Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 11 - Blue's Clues **

My name is Jamie, I live south of Lincoln, Nebraska and have been with this program since the start. Married with 2 kids, finding the time to ride can be a challenge... especially since getting diagnosed with MS 8 years ago and needing to rely on outside help more and more. 

The first member of my team is Clue, who's 21 and I've owned since he was 3.  I've done everything with him from jumping and dressage to moving cattle and showing 4H and open shows... and now pretty much just trail riding.

I got the other member of my team, Cherokee, as a weanling 14 years ago about this time of year (January/February) for my yet unborn daughter. He hasn't been as trained as Clue, but he's a great trail horse.

Last year, Cherokee was still learning to drive, and failed miserably, so the 3rd member of my team is Midnight, a mini/shetland I'd got for my son and had broke to drive last year (my other passion, as I've 'spent some hours' driving draft teams in college and in a couple of my jobs).  Fairly comical, in my opinion, to go from dreaming of owning shires, etc, to owning and driving a mini... though her and her equipment's a lot easier to manage - and cheaper!

I still doubt I'll be logging a lot of miles, but have some hope as long as my daughter (Team Silver Spur) is as excited about doing this as she says.    Looking very much forward to logging some more miles!!

2012 / 200.2 Miles / 43rd Place
2013 / 78.20 Miles / 74th Place


  1. I was just reading through all the bios and I remember you commenting the other day on my post about being from SD> this sounds funny but I used to take jumping lessons at Reinbow stables in SF SD. You wouldn't happen to be the same Jamie that took lessons there and had a nice QH named Clue? You might not be. I used to ride this pinto or paint pony can't remember his name there and a big Thoroughbred horse name Kitten.

  2. OMG, Yes, that's me!! Hmm, trying to put a face with your name - I'll have to go find your bio when I'm online and it's not so late. Buddy was the paint, he was my favorite. :-D Kitten was a rock star I leased for Leif Ericson Y camp before she died after falling down that monster hill behind the barn one winter. Gosh, which instructor did you take lessons with? How cool!!

  3. 1-12-14
    1.49 mi
    1.49 mi YTD

    First ride of the year, whoo-hoo! Got permission to ride the neighbor's 'more flat' field too, and got that checked out for using it to drive in. :-)
    Moving Time: 33:01
    Elapsed Time: 59:28
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 3.8 mph

  4. Jen' started looking just a little, what's your team #?

  5. 1-19-14
    2.21 mi
    3.70 YTD

    Rode the neighbor's land again and worked on Cherokee's listening and waiting for me. And, working on myself more at the trot - my goal is to have a definite, more than a stride or two, canter back on ME again this year... been about 5 years. :-(
    Moving Time: 47:37
    Elapsed Time: 1:01:42
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph
    Max Speed: 5.2 mph

  6. I am team 25. Yes Buddy was his name. I took lessons with Carla I guess it was called Meadowbrook for a while .that is sad to hear about Kitten. I rode there about only a year then I went to a new stable. I had bought a feisty horse named Chief so I rode him sometimes jumping after I got him. remember Clue for some reason because he was such a beautiful QH.whenI started learning to jump you were in some lessons with me. I always rod Buddy or Kitten. There were a couple other girls who took lessons but one moved away and the other one I used to run into at shows.

  7. Oh geez, lol, Skippi was still around then too, wasn't (s)he? I remember doing a lot of jumping on that rat tailed app, loved him though, and Bambi and Buddy. You probably remember Clue's and my bad jumping attempts then too. lol. Still in SF then? Laura, that managed Meadowbrook, built a NICE barn up by Dell Rapids after she left Meadowbrook and Tom changed the name back to Rainbow Stables.

    Kinda recall you... did you partake in any of the jump painting days? :)

  8. 1-24-14 1-26-14
    2.27 mi 2.32 mi
    8.2 mi YTD

    Fri Sun
    Time: 1:02:04 Time: 1:26:00
    Moving Time: 49:04 Moving Time: 52:04
    Elapsed Time: 1:02:04 Elapsed Time: 1:26:00
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 3.7 mph Max Speed: 4.2 mph

  9. 2-14-14
    8.21 YTD

    Silly arenas!

  10. 2-17-14
    2.44 mi
    10.65 mi YTD

    Got my birthday ride in with both my husband and Jayda!
    Time: 1:20:45
    Moving Time: 55:48
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
    Max Speed: 4.7 mph

  11. 3-9-14
    4 mi
    14.65 YTD

    Celebrating Tammy Vasa'a birthday, but Jayda and I rode in the 'out of shape' group with 3 other riders.
    Time: 1:53:26
    Moving Time: 1:16:40
    Avg Moving Speed: 3.0 mph
    Max Speed: 5.0 mph

  12. 3-16-14
    0.51 mi
    15.16 YTD

    Jayda and I got done with our BB gun 4H, came home and saddled up our best 2 horses and cruzed around the pasture quick - listening to the owls and watching the moon rise.

    Moving Time: 11:38
    Elapsed Time: 21:18
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
    Max Speed: 3.4 mph

  13. 3-29-14
    1.83 mi
    16.99 YTD

    Jayda and I cruised a little. Both Clue and Cherokee were off, somewhere else other than the ride, and it was not real pleasant.

    Moving Time: 42:45
    Elapsed Time: 1:07:53
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
    Max Speed: 3.7 mph

  14. 3-30-14
    3.44 mi
    20.43 YTD

    I took Clue to the NECTRA (competitive trail riding) Centered Riding clinic, not because I ever think I'll do something like CTRs anytime (though would if I ever get my stamina up!), but because I wanted to ride with some of my trail friends, work on my riding alignment and because it was 6 miles down the road from me at Jayda's 4H leader's barn. What an awesome day! I learned a little about what I'm doing in the saddle, worked some on Clue's skills (we backed around cones!) and CANTERED for the first time in about 4-6 years. I can't wait to see what other clinic people got for miles because my Garmin kept going in and out of reception, and I'd left it in my saddle bag over the lunch break, and, I don't know if the 21 MPH at the canter is accurate - seems really fast.

    Time: 4:00:04 - Garmin was on about 5+ hours and only recorded 4. :-\
    Moving Time: 1:25:21 - hmm...?
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.4 mph - probably acculturate
    Max Speed: 21.8 mph - wish I had another canter speed on Clue to compare with, maybe I'll send my hubby out with my Garmin on just to get speeds on Clue.

  15. 4-9-14
    3.5 mi
    23.93 YTD

    First ride of the year for our Blue River, Platte River Riders group. There were 6 of us, including Leigh of team Half Assed.
    Elapsed Time: 1:14:19
    Moving time: 0:59:17
    Avg Moving: 3.6 mph

    1. Silly Garmin finally read the tracks!

  16. 4-22-14
    1.23 mi
    25.16 YTD

    Drove my pony at the trainers.
    Moving Time: 33:46
    Elapsed Time: 38:50
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.2 mph
    Max Speed: 4.0 mph

  17. 4-23-14
    .99 mi
    26.15 YTD

    Drove pony again. Had a first for all of us - the single tree the harness hooks to to pull BROKE! Luckily, my husband spent 15 yrs as a carpenter and said it was an 'internal knot' in the wood that would not have been detectable in my cart's construction. He thinks he can replace it. Midnight was startled but stood GREAT while my trainer, Sheila, left with her pony and cart, since we were just getting ready to head out in her fields together. I don't know ANY saddle horses that would stand so good while their buddy left!!

    Time: 47:12
    Moving Time: 26:34
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.2 mph
    Max Speed: 4.6 mph

  18. 4-26-14
    3.14 mi
    29.29 YTD

    Took Midnight to a competitive driving event (CDE) clinic today. First full dressage test (yes, there's driven dressage!), and then I explored the cones and cross country courses, getting a few tips. We did good with the dressage (they had a judge giving us feedback) - I need to 'not be afraid to let her move out' and push her more because I'm 'letting Midnight be lazy'. So, after our test, I opened her up just going around the ring and asked for her to move out - nailed it. :-) Found some boogymen out in the field with the red and white letters, and then an old round bale she hadn't seen before going down the road, but really, she did very well.

    Moving Time: 1:17:04
    Elapsed Time: 1:41:29
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.4 mph
    Max Speed: 5.6 mph

  19. 5-10-14
    1.95 mi
    31.24 YTD

    Needed a ride, that I could record, after I had a hippotherapy lesson/treatment 2 weeks ago - in an indoor arena again, so nothing to record, again. I just took Cherokee down the road, visited with my neighbors, and worked with the scary seed sacks that were sitting on a trailer by a field they were planting. It was nice to just go out and ride with no goals in mind, other than making sure he followed through with what I asked.

    Moving Time: 43:48
    Elapsed Time: 1:15:33
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 4.4 mph

  20. 5-14-14
    3.86 mi
    35.1 YTD

    Rode a Platte River Rider ride tonight with one of my friends. It rained tonight and we had to stay off the main trails, so no one else joined us. We had saddled at home, and the rain started lightly about 3 miles from Hickman and sprinkled on us a while. We waited for it to about stop and only were about 10 min's past the regular 6:30 start time by the time we mounted up. Sun came out and we had a really nice ride, sticking to the roads and the big field.

    Moving Time: 1:29:43
    Elapsed Time: 1:39:48
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
    Max Speed: 3.3 mph

  21. 5-21-14
    3.28 mi
    38.38 YTD

    Did another PRR ride. Man, I need to ride more then once a week!!

    Moving Time: 1:13:53
    Elapsed Time: 1:20:43
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 3.8 mph

  22. 5-28-14
    4.34 mi
    42.72 YTD

    So much for getting a ride in between PRR rides. Oh well, at least I got a longer ride in. Even had my husband join us last night! Had to turn back with my husband and other friend who was riding one of our horses before the leaders, though I was surprised when 2 more riders joined us too.

    Moving Time: 1:32:10
    Elapsed Time: 1:43:23
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph
    Max Speed: 4.1 mph

  23. 6-7-14
    1.27 mi
    43.99 YTD

    Nice little ride down the road with my husband to check out storm damage on the neighbor's places.

    Moving Time: 28:40
    Elapsed Time: 1:08:00
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 5.0 mph

  24. 6-11-14
    4.47 mi
    48.46 YTD

    Platte River Riders ride at Homestead Trail out of Princeton, NE. I'd ridden the multi use (hiking/biking/riding) trail further north, and it's just as nice, but closer to Lincoln so there's more people on it. We saw one biker coming and going, and were passed my one other one. We had two brides to cross in the first mile or so - one is over a road and has chain link fence arched over it, of which the horses weren't too sure about crossing... but Cherokee and I led the way. Second one is a basic, wide, wood fence sided one over a creek. Very nice ride!

    Moving Time: 1:29:55
    Elapsed Time: 1:42:37
    Avg Moving Speed: 3.0 mph
    Max Speed: 8.6 mph

  25. 6-15-14
    .65 mi
    49.11 YTD

    Took Midnight out after having to leave her sit for nearly 2 months because of a lot of different things. I haven't even been able to get her out and lunge that much since bringing her home from the trainer's after the clinic. She appeared to be in a very good place after standing tied while the lot her pen is in was sprayed, so I skipped the lungining and starting harnessing - not even ANY fidgeting. So, we hitched up and drove off. Turned out that I'd forgotten a key part of her hitching (the britching strap through the footman's loop) and I had my husband redo it in the pasture. She stood FINE for the adjustments on each side of the cart. We made 2 trips around our hay field, even past our 'scary' burn pile, which she majorly hesitated on, but pushed past. I think my little girl is ready to head down our gravel road now! Time to outfit her cart for traffic.

    Moving Time: 14:37
    Elapsed Time: 30:37
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 9.3 mph

  26. 7-2-14
    2.83 mi
    51.94 YTD

    Went to a new PRR location at one of our member's land. Gorgeous night, not really any bugs because of our cool weather today and beautiful trails! Honestly, I was a little disappointed to see a little under 3 miles because it seemed like so much more with all of the ins and outs.

    Moving Time: 1:02:03
    Elapsed Time: 1:21:44
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 3.7 mph

  27. 7-6-14
    1.13 mi
    53.07 YTD

    Took the pony out ponying off of Cherokee tonight - just over a mile down the road after some work in the yard. First time down the road with those two together! After we got the kinks worked out on the ground and then riding in the yard, they went pretty good. Not without some snarks at each other, and it's gonna be a while before I have Cody on for a ride with us; but pretty darned good for an 'almost dark when we got home', changing sides for on the way home, going past the cow/calves and meeting two cars kind of ride! (best darn work out for me, too - leaning on my saddle was NOT an option... wasn't realizing how much I'd started doing it.)

    Moving Time: 29:03
    Elapsed Time: 41:59
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.3 mph
    Max Speed: 4.5 mph

  28. 7-8-14
    .76 mi
    53.83 YTD
    Moving Time: 19:22
    Elapsed Time: 31:33
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.3 mph
    Max Speed: 4.3 mph

  29. 7-8-14
    1.05 mi

    Moving Time: 19:22
    Elapsed Time: 1:22:35
    Avg Speed: 0.8 mph
    Avg Moving Speed: 3.3 mph
    Max Speed: 4.3 mph

    Still not all the miles I know were traveled, but look what appeared when I went to download the next day's ride!

  30. 7-9-14
    .36 mi
    55.24 YTD

    My hubby and I headed down to the rec center in hopes that the clouds wouldn't open up that were threatening rain. They did, so we didn't make it very far. Our time reads so long, because we threw the horses in the trailer, then turned the Garmin off after deciding the rain wasn't leaving.
    Moving Time: 7:13
    Elapsed Time: 37:21
    Avg Moving Speed: 3.0 mph
    Max Speed: 5.6 mph

  31. 7-16-14
    6.21 mi
    61.45 YTD

    PRR ride at Bluestem Lake SRA. 7 riders, perfect night for a ride.

    Moving Time: 2:04:55
    Elapsed Time: 2:23:07
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 4.4 mph

  32. 7-23-14
    3.40 mi
    64.85 YTD

    Moving Time: 1:15:46
    Elapsed Time: 1:43:44
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 5.3 mph

  33. 7-29-14
    .48 mi
    65.33 YTD

    Drive my pony after a month off.

    Moving Time: 14:42
    Elapsed Time: 17:00
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.0 mph
    Max Speed: 2.9 mph

  34. 7-30-14
    7.04 mi
    72.37 YTD

    PRR ride at Olive Creek. My Garmin read weird, but I rode with Diane and her Garmin got 7.04 miles.

    Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
    Max Speed: 3.7 mph

  35. 8-3-14
    .59 mi
    72.96 YTD

    Took my 3 yr old out on the cart for the first time. Midnight did really well!

    Moving Time: 15:50
    Elapsed Time: 19:59
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.2 mph
    Max Speed: 4.8 mph

  36. 8-9-14
    2.97 mi
    75.93 YTD

    Moving Time: 55:23
    Elapsed Time: 59:27
    Avg Moving Speed: 3.2 mph
    Max Speed: 8.0 mph

  37. 8-9-14
    5.37 mi
    81.3 YTD

    Gal I worked with several yrs at the camp in SD came down to stay and ride before heading to her triathlon!

    Moving Time: 1:59:26
    Elapsed Time: 2:29:50
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 3.2 mp

  38. 8-13-14
    3.81 mi
    85.11 YTD

    PRR ride with 11 riders - one of my better rides on my 21 y/o Clue!

    Moving Time: 1:21:51
    Elapsed Time: 1:47:33
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph
    Max Speed: 4.4 mph

  39. 8-16-14
    .28 mi
    85.39 YTD

  40. 9-1-14
    0.95 mi
    86.34 YTD

    Went over to a friend's place to ride, and ended up working on training issues as her horses hadn't really been trail ridden/separated much. Had fun though, and got some good reminders in for my own horses.

    Moving Time: 23:09
    Elapsed Time: 1:29:03
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.5 mph
    Max Speed: 3.5 mph

  41. 9-3-14
    3.42 mi
    89.76 YTD

    PRR ride at the fabulous Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, wonderful ride, too.

    Moving Time: 1:10:11
    Elapsed Time: 1:22:16
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.9 mph
    Max Speed: 3.8 mph

  42. 9-10-14
    3.43 mi
    93.19 YTD

    PRR ride at Clatonia Rec Area. Nice ride, but I need to remember to look into when the different hunting seasons start. We had a dove hunter over in the open 2/3 of the park and we had to do circles around in the same area.

    Moving Time: 1:10:53
    Elapsed Time: 1:19:50
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.9 mph
    Max Speed: 3.9 mph

  43. 9-21-14
    3.24 mi
    96.43 YTD

    Moving Time: 1:14:02
    Elapsed Time: 1:44:28
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
    Max Speed: 3.9 mph

  44. 9-24-14
    .96 mi
    97.39 YTD

    First drive with my pony since our FUBAR at the clinic last month. She behaved perfectly! All the lunge work must'of bored her to death. lol

    Moving Time: 21:36
    Elapsed Time: 29:57
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 6.1 mph

  45. 9-28-14
    5.22 mi
    102.61 YTD

    Fun ride at Rock Creek Station!

    Moving Time: 1:54:56
    Elapsed Time: 2:40:21
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 5.5 mph

  46. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)!!!!

  47. 10-2-14
    1.36 mi
    103.97 YTD

    SO, I was just going to pony my pony down the road a quarter mile and back quick. Yeah, sure. Cherokee started off bad, so I took him out and THOUGHT I was getting the right answers that his head was in the game. I'd already worked the pony, so I took off. Went 'OK' for maybe a 100 yards, then Cherokee was done having the pony beside him. We struggled through another 200? yards and turned around. It got worse heading home, THEN a car came up behind us - yeah, that made them both happy. Hubby came down the ditch and took the pony, and I put Cherokee to work fairly hard.

    Moving Time: 31:07
    Elapsed Time: 43:35
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
    Max Speed: 4.6 mph

  48. 10-12-14
    1.90 mi
    105.87 YTD

    Rode the Audubon Center open house (26 people?) with a friend who hasn't ridden for 40 ys, so I gave her Clue, Jayda had Cherokee and I took Nate's Blonzee. Ride started out great... but then the mare saw a boogieman and walked out from under me. First fall off for about 2 yrs. :-( Actually switched with my friend and I finished on Clue and her on Blonzee. Ouch.

    Moving Time: 37:35
    Elapsed Time: 1:10:41
    Avg Moving Speed: 3.0 mph
    Max Speed: 6.9 mph

  49. 10-19-14
    .23 mi

    1.45 mi

    1.68 miles driving the pony
    107.55 YTD

    Moving Time: 41:17
    Elapsed Time: 47:39
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.1 mph
    Max Speed: 5.5 mph

  50. 11-6-14
    1.22 mi
    108.77 YTD

    Drove Midnight in the pasture again :-)

    Moving Time: 36:18
    Elapsed Time: 56:19
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.0 mph
    Max Speed: 5.6 mph

  51. 11-9-14
    1.10 mi
    109.87 YTD

    Drove Midnight in our dry lot, pasture and a little in the bean field :-)

    Moving Time: 31:17
    Elapsed Time: 33:18
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.1 mph
    Max Speed: 5.1 mph

  52. 11-28-14
    1.17 mi

    Been a LONG time since I rode!

    Time: 51:47
    Moving Time: 25:27
    Elapsed Time: 51:47
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph
    Max Speed: 3.5 mph

  53. 11-29-14
    2.73 mi
    113.77 YTD

    Morning ride with my husband and a neighbor!

    Time: 1:16:19
    Moving Time: 53:51
    Elapsed Time: 1:16:19
    Avg Moving Speed: 3.0 mph
    Max Speed: 4.0 mph

  54. 12-12-14
    .65 mi
    114.42 YTD

    First time hitching midnight after expo... and took her out with a passenger.

    Time: 25:24
    Moving Time: 18:03
    Elapsed Time: 25:24
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.2 mph
    Max Speed: 6.2 mph