Monday, January 6, 2014

Team 112 - Flying Fortress

HI!  My name is Jala and my main ride is Belle. She is a true Arabian redhead, a chestnut with a flaxen mane and the personality to match.  She is fairly new to me, so I plan on putting most of my miles on her.  She started her endurance career last year mid summer and has truly surprised me with how much she loves it.  She still has a lot to learn as do I, but the only way to gain knowledge, confidence and experience is to ride.  I also have two other Arabians, Country, my little grey rescue and Beauty, technically my husbands horse.  

My first horse (Country) was purchased 4 years ago on a whim while my husband was deployed and I was wasn't working full time.  I spent every day for six months with her.   I don't regret any of it.  That one little grey horse has taught me so much about life.  She has taught me to savor the moment, that patience will get you everything you wanted and to live with what you have, not what you want.  Belle is now teaching me to hang on and enjoy the ride while I teach her patience and to savor the moment.  I believe my girls came into my life at just the right moment and for a specific reason.  

I look forward to 2014 and the time I will get with my girls.


  1. Welcome Jala! My husband was in the navy for 25 years. I also purchased a horse to entertain me while he was deployed! :)

    1. HAHA, my husband bought a horse to keep him occupied while I was deployed! He initially thought I was nuts, until he saw how calming they are. Now he's hooked! He may not ride much, but he really loves his baby girl!

    1.5 Hours
    .75 miles
    .75 Total Miles

    Ok, so tracking in an indoor arena might not be accurate, but at least it tracked something LOL. This was a really nice ride after being gone for 2 weeks, really expected her to put on a show, and she was a really good girl!

    1. I should have added the above was on 1/12/2014

  3. 1/13/2014
    4 hrs
    1.42 miles
    2.17 Total Miles

    Intro to ranch roping!!!

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  5. 1/16/2014
    38 Minutes
    .78 Miles
    2.95 Total Miles

    Indoor arena, working shoulder in/outs. She was such a good girl, I had to stop to reward :)

  6. 1/17/2014
    1 hour
    5.02 Total Miles

    Miss Belle is such a good girl and figuring it out!!! We loped tonight with NO crossfire action! Her mind is finally figuring out that it's ok to make a mistake, fix it and move on. I love her!!

  7. 1/18/2013
    1:53 Hrs
    7.55 miles
    12.57 miles

    Took Cid out for a spin. I love that old man.

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  9. 1/19/2014
    Belle - Arena Work/
    42 min
    .14 miles (stupid indoor arena)
    12.71 Total miles

    Worked on flexing. She's getting the hang of it :)
    *I just realized I keep putting the wrong year...ugh)

  10. 1/20/2014
    4:24 hours
    13.87 miles
    26.58 Total Miles

    Felt good to get her out on the trail. She was such a good girl. Practice playing leap frog. Passing and getting passed, on wide roads and single track. She handled it very well. Her down transitions are getting easier also. She's getting her brain and I love it!

  11. 1//20/2014
    Country - Ranch Roping
    1.06 miles
    27.64 total miles

    WE ROPED A COW!!! Pretty dang amazing!!!

  12. 1/22/2014
    Belle - arena
    1:12 hrs
    1.77 miles
    29.41 total miles

  13. 1/26/2014
    3:15 Hrs
    9.64 Miles
    39.05 Total Miles

  14. Miss Belle was good then a turd, and I found out that my GPS really doesn't count all my miles inside the arena LOL. It's all good. Love spending time with my girls!!

    1:51 hrs
    1.78 miles
    40.83 Total Miles

  15. 2/1/2014
    3;30 hrs
    11.86 Miles
    52.69 Total Miles

  16. 2/2/2014
    1:20 hrs
    5.95 Miles
    58.64 Miles

  17. 2/3/2014
    1 hr
    59.03 Total Miles

    Not much I know, but you don't move a whole lot when you are ranch roping, that and the indoor arena just isn't picking up much.

  18. Yeah, indoor arenas don't track miles very well. Been there done that :-)

    1. But every little bit helps :) So I'll keep trying, can't wait for the weather to break to start getting the miles :)

  19. 2/7/2014
    3:15 hours
    9.47 Miles
    68.5 Total Miles

    Was a wonderful ride in the fresh snow!! Got to take the old man out. I so love him!

  20. 2/11/2014
    47 min
    1.59 miles
    70.09 Total Miles
    Indoor with Belle, felt good to get back in the saddle after being snowed in at the house

    32 Min
    0.9 Miles
    70.99 Total Miles
    Put the saddle on Country and worked on the whoa, sassy little pony wants to just go, I think she is finally feeling better. And finally got her to go thru the "gate" (getting ready for the trail course at the schooling show this weekend)

    1:46 Hr
    2.45 Miles
    73.44 Miles
    Hopped on Belle and work in the arena. I had different gears at the lope FINALLY!! She's getting it!! Remeasured and tried a new bit tonight, same type, just different brand, she seemed much happier with it. Nicole came out to play in the arena also. Was a good night

  21. Sure wish I would have tracked my miles while I was at the show, but was so excited I forgot LOL. Baby Belle is out for a little bit, light lounging till her heel heals up. Nothing major, just wanna fix it now before it becomes major. Excited that I get to ride my favorite old man this weekend, and Country should be ready for a ride here soon. She takes a little bit to recover from big days. So here's to riding again soon :)

  22. 2/21/2014
    1 hr
    2.36 Miles
    75.8 Total Miles

    YAY ME! Country was feeling full of spunk, so I saddled her up and took her for a spin. I think she needed that. didn't do much, just mostly walked around the arena and played donkey ball with one of the lesson girls, but still, I love my little Country girl!!

  23. 2/22/2014
    7.08 Miles
    82.88 Miles

    That was a really fun prize ride with the old man!!

  24. 2/23/2014
    2 hrs
    .97 (yah, not quite right, but better than nothing)
    83.85 total miles

    Then hopped on Country for a quick bareback ride
    .5 hr
    1.02 Mile
    84.87 Total Miles

  25. 2/26/2014
    2 hr
    4.46 miles
    89.33 Total Miles

    Someone was a brat in the arena!!

  26. 2/28/2014
    .5 hr
    90.17 Total Miles

    Donkey Ball with the kids!!! That was fun :)

  27. 3/1/2014
    1.21 Hrs
    3.68 miles
    93.85 Total Miles

    Country finally went on a trail ride!!! She did amazing, and was the perfect length for her. She loved it and was soo happy to be out of the arena

    45 min
    1.27 Miles
    95.12 Total Miles

    HA I remembered to turn on my tracker to see how far we went at the schooling show, however only turned it on for one of the three events dang it... all good, little girl did pretty awesome. Took first in the trail classes!! She said, hang on Mom, I got this LOL

  28. 20140312
    Oh, being sick has been no fun! Hopefully will get a ride in this week. I really do hope. At least I have been able to lounge Belle. Trying to keep her somewhat active....

  29. 3/12/2014
    Impromptu trail ride, the weather just called for it!!!
    1:45 hr
    5.93 Miles
    98.05 Miles

  30. Replies
    1. Apparently I can't add LOL. Thank you!!!!

  31. 3/16/2014
    2:15 hrs
    9.91 miles
    110.96 miles

    1:30 hrs
    5.79 miles
    116.75 miles

    Rode Belle then Dancer in the pouring down rain, Belle only second solo ride and she rocked until. The tree on the trail was the only thing that was going to eat her LOL

  32. 3/17/2014
    2 hrs
    10.95 Miles
    127.7 Total Miles
    Belle and Cid Rocking the trails!!

    0.5 hr
    1.19 Miles
    128.89 Total Miles
    Country got a chance to plan in the arena. Such a good girl.

    1 Hr
    2.26 Miles
    131.15 Total Miles
    Belle stretching in the arena

  33. 3/22/2014
    Ran a Mock LD for training.
    Loop1 :
    5 Hrs
    24.82 Miles
    155.97 Total Miles

  34. 3/24/2014
    Ranch Roping, don't move around much but it's time in the saddle :)
    1 hr
    0.66 Miles
    156.63 Total Miles

  35. 3/27/2014
    0.5 hr
    1.16 Miles
    158.13 Total Miles

    Just a little stretching in the arena. She felt good.

  36. 3/28/2014
    0.5 hr
    0.48 Miles
    158.61 Total Miles

    Every little bit counts right :)