Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 28 - Eileen's Chance

Hi, Eileen Reilich here. I am an Endurance rider in the Pacific Northwest. My job that pays for that addiction, ahem, sport is being an Associate Professor of Education. I am 4.36 years from retirement and I LOVE TO RIDE


  1. Welcome to the Derby Eileen! Hopefully we can gather some miles together!

  2. Hey Connie, you are the reason I am here, yes, Let's RIDE!

    Jan 1, 2014
    Miles: 8.84 miles
    Miles to Date: 8.84
    Fun getting lost at Vi Stickley's Ranch outside Shelton
    on Chancey with Lynn and Kitty

  4. Jan 5, 2014
    Miles 11.05 miles
    2:24 hours
    Miles to Date: 19.89
    Scattercreek Wildlife Refuge Recon
    With Amy/Whiskey and Ann/Indy

  5. Jan 14, 2014
    Ride one pony the other; count the miles once :-)
    Lovely, Balmy weather.. perfect for ridin and exploring roads we had not gone down before ( njoy the map)
    Kennedy Creek-dodging loggin trucks; we heard chain saws and heard the *WHUMP* of trees fallin.... wheee
    1:52 hours
    Miles: 9.58 miles
    Miles to Date: 29.47 miles

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  7. You are sure racking up the miles can't wait to ride with you soon

  8. Funny Ride today-- arena and riding around 5 acres where I board my horses
    Rode both horses --who knew that arena work and riding around the homestead doing circles around cedar trees could actually add up! wow!
    Miles 6.42 miles
    Miles to Date: 35.89

  9. Ok, Data--- 1 45minute dressage lesson= about 2miles :-)
    My friend had two lessons and got about 4 miles, so that fits

    us crazy horsey girls want to learn how to ride our horses in the arena so that the garmin track looks like our names! GO! DO IT! :-) we are all so easily amused!

    Miles: 2.07
    Miles to Date: 37.96

    Amy and Whiskey join us for a conditioning ride doing some HILL work.. fin to see the elevation changes on the GPS track, we never, however, broke through the fog and we got a little LOST.... Fog is so disorienting!
    Miles: 15.07
    Miles to Date: 53.03

  11. I have redheaded arab mare named Bella Dancer who is *lame*. She was diagnosed with OCD in both stifles after being pulled at mile 45 on a 50 mile ride-- we then underwent stifle debridement, recovery, rehab, and reconditioning. She is still lame on that left hind... AAEP scale 1.5/5 straightaway and circle to the left with left on the inside and 2/5 in a circle with the left on the outside. I condition her at the canter and gallop more than the trot... BUT! My vet says * Bella will tell you when she is ready to slow down* and you know what folks? This girly has a LOTTA go in her still She does CMO, Trail rides, etc. and has heart rate recoveries to die for as well as being one of THE MOST forward, hard working horse I have ever riddde. She loves to go.... so you know what? WE GO.
    Jan 21, 2014
    Miles: 3.87
    Miles to Date: 56.09

  12. What a beautiful day! January and balmy and sunny--- just had to go play with the horses!
    Longed Chancey ( did not count those miles as I was on the ground)
    then rode Bella around the property again, she is doing well ...
    Jan 23, 2014
    Miles 4.17
    Miles to Date: 60.26
    Amazing that rides around the property can add up to some MILES! wow

  13. Ok? that's more, so I take your number... :-) thanks for cking on me
    I will start from that # now.

  14. Sunday Jan 26 2014
    home from the PNER Convention! Rode Bella ( counted those miles) and longed Chancey.... did NOT count those miles but at least I worked both ponies after a weekend off.
    Miles: 1.97
    Miles to Date: 61.07+1.97=63.04

  15. January 30, 2014
    Dressage Homework to the left and right with Chancey Pants
    Miles 1.24, about 50 times around the arena :-)
    Miles to Date: 63.04+1.24=64.28 miles

  16. Feb 1, 2014
    4 miles of dressage-- dozens and dozens of circles.
    BUT, we cantered very prettily-- more prettily than I expected... yay!
    and * the crowd goes wild*.... as my instructor so kindly said... :-) yeah..
    we stayed round and collected for a maximum of half a circle each time, about... yay! it is progress!
    Miles: 4.14 ( about 2.07 mi per lesson 45 min long)
    Miles to Date: 64.28+4.14= 68.42 miles

  17. Feb 2, 2014
    Grrrr... my gadget did not upload like it should, this makes me crazy
    Amy, Whiskey, Chancey and Bella and I had a lovely ride
    Miles=12.63 in 2.06 hours
    Miles to Date= 68.42+12.63=81.05 miles, yeah

  18. Feb 7, 2014 Brrrrrrr, 27* warmed up to a balmy 32* my friend Ann says
    * it feels WARM* lol but the frozen puddles are NOT thawing!
    No bad weather, just bad clothing choices*
    Miles: 11.52 miles
    Miles to Date: 81.05+11.52=92.57

  19. Feb 8, 2014
    Double Dressage lessons--- wheee-- round and round and round and round and change direction and leg yield and turn on the forehand and some more trot and canter in both directions-- I work so much harder in one dressage lesson than I do riding 10 miles, how weird and wild is that?
    Miles: 4 miles
    Miles to Date: 92.57+4=96.57 miles

  20. Bella and I worked on dressage homework and it was a pleasure
    Feb 10, 2014
    Miles: 2.06
    Miles to Date: 96.57+2.06=98.63
    Go Bella!

  21. Doin our Dressage HW-- it is not as pretty as when we do it with Missy my instructor at a lesson, wonder what is different? is my indoor arena just too small? I get so confined feeling, nowhere to go... maybe I need to trailer somewhere else to ride in a bigger arena and try that...?
    Feb 11, 2014 my reward for doing school work in the morning
    Miles: 2.57 miles
    Miles to Date 98.63+2.57=101.2

  22. Afternoon home from work-- rode both horses. Dunno what that last half mile is... weird, that. REAT work out for both Bel and Chance!
    Feb 13, 2014
    Miles: 6miles
    Miles to Date:101.2+6=107.2

  23. 3 lessons: 2 on Chance, 1 on Bella yay! 2.07 miles per lesson; man did we all work hard, Chancey pinned his ears and Bella and a frown on her face....
    we all worked VERY HARD; I am exhausted!
    Feb 15, 2014 Miles=6.21miles
    Miles to Date: 107.2+6.21=113.41

  24. Hahahahahaah Arena work went mostly OK.
    yeah, the first 1.4 miles? IDK what that is... I did not fly across the street and back again. the two blips, one at 2mi and one at 4mi the one at 2mi was an upsy daisy capriole -like spook jump w/o the hind leg kick out... spook as ONLY my Chancey can do... the 4mi blip was him shaking vigorously.. Sometimes? Garmins just are Whack!
    Feb 18 2014 Miles: 2.63
    Miles to Date 113.41+2.63=116.04

  25. Arena work, two different arenas--- workin on dressage...
    tomorrow is trails work!
    Feb 21, 2014
    Miles: 2.71
    Miles to Date 116.04+2.71=118.75

  26. Feb 22, 2014 Mossyrock Horse n Riders Club organized prize ride.
    They *said* it was 8 miles; LOL :-)
    We clocked 6.9 Miles
    Miles to Date 118.75+6.9=125.65 miles

  27. Hella Bella arena work while the rain came down in sheets, at least it was straight down today and not sideways!
    Feb 24, 2014 Miles=2.68
    Miles to Date 125.65+2.68=128.33
    Miles to Date

  28. Ah HA! figured out how to separate tracks on the Garmin-- if you hit reset, it starts over with a new track! yay!
    Feb 25, 2014 Miles doing dressage work w Chancey 3.42
    Miles to Date 128.33+3.42=131.75

  29. This ride is called * let's avoid the logging trucks because I am riding one horse and ponying the other-- best to just avoid the issues.
    Feb 26, 2014 Miles 9.99 :-) I know, right?
    Miles to Date 131.75+9.99=141.74

  30. Chancey on the Wishkah
    Horse Therapy time with a friend who just had a family member die :-(
    Feb 28, 2014
    Miles: 12.98
    Miles to Date 141.74+12.98=154.72

  31. March 1, 2014
    Scattercreek Wildlife Area CMO ( Competetive Mounted Orienteering){ using compasses to hunt paper plates in the woods)
    Bella Dancer ROCKED it
    Miles: 16.05
    Miles to date 154.72+16.05=170.77 miles

  32. Yay, back from spring break and AERC convention and a visit to mom in CA
    Miles today March 18=14.41 miles
    Miles to date: 170.77+14.41=185.18
    heading to HOTR-- Home on the Range endurance ride Apr 5,
    Gotta get the conditioning IN! :-)

  33. March 23, 2014
    15.47 miles
    Miles to Date 185.18+15.47 miles=200.65
    yay, sunshine!

  34. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  35. Thank YOU Diane--- been working on it!
    Today's ride was WET! WET WET!
    March 30, 2014 last conditioning ride before competition next Saturday
    15 miles--using my friends' track because my garmin bit the dust but my cell phone G'Zone said 15 miles
    Miles 15 miles
    Miles to Date: 200.65+15=215.65

  36. First endurance ride of the season, Eastern Washington-- Home on the Range
    Apr 5, 2015 24.46 miles using map my hike because my garmin went brain dead and is being replaced!
    Miles to date: 215.65+24.46=240.11

  37. Almost forgot! dressage lesson Wed April 2 which is exactly 7 days ago yeah?
    Miles: 2.01 miles
    Miles to date: 240.11+2.01=242.12

  38. awesome conditioning ride at Grayland Beach coast of Washington state
    Miles 17.41
    Miles to Date 242.12+17.41=25953

  39. oops, sorry-- Miles to Date as of April 13, 2014 are 259.53

  40. April 16 Dressage lesson miles=1.88
    April 18 conditioning ride at Koopman Farm=11.63 miles
    Mile to Date=259.53+1.88+11.63=273.04 miles woo hoo 300 here we come!

  41. Hills and Distance Conditioning at Kennedy Creek riding area
    everything went well until 15.87 miles when I hopped off to walk down a STEEP hill and saw that one hind shoe was only half on/off- Dang i!
    So, I rode 15.87 miles and walked the rest.
    Miles April 20 2014=15.87
    Miles to date= 273.04+15.87=288.91 Miles

  42. April 23, 2014 Wednesday dressage lesson 2.01 miles
    April 24, 2014 Thursday conditioning ride 14.19 miles
    Miles to date=288.91+2.01+14.19=305.11 miles
    Three Hundred Wooo HOOOOO!

  43. sorry, forgot track of today's ride

  44. Congrats on getting over the 300 mile mark!

  45. Thank YOU!!!!!!!! workin on 400 next!
    April 28, 2014 Miles=12.14 miles
    Miles to Date: 305.11+12.14=317.23miles

  46. April 30 Dressage lesson=2.05 miles
    May 1 Capitol Forest opens up-- heaven on earth for riding=10.56miles
    Miles to date=317.23+2.05+10.56=329.84

  47. Miles May 4th, 2014 Happy Star Wars Day!=12.13
    Miles to Date=329.84+12.13=341.97

  48. May 7th Dressage lesson 2.05 miles
    May 11 walking stretchy ride=10.25 miles

    Miles to Date: 341.97+2.05+10.25=354.27

  49. Test Ride Bella ( is she or is she not lame on the right front?!!!)
    Miles =10.43
    Miles to date= 354.27+10.43=364.70 miles

  50. Miles May 17th--- partially completed the Mt Adams 55 miler
    Miles: 29.43
    Miles to Date=364.7+29.43=394.14
    almost to 400--
    my next rides are still gonna be miles, bu LAZY miles, very likely

  51. Long slow distance-- and a saddle trial VSD Summit by Reactor Panel
    LOVE IT!
    Miles =11.91
    Miles to Date=394.14+11.91=406.05
    Yay! broke 400!

  52. Congrats on getting over 400 miles :-)

  53. Thank you Diane, that means a LOT to me-- onward to 500 miles!
    Bella trial ride-- is she or is she not lame? :-)
    Miles= 10.3
    Miles to Date=406.05+10.3=416.35

  54. Miles-- ugh, forgot to turn my Garmin on after the HR monitor was set, my riding bud had one though and has the track
    Miles=13.84 at speed
    Chancey had a 60/64 CRI and at 15 min was at 44bpm!
    Miles to Date=416.35+13.84=430.19
    headin towards 500!
    go Chancey and Bella!

  55. June 1 Miles: 9.43 miles Chancey and Bella!
    Miles to Date: 430.19+9.43=439.62

  56. June 4 Miles dressage lesson 2.05 miles
    June 6 conditioning ride =21.68 miles
    Miles to Date=439.62+2.05+21.68=463.35miles

  57. Miles Jun 11=dressage lesson 2.16miles
    Miles Jun 14=7.83+2.91 ( morning and afternoon ride on the beach)
    Miles June 15=1.85 ( my friend did almost twice as many as she needed to school her horse) LOL.
    Miles to date=463.35+2.16+7.83+2.91+1.85=478.1 miles
    ( no more miles for awhile, crushed my foot :-( ) soon, I hope!

  58. No miles too small!
    Miles=2.82 first ride since foot injury, back in the saddle again! yay!

    Miles to Date=478.1+2.82=480.92 yeah! arm pump!

  59. Miles 4.79
    Miles to Date 480.92+4.79=485.71
    wahoooo, 500 here we come, injury and all! DD is what keeps me GOING!

  60. Miles=6.82
    Miles to date=485.71+6.82=492.53

  61. Miles=6.65 miles
    Miles to Date=492.53+6.65=499.18
    Oh man... almost 500! LOL

  62. Why oh Why did I forget to log my lesson miles?
    Dressage lesson July 2= 2.46 miles even with bad foot ( mine, not horse's, Chancey is 150% sound!) LOL.
    499.18+2.02 miles=501.2miles, broke 500!!!! yayeeee!

  63. Congrats on getting over 500 miles :-)

  64. Thank you!
    miles to date=501.2+4.04=505.24

  65. Miles Dressage lesson, mostly on the ground but got .5 mile trotting in a circle this evening....LOL... they all count, even partial miles.... sigh.

    Miles to Date: 505.24+.5=505.74

  66. Miles= 10.85
    ON THE BEACH! at the KITE FESTIVAL! LOL, but, no wind, so very sad Kite Festival
    Miles to Date=505.74+10.85=516.85
    Yeah! foot no worse after ride.

  67. Tuesday first ride alone after foot injury and Wednesday dressage lesson.
    Miles= 9.31 miles

    Miles to Date=516.85+9.31=526.16

  68. First full 4 hour ride post injury and it went well.
    Miles to Date 526.16+13.88=540.04
    600 here we come!

  69. Miles=12.41
    Miles to Date 540.04+12.41=552.45

  70. Miles=8.42
    Miles to Date 552.45+8.42=560.87

  71. Miles=29.64 over the weekend at Bare Bones endurance ride
    Miles to Date=560.87+29.64=590.51
    Yeah! 600 miles here we come!

  72. Miles =14.7
    Miles to Date
    Yeah! 600 miles! awesome

  73. congrats on getting over 600 miles :-)

  74. THANK YOU!!!
    Dressage miles=2.04 miles Wednesday Aug 13
    Miles to Date=605.21+2.04=607.25 miles

  75. Awesome conditioning ride
    Miles Aug 17 16.29
    Miles to date: 607.25+16.29+623.54

    623.54+8.55=632.09 miles to date
    gettin ready for a ride mid sept

  77. Miles Aug 30=14.66
    Miles to Date=632.09+14.66=646.75

  78. Miles 8/28 Dressage lesson=2.06 miles
    Miles 8/31=14.47miles
    Miles to Date=646.75+2.06+14.47=663.28

  79. Miles =18.93 CMO, hunting paper plates in Cap Forest!
    Miles to date=663.28+18.93=682.21

  80. Miles=8.93
    Miles to Date= 682.21+8.93=691.14

  81. Miles=9.17
    Miles to Date=691.14+9.17=700.31 miles, woo HOO! 700! lol

  82. Congrats on getting over 700 miles :-)

  83. Thank you!
    800 here we come!
    Miles=3.05 miles-- dressage work in the arena
    Miles to Date 700.31+3.05=703.36 miles

  84. Miles=17.25
    Miles to date= 703.36+17.25=720.61

  85. Miles ( trail) today =5.02miles
    Miles a day ago dressage work in the arena=3.25 miles
    Miles to Date= 720.61+3.25+5.02=728.88 miles
    Here's hoping that I will have 50 (more) miles under my belt as of Sat Oct 4!

  86. Miles Oct 3=5.03 miles pre-ride after vetting in
    Miles Oct 4 Jubilee Endurance ride= 50 miles woo HOO, we made it! LOL
    Miles to date= 728.88+55.03=783.91 miles! yeah!

  87. Miles=9.3 a nice fall amble; shroom huntin'
    Miles to Date 783.91+9.3 miles=793.21
    I feel sure that by next weekend I will be in the 800 range!

  88. Miles= 11.25
    Miles to Date 793.21+=804.46
    over 800 woo HOO!

  89. Congrats on getting over 800 miles :-)

  90. Thank you!
    Miles today dressage lesson plus some time on the trails afterwards: 5.84 miles
    Miles to Date=804.46+5.84=810.30

  91. Miles Nov 8 Beach Ride+13.23 miles
    Miles to Date= 810.30+13.23=823.53 miles

  92. Marking trails at Kennedy Creek=9.95 miles Nov 9
    Miles to date 823.53+9.95 miles=833.48

  93. veteran's day miles Nov 11=5.35
    miles to date=5.35+833.48=838.83

  94. Miles Nov 15= 11.61
    miles to date=838.83+11.61=850.44 Miles

  95. Miles Nov 16 brrr COLD= 9.84
    Miles to Date=850.44+9.84=860.28

  96. Miles dressage lesson=2.25 around and around and around midst thunder and lightning...

    Miles to date=860.28+2.25=862.53

  97. Miles for Monday trying the S-hackamore out for the first time=.5 miles
    Miles to date=862.53+.5=863.05 miles

  98. Miles, frozen, clear, beautiful, slowing down for the winter Nov 29=9.65miles
    Miles to date=863.05+9.65=872.70
    maybe I will hit 900 miles by Dec 31? hope so!

  99. Miles Nov 30=3.13 dressage and a walk on the trails of GWS
    Miles to Date=875.83

  100. Miles Dec 6=11.15 miles
    Miles to Date 875.83+11.15=886.98 miles
    I really should be able to get 4 more miles in prior to Dec 31!

  101. Miles=8.24mi
    Miles to Date 886.98 +8.24=895.22 miles

  102. Cato and I do the PVT 2 days in a row
    Dec 17 6.78 mi
    Dec 18 8.22 mi
    Miles to date= 895.22+6.78+8.22=910.220
    Yeah, 900! yeah...
    all frosting after that!

  103. Miles done in the rain and sun 11.61miles
    Miles to date= 910.22+11.61=921.83 miles

  104. Congrats on getting over 900 miles this year!!