraph I knew I had to give it a try. I mostly ride solo, since my 'horsey' friends are spread far and wide, but if anybody finds themselves in the northern Sandhills of Nebraska I'd love to show you my favorite trails!

Team 128 - Yankeeland

My name is Hollie Cooper I am 21, and my horse’s name is Yankee he is 13. Our team name is YankeeLand. Yankee and I have been together for 5 years. He is my life and my Endless Love (that’s our song) haha. I got Yankee when he was at a very scary stage in his life, he was abused-we assume, by the people who had owned him before. It sounds cliché to say, but I believe he was put in my life for a reason. We saved each other. I had no confidence in myself and neither did he. When we were brought together, we came to trust one another. Today, Yankee is not the same horse he was back then. Just this past Sunday January 12, 2014, we accomplished walking over a plastic tarp. 5 years ago, he was no where near able to do that, or even want to offer. I could not be anymore proud of Yankee, he has come along way and I am so thankful that he came into my life {Smile}

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13th Leaderboard Update

Week 2 of the Derby and with all the great weather, a lot of riding and driving has occurred.  Love it!!!  CONGRATS to Team 74 for leading the way this week!  We have about 50 new teams now.  A BIG WELCOME to everyone.  Also started this year is a break-off group from Michigan.  So a shout-out to them for starting their own derby.  Ya'll should give them a look/see when you get a chance.

I hope everyone is enjoying the facebook group DD2014.  Be sure to check it out and post pictures and stories of your DD rides.  Have a great week :-)

Team 51 - Where's Waldo

My name is Laura Snyder. I am located in Maryland. I have been riding for 10 years and a few months ago I bought myself my first horse! He is a 17hh, 8 year old Thoroughbred/Rhinelander cross named Where's Waldo, or Wally for short. He's had experience in the past with combined driving, and then eventing through prelim level. I'd like to try some competitive trail riding and very low level eventing with him. I'm hoping that joining the Distance Derby will motivate me to get out of the ring and do more trail riding!

Team 125 - Smokey Trails

Hello there! My name is Amber King and I live in Northeastern Nebraska. I am a full time college student (In the middle of my 5th year...I think I'll just stay for forever) and I love animals, especially horses. Though there are between 8 and 13 horses at my house at any given time. I own two; a mare and a gelding.  My main man is Smokey, (Smokey Smoke-Stackersons the Magnificent), a Quarter Horse cross gelding. I bought Smokey in 2005 when he was a young, green broke, pain in my buttocks. Over the years we've learned a lot together and grown into a fabulous riding team. He taught me how to ride and be a proper horseman and even though it was hard, frustrating, and painful at times we both made it out alive and better than ever; and here we are, still going strong!

Together Smokey and I discovered that small bodies of water do not house leviathins, krakens, or other sea creatures with malicious intent. Terraces in the fields are great for leaping over and so are barrel racing barrels when placed in a line. We've slain imaginary dragons that harass the cattle in the pasture and we've jousted stationary Hot-Heals with PVC pipe lances. We have flown fearlessly into battle, ready and willing to hunt down our enemies including but not limited to: The birds of Nebraska, Frazzle the Goat,  The menacing Longhorn Cattle, and That shadow over there who is clearly up to no good.

In addition to teaching me how to ride, Smokey has been my most stalwart friend and companion. He taught me (on several occasions) that when you can't rely on anything else in the world, you can rely on your horse as much as relies on you. He can be your portal to another world for a while, your partner in crime, and a pair of always listening ears and watchful eyes.

In our 8 years together, Smokey and I have done a lot of things and covered a lot of ground. I'm excited to enter this competition and log where we go and how far it actually is. I'm sure this year will be full of great adventures and opportunities for Smokey and I to grow stronger and better. I'm happy to be here and good luck everyone! And remember, when life gets rough, just keep posting.

Team 126 - Violet

Hi my name is Violet. I'm old and I need help getting on my horse:)..... Other than that I ride a 2000 model buckskin mare that I call Larkin.   I bought Larkin as a 6 month old. She has learned all she knows from us since she has never been to a trainer.  We have had many hairy rides but we've made it here today. Now that I've learned how to use mytracks, this will be a fun year seeing how many miles I ride.  Thank you for letting me join DD2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Team 123 - Commins

Hello! My name is Beth. I am from northwest of Lexington, Nebraska. I have been riding for 15 years. I have learned from mistakes over the years, and taking what I learn from clinicians and applying them to my horsemanship. My main horse is my almost 5 year old bay roan Paint x Missouri Fox Trotter gelding, Zeke. I have had him since he was born, and he's my first horse I have ever broke to ride. He's still a bit green, but he's always been a willing to please type, and I figured joining this distance derby would give me the motivation to put more miles on him, and hope to teach him about driving this year as well. I hope to maybe get the opportunity to ride with a few of the other riders here in Nebraska through out this year! Good luck to you all!

Team 121 - Riding Out the Storm

My name is Leanne, just four years ago, after 51 years of waiting, the lifelong dream of owning my own horse finally came true! Storm is his name and he is a beautiful rose-flecked Arabian with a long flowing main and tail. Together we are learning the foundation principles and disciplines of dressage riding. This has been the most challenging and rewarding experience I have ever pursued. I'm looking forward to taking part in the Distance Derby!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Team 115 - The Fighters


My horse, Cerveza Fria, and I have been together for a year on January 17, 2014. We have overcome great lengths to be where we are today. We rode quite a few miles last year, even though he was under weight. It was what needed to be done in order for him to receive the care that he has now. He has problem stifles, not sure if there is an actual medical term for him, but he is an off the track thoroughbred who turns 5 in April and last measured, stands at 17.2 hands.  He was raced too young and was not allowed to fully develop. The meniscus bone in his back knee caps there fore rotated inwards causing the thinnest part of the bone to be holding his larger bones apart. He is currently on pain medication, but it is an all natural healing process we have gone through. Recently he has finally started to act like a horse and be rambunctious in every way he can.

Our team would be called "The Fighters" for we've fought through it all together and I wouldn't give him up for the world.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Team 111 - Mare on a Mission *

My name is Leigh Ann Engdahl. 
My team name is Mare on a Mission. My horse is named Honesty.

My goal is 100 miles.I live in SW Iowa.  

2013 / 22.04 Miles / 79th Place

Team 114 - Mallory

My name's Mallory Huggins. I live in Ames, IA where I'm attending ISU. I have one horse, a 4 year old thoroughbred named Stevie. He was bred to race but never made it to the track. We're both starting eventing.

Team 56 - 25!#Hancock

My race team name will be 25!#Hancock.  The 25! is for my brother and sons race car team and of course my last name is Hancock. 

My name is Carrie Hancock.  I and my husband, Joe, live on an acreage about 5 Miles west of Adams off of Hwy 41 to the South.  I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  We have one cat, Tanner.  We have two horses.  Cat and Shiloh.  Cat is a 8 year old Bay quarter horse mare and Shiloh is a 9 year old Egyptian bred arabian gelding.  I purchased Shiloh when he was 18 months old and have been his main trainer and rider.  So all of his bad habits are becuase of me.  Cat came from Ft. Calhoun, NE where she had been rescued as a 2 year old by another horse lover and I got her for free because she needed a new home.  She came to me when she was 4.  She and Shiloh hooked up immediately. Just like they were meant to be together. Cat is timid and unconfident.  Shiloh is very confident and energetic and outgoing.  He has quite the personality.  I have been around horses all of my life, riding the shetland pony at my aunt's farm off of West Pickrell road when I was little.  Then riding my friends horses while in grade school.  Then I finally got my own horse in 1980.  Lady.  She was the first horse I owned that was mine.  We had lots of fun together.  I became very active in the 80's working with horses and helping a trainer in the Beatrice area with his young horses.  I got my first 1/2 arab in 1985, TE Satan.  He was amazing.  He hated pigs though.  We showed at the State Fair and the Arabian Shows at that time in the area doing Western Pleasure and Trail classes.  I then purchased Baibet Anna, a Crabbet bred Arabian mare from a gal in Greenwood, NE.  I bred her to Wings NA from Asbesque Arabians that was East of Lincoln.  Baibet had a beautiful filly.  I named her Heav'n Scent Wings.  Then I was divorced and had to move on.  Heav'n Scent was sold to a young lady that lived over by Virginia, NE.  I always wonder what happened to her.  Baibet went to be a trail horse at the YMCA Camp Kitawki.  Some of you may have ridden her there.  I then was without horses for a long time.  I saw an ad in the paper and answered it from, Alan Thober, House of Horses over by Ellis, NE West of Beatrice.  He needed someone to come out and ride horses for him.  I spent alot of time there and helped Alan with his horses.  He and I learned alot from each other and became great friends.  Alan was a different sort of fellow but I will never forget him.  He has the sweetest wife in the whole world, Linda.  This is where I met Shiloh and fell in love with him.  He was an onery foal that liked to nip and kick at you.  He is the love of my life.  He is still onery but not in a mean way.  I have had some bad accidents with horses and am not as confident as I used to be. I hope to move forward to gain back that confidence this year with the help of the DD2014.   May God Bless each of you.

Team 39 - SissyTazzRider

Hi my name is Kelly and I live in NW Washington state.  I'll be riding my two girls,  Sissy and Razzmatazz. My main mare Sissy is a dapple gray Arab/Saddlebred who will go anywhere you point her and is an awesome trail horse. Tazz is a black Arab I started riding last year. She's doing great,  just needs more miles, which is a great reason to join the derby! Love reading all the bios and getting inspired to get out and RIDE!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Here We Go...... First Leaderboard of 2014

Here we go.....January 6, 2014 First Leaderboard of the new year; the Year of the Horse :-) 
Hopefully that means a wonderful riding year for everyone!

We already have 32 teams on the board!  Congrats to Team 74 - Crazy Legs for leading the way!

Team 103 - Artful Path *

I'm Beth Ridenour from Lawrence, KS. I grew up in the Flinthills with Quarter Horses a Dad who was a cool cowboy and didn't know it. I own an adorable Mustang mare, Logen. She is eight years old and we have been together for 2+ years. During this time we've gotten to know one another, worked through the rough spots, and celebrated the good times (with soft peppermints). Logen is the best part of me. We know we belong to each other. I have a truck, "Okee," and Logen has a 1969 trailer, "Dokee." I'm fixing up her "four-wheeler" so next spring we will visit friends and new places.

We owe thanks to Becky Buchanan (Lawrence, KS), Centered Riding Instructor and Horse Training Goddess, and Harry Whitney (Salome, AZ), the man with few words and all the answers, followed by a smile.

Okey-dokey, see you on the trail.
2013 / 165.32 Miles / 64th Place 

Team 113 - Wiley's Adventure

My name is Laura Bond I am from McCleary, WA and love anything and everything about my horses.
I am excited to enter the distant derby, I am currently a PNER  and AERC member and will be conditioning for our rides here soon.

I enjoy the out doors camping and doing various outings with my my horses besides trail riding or conditioning; we like to practice our patterns for speed events as well as work on cattle work. My boyfriend and I own two paint mares and a bay roan quarter horse.

I will be riding my main steed Wiley,  the young bay roan was born at our place and will be 6 in the summer.

Team 112 - Flying Fortress

HI!  My name is Jala and my main ride is Belle. She is a true Arabian redhead, a chestnut with a flaxen mane and the personality to match.  She is fairly new to me, so I plan on putting most of my miles on her.  She started her endurance career last year mid summer and has truly surprised me with how much she loves it.  She still has a lot to learn as do I, but the only way to gain knowledge, confidence and experience is to ride.  I also have two other Arabians, Country, my little grey rescue and Beauty, technically my husbands horse.  

My first horse (Country) was purchased 4 years ago on a whim while my husband was deployed and I was wasn't working full time.  I spent every day for six months with her.   I don't regret any of it.  That one little grey horse has taught me so much about life.  She has taught me to savor the moment, that patience will get you everything you wanted and to live with what you have, not what you want.  Belle is now teaching me to hang on and enjoy the ride while I teach her patience and to savor the moment.  I believe my girls came into my life at just the right moment and for a specific reason.  

I look forward to 2014 and the time I will get with my girls.

Team 100 - Red Hot Rosie

My name is Karen Cox and I live in Bozeman, MT with my husband, son, two horses and a dog. I started endurance riding in 2010. We've had our struggles with completing rides but my goal for this year for this year is to complete at least 3 limited distance or endurance rides (depending on which distance my horse decides;). The Distance Derby sounds like a fun way to record our conditioning miles. I'll be riding my coming-18 year old thoroughbred mare Hey Rose. I've chosen RedHotRosie as our team name - it suits my horse's looks and personality. Last year we moved to the top of a mountain so winter riding is limited to my neighborhood but fortunately we have quiet roads and all the hill training we could ask for. I hope to get out at least three days a week and look forward to hitting the trails as soon as the snow melts. I Have an endurance riding blog which I hope to do a better job of keeping updated this year!

Team 99 - TrailGaiters

My name is Monique Chaisson and I am in Scottsdale, AZ. I own Tennessee Walking Horses and I am excited to participate in Distance Derby 2014 as it fits perfectly with my own personal mission to positively and proactively encourage gaited horse owners to use their smooth-riding mounts for their original breed purpose -- to cover lots of ground. My grey mare ("Cynder Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya-Ya!", aka Cynder) is unregistered and she is my best horse. We currently do limited distance endurance together, but she has taken me all over Arizona and gotten us through a few hairy situations. She demonstrates the truth in the saying, "You can't ride the papers." My big red gelding ("Skywatch Super Gold", aka Syrah) was a highly-valued Big Lick performance horse prospect in Tennessee, which is meaningless to me. I saved his life (colic surgery and ulcers) and exposed him to cool horse stuff like bare feet, carrots, apples, turn out, and living in a herd and he now gets to be a trail horse. I want to expose him to Competative Trail this year and put him into service as a volunteer ranger horse. My third horse I rescued this past summer ("Rainbow's Midnight Riot", aka Noche). He is 10 and untrained. My goal is to train him and ride him on the trail this year. 

Team 127 - Frahm *

    I am Mary Frahm from Amelia, a tiny town in north central Nebraska, population 7.  (I’m # 7)   Not long ago I retired from teaching, so I now have more time on my hands, and a great little mare named Dutchess to throw my saddle on.   Surrounded by miles of pasture, I have lots of ground to ride on, and neighbors that don’t mind if I do.  You know, that’s a great combination.  I put it to good use.

    My husband Doug and I enjoy horse camping and trail riding, and we’re blessed to have good family and friends that enjoy the same.  We vacation with our horses, in Nebraska and surrounding states as well.  At home, I really like it when my husband rides with me, but when he doesn’t, I have a wonderful doggy friend that accompanies me.  She won’t be left behind.

    My sister issued a challenge to me last year to see which of us could ride more miles.  I had two goals then:  beat her, or if I couldn’t, at least put in one mile for every day of the year.  She beat me on miles, but I did make my second goal.  And who will this year?  We’ll see.  I’ve also challenged myself to ride more miles than I did last year.
2013 / 375.38 Miles / 48th Place

Team 98 - Gramsgoneriding

My name is Lynn Webster and I live in Monroe, Washington. I have two horses, one is Sophie (19), Morgan/Quarter Horse and Bizy Bee (11), Quarter Horse. I love riding my horses on trails with good friends. The mares and I have done CMO's, prize rides, obstacle clinics, endurance rides, gaming, barrels and horse camping just to name a few.
In 2013 I started keeping track of my miles because of my friend and riding partner, Connie Hoge, that joined the Distance Derby last January. I was surprised that I rode over 1100 miles which was split between the two girls.
I am not sure what is in store for me this year, but if I know Connie she will have me out there doing lots of miles.
A nice trail ride for us is at least 20 miles!

Team 101 - Shadow n'Takoda

My name is Andrea Hurn.  I have two horses and I love to ride the trails. I'm a endurance rider in the PNW and I am coming off some injuries and looking forward to some fabulous riding this year. My horses are Shadow (grade quarter horse) and Takoda (appaloosa/Mustang). Hope to see some of you or on the trail.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Team 97 - WildHorse

Hello fellow distance riders!  My name is Amy Durga and I will be riding my Missouri Foxtrotter “Kate” and my Standardbred “Whiskey” this year.  I have been trail riding for many years around the beautiful PNW - everywhere from the ocean, to the rain forest, to the backcountry.  Now I am loving the sport of Endurance Riding and I think this Distance Derby sounds like a fun way to keep track of all those conditioning miles! 

Team 105 - Hidden Acres

My team is myself, Susan Bouck and my boy, Sam. I have other horses I may ride from time to time,  but Sam is my favorite partner. We live in Whitehall in West Michigan at a small hobby farm we call Hidden Acres. Sam is a Tennessee Walker and trail riding is what we do. I'm hoping that joining the Derby will be incentive to get us out on the trails, riding with friends and exploring new locations even more! Happy and safe trails ya'll. Giddy up!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Team 110 - Ponderosa

My name is Karen May.  
We have a small farm called Cannon Acres in West Michigan.   I grew up with horses but after I left home did not get another horse for over 25 years.  I have a young Arab/Pinto named Lil Joe (a very cool story about how I ended up buying this horse a long story but a very cool story).  Lil Joe is young but has come a long long way since I got him.  This will be the first year I will exclusively ride Lil Joe and track his miles.  Thank you for the encouragement. 

Team 93 - Babiegirl

My name is Grace Pumel, both my horse Babe and I are 14 years old. My dad bought her for my older brother May 2013 but he didn't care for her so dad gave her to me. She was very stubborn at first but with love and time we grew to be like sisters. Babe is a beautiful Strawberry Roan Mare. She needs to be with her boyfriend Max or she gets antsy. Good thing we always go everywhere together. I ride with my sister Ava. We hope to ride 500 miles this year.

Team 108 - Peace and Joy

Hello, my name is Stephanie Laird and my horse is Condada, a beautiful 18 year old Arab bay gelding. He and I have been a team since 2008 and we mainly just pleasure ride but have done several ride-a-thons, a judged trail ride fund raiser, the cancer ride at Silver Creek, and my favorite pain/fun inducer: endurance Riding. It's a love hate thing, I love the other competitors and both Condada and I love the actual competition, it's the price and the early morning stuff that hurts, oh and of course it's painful for me if I don't condition myself enough but I have found a balance that fits my budget.  My team name is pretty simple, riding brings me peace, because I love being with my horse and joy is what I feel during and after a ride.  It helps me decompress from work and life:-) and being in creation deepens my relationship with God.

Team 89 - Maxed Out

 I am an 18 year old and my horse is a Paint  Quarter-horse named Maximus. I bought Max in April 2013. He is an 9 year old bay color gelding.  This picture was taken at the 2013 Trail challenge at Branched Oaks in Lincoln, NE. We won first place in our division.  We ride wherever we can: in town, along the highways, dirt roads, trails, parades, arenas, fun days, anywhere:)   My goal for this year is 500 miles.  

Team 107 - Annakate

Kenny Weber lives in south-central Texas with wife Bobbie Joe (Team 106), nine horses, two cats, one dog and assorted farm animals. 

His current main ride is a Morgan named Annakate and an Arabian named Rushcreek Caribou. 

Already in the habit of using a GPS on every ride, Kenny looks forward to this new virtual adventure and salutes all those who participated last year and are back in the saddle for another season!

Team 106 - All That Jazz *

Bobbie Jo Lieberman-Weber lives in south-central Texas with her husband Kenny, nine horses, two cats, one dog and assorted farm animals. 

 She’s ridden endurance for over 30 years and also enjoys being a ride photographer. As Managing Editor of trailBLAZER magazine, she loves bringing the latest advances in nutrition, hoof care, saddle fit, conditioning, horse camping and more to a national audience of recreational and competitive trail riders.

Her current main ride is Jazz (Dancers Southern Princess), a 7-year-old Tennessee Walker mare. She also rides a Morgan named Annakate and an Arabian named Rushcreek Caribou. 

Already in the habit of using a GPS on every ride, Bobbie Jo looks forward to this new virtual adventure and salutes all those who participated last year and are back in the saddle for another season!
2013 / 462.15 Miles / 38th Place