Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 73 - Maiwald **

Hi All!  This will be my 3rd year in the Derby!  I love to keep track of all the miles I ride and look back over the last two years.  I mainly ride TWH - a Big bay mare named Aksarbens Sangria Tini - Tini for short. She will be 5 in June. Domino is a black and white TWH and my former CTR partner.  He has been a horse in a life time for me.  Many miles and much fun.  He will be 22 or 23 this year.   Bubba is my big 3/4 Arab/paint cross and is a beautiful horse.  The horse of dreams--- 20 years or so ago!  Hope to get him out more this year.  Going to do a dream ride at Shawnee National Forrest with some other DD riders this coming summer.  We have been to Fort Rob and Black Hills so going someplace new.  I'll set that 500 mile mark for my goal AGAIN this year!  Love trail riding and camping with friends and my grandson. Just bought a new trailer so anxious to use it!

2012 / 466.26 miles / 26th Place
2013 / 432.02 Miles / 42nd Place


  1. First ride of 2014! Fellow DD rider Julia Mruz came over and we took the horses over to Cunningham on this beautiful 50 degree January day. Was the maiden trip for the trailer! She helped me back it into my tight driveway and I was soooooooooo happy we got that done!

    6.10 miles

  2. Great ride on Sunday Jan 19 with 60+ degrees in Iowa! Heather S came over and we rode Bubba and Tini in the arena and around the big field.
    2.96 miles
    9.06 YTD

  3. Rode Tini in the arena and worked on transitions and manners! Did great.
    2 miles
    11.06 YTD total

  4. Quick 2 miles tonight after work. Did a day clinic a week or so ago, but didn't even put gps on as it was inside and I was to cold to think.!

    13.06 ytd total yeehaw

  5. Finally a nice day. Got to 71 - the mud and the wind were in full force.
    3 miles on Tini up and down the road... no place safe to ride here.
    16.06 YTD total.

  6. 73 and no wind, got a ride in after work. Tini and Domino 4.82 miles.
    20.88 ytd

  7. Sure would have liked to have gotten more miles in but 2.12 is all I could do!
    23 YTD

  8. 4.62 tonight on Domino on the wooded trails North side. Love that place!
    27.62 YTD total

  9. 2.87 on Tini Tonight

    30.49 YTD

  10. Wow two beautiful nights in a row. 66 tonight and no wind.. Rode Tini 2.45 tonight for a total of:

    32.94 ytd

  11. 5.25 at Lake Cunningham in the WIND! Rode Tini and met Shari Stone there for an afternoon of fun, before the cold comes back in tonight!

    38.19 YTD total.

  12. 17.88 miles at Pierce Creek on my first camp out with the new trailer. Started out at 77 degrees and dropped to 25 overnight with horrible winds. Survived the trailer rocking and loved the furnace. Great ride with Jo and Linda. Decided the colder temps today with no wind was much better.

    56.07 YTD I think!

  13. 5.20 today on Tini! Welcome Spring! Hope to add more miles after work this week with the promise of springlike weather.

    61.27 YTD total.

  14. beautiful evening no wind!!! Rode Domino down to the pond and watched the geese and ducks swimming. So Peaceful.
    3.01 miles
    64.28 YTD

  15. Slow but sure I keep adding a few here and there!
    4 miles on Tini yesterday then a bath and hair conditioning. 84 degrees and today the temp is dropping with wind and 40's.... Got to love Iowa weather!
    68.28 ytd miles!

  16. Beautiful Spring morning.
    6.18 miles on Tini
    74.46 YTD

    Happy Easter everone!

  17. 3.21miles tonight on Domino
    77.67 YTD

  18. 8.06 Miles today at Two Rivers. Great time with friends! Fun day!


  19. spent the weekend volunteering at Perry Lake CTR ride. So wanted to ride!

    2.38miles last night on Tini
    88.11 ytd

  20. Posting for Sue 2.58 miles = 98.02

  21. Posting for Sue. 2.01 miles= 100.03 miles! Congrats Sue :-)

  22. missing the 6.24 from Sunday morning.

    106.27 miles ytd

  23. great weekend at Turkey Creek with Colton Maiwald. Got a little hot and humid, but we had an awesome time. He rode Bubba all weekend and thetwo were quite a team. Both learned tons. Tini of course was a Rock Star!
    125.69 YTD

  24. Wonderful week of riding at Shawnee National Forrest in Southern Ill. Beautiful scenary, challenging trails, lots of rain and mud and rock, heat and humidity! Loved most of the riding and Tini was a really good girl! She didn't care for the bogs and neither did I but we survived.
    57.77 Miles
    183.46 YTD

  25. Took the ole man for a ride tonight. Went down by the pond and saw all the down trees. So sad those trees had to be very old and they were snapped like toothpicks. Rode past an old barn that used to be and it isnothing but a heap of debris... Such destruction.
    3.41 miles
    186.87 ytd

  26. 7.02 at Turkey Creek this weekend. Would have been more but the deluge of rain, heat and humidity put a damper on my desire to ride!

    193.89 YTD

  27. 5.25 this beautiful morning. Sun poked its head out for awhile and cool breeze. Lots of road traffic and a skunk to deal with. I will break that 200 mark this weekend even if I have to break out the frog togs....

    199.14 YTD

  28. 3.33 miles tonight on Domino - enjoying the very cool temps riding around the ponds and through the vineyard.

    202.47 YTD

  29. 7.67 riding this weekend with Colton on Bubba and me on Tini!
    Taking advantage of the cool weather.

    210.14 YTD maybe more tomorrow if I get up before the heat and humidity!

  30. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  31. 2.39 on this beautiful evening. Riding Domino looking for a lost spur....

    212.53 ytd

  32. 8.02 miles at Cunningham this morning riding with Sherry Stone, Bill and Jackie and Vern. Beautiful morning for a wonderful ride.

    220.55 YTD

  33. Beautiful night to ride - feels like fall rather than July!
    2.27 miles on Bubba. HOpe to camp and ride this weekend!

    222.82 YTD

  34. 13.67 miles at Branched Oak this weekend with Colton on Bubba, Kristy on Wolfie and me on Tini. First camping trip of this year that we were NOT rained on!!! Good company, fun trails, beautiful lake and overall great weekend!

    236.49 YTD

  35. 2.61 on this warm sticky evening. Came home and gave Tini the spa treatment which she LOVED! Ooohh she smelled so good and looked so pretty!

    239.10 YTD

  36. What a great weekend riding/camping at Turkey Creek.
    15.60 miles
    254.70 ytd

  37. Beautiful night after a rainy weekend. Only 2 miles but I loved every minute of it!

    256.70 YTD

  38. 2.77 tonight on Tini! BEautiful night! Wish I had someone to ride with...

    259.47 ytd

  39. 2.37 on Bubba this beautiful night! He was Perrrrrrrrfect!

    261.84 YTD

  40. Hot ride this afternoon at Cunningham lake with friends! Very pretty day and wonderful ride. Last time I went there my truck took 1/2 tank of gas. This time barely off F with Pittley. Love the diesel Truck!
    7.88 today.
    269.72 ytd

  41. Another weekend where the camping plans were ruined.... thats 3 in a row! Rode around home today on Domino.
    274.84 YTD

  42. Normally this would have been a big trail riding/camping weekend for me but not this year. Rains ruined plans and I had very little time with getting ready for a big trip to Hawaii. Di sneak in a quick ride between must do's this afternoon on my favorite Bay TWH Tini.

  43. two weeks without riding, ugg! But I was in Hawaii! Still missed riding though.
    3.01 quick miles tonight on Tini between the many chores to do after being gone so long.

    280.62 YtD

  44. 13.24 miles at Turkey Creek this past weekend riding Tini!Weather was fall perfect and the trails dried nicely by Sunday. Looks like I will make the 300 mark by years end anyway!
    293.86 YTD

  45. 4.02 on Tini tonight. Loved watching the sunset!

    297.88 ytd....

  46. Nice cool weekend at Turkey Creek.Trails were perfect and I loved the temps too! Nice to have a roaring campfire and talk with friends!
    15.60 miles for the weekend and over the 300 mark!

    313.48 ytd

  47. Great Halloween rides at Turkey Creek. Tini was awesome as usual. Domino met up with his new best friend- a little 6 year old riding dynamo that absolutely loved Domino. I was hoping Domino would go to my 6 year old grandson, but that won't happen with his disabilites. Finding this little guy who just beamed and rode all over TC made my heart warm and my eyes moist!!! So many friends, so many memories, life is good.

    23.87 miles
    337.35 ytd

  48. Awesome weekend at Indian Caves State Park! The fall colors were beautiful and the weather perfect. Caught up with old friends and made some new ones too. Tini was awesome as usual. Enjoyed campfire and "drive-in" movie with Dave and Maggie Spilker! Oh, so much fun! Haunted campgrounds, good friends and fantastic trails!

    17.75 miles this weekend
    355.10 YTD

  49. 5.60 miles at Arrowhead today. Another beautiful fall weekend! Met Peggy and Megan. Tini was not fond of the two horse... Crunching leaves and lots of geese on the little lake.


  50. 2.48 miles on Bubba yesterday. Think he is going to Kip Fladland clinic next weekend.
    363.18 YTD Miles

  51. 13.47 miles this weekend! Great to be riding all weekend! First at Kips clinic and yes Bubba went and was fantastic! Just what the two of needed! Met up with Jo and Linda today and rode Cunningham on Tini. Hopped on Bubba when I got home for just few more. Supposed to turn darn cold this week ug!
    376.65 YTD

  52. 5.31 miles today on Tini and Bubba. Just worked in the arena, lots of ground work, then circles, bends and transitions. Bubba was good and Tini was a BRAT!
    381.96 YTD

  53. 9.41 Miles at Pawnee with Linda and Jo. 5 Miles today at Arrowhead with Amy, Robert and Linda. Wonderful, fantastic weather!

    396.37 YTD should have rode 4 more miles and gotten to the 400 mark! Tomorrow is a Western Dressage lesson so a few more miles.

  54. Cold day today ...50+ degree change from yesterday. Took a Western Dressage lesson on Bubba in Lincon. was 13 degrees when we left home with Heather and her horse in tow. I clicked on my GPS not knowing if it would work in that arena or not. Got done and it registered 3.87 miles. Gets me over the 400 mark just barely!
    400.24 YTD

  55. few more miles playing in the Arena and practicing things learned at last weeks clinic. 3.88 miles

    404.12 YTD

  56. Congrats on getting over 400 miles :-)