Monday, January 6, 2014

Team 99 - TrailGaiters

My name is Monique Chaisson and I am in Scottsdale, AZ. I own Tennessee Walking Horses and I am excited to participate in Distance Derby 2014 as it fits perfectly with my own personal mission to positively and proactively encourage gaited horse owners to use their smooth-riding mounts for their original breed purpose -- to cover lots of ground. My grey mare ("Cynder Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya-Ya!", aka Cynder) is unregistered and she is my best horse. We currently do limited distance endurance together, but she has taken me all over Arizona and gotten us through a few hairy situations. She demonstrates the truth in the saying, "You can't ride the papers." My big red gelding ("Skywatch Super Gold", aka Syrah) was a highly-valued Big Lick performance horse prospect in Tennessee, which is meaningless to me. I saved his life (colic surgery and ulcers) and exposed him to cool horse stuff like bare feet, carrots, apples, turn out, and living in a herd and he now gets to be a trail horse. I want to expose him to Competative Trail this year and put him into service as a volunteer ranger horse. My third horse I rescued this past summer ("Rainbow's Midnight Riot", aka Noche). He is 10 and untrained. My goal is to train him and ride him on the trail this year. 


  1. January 10, 2014
    6.11 miles
    To Date: 26.31 miles
    Syrah at Brown's Ranch

  2. January 12, 2014
    16.1 miles
    to date: 42.41

  3. January 13, 2014
    4.3 miles
    to date: 46.71

  4. January, 15 2014
    6.25 miles
    to date: 52.96
    Skywatch Corral Loop, Brown's Ranch

  5. January 16, 2014
    6.25 miles
    to date: 59.21 miles
    Skywatch Corral Loop (again), Brown's Ranch
    Rode with Holly today

  6. Monique, this is Keith Kibler (team 104 Shawnee). We also do endurance on gaited horses. (twhs, mfts, standie cross). I am on the aerc membership committee to help encourage gaited folks. (well, that is what I think my job is. :-) )
    Way to go on using your twhs!. They can certainly go the distance and we have had numerous one do well at 50 miles and one do really well at 100. Way to go! Keith Kibler

  7. Hi Keith! Thanks for saying hello. We are FB friends and I found out about DD2014 from you, so thanks!! I own the TrailGaiters FB page. Good luck on DD and I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  8. 1/18/2014
    3.52 miles on Syrah at Miller Ranch
    62.73 to date

  9. 1/19/2014
    2.32 miles Syrah at Miller Ranch
    65.05 to date

  10. 1/21/2014
    3 miles on Cynder to Happy Valley & Alma School
    68.05 to date

  11. 1/22/2014
    7.0 miles
    75.05 to date
    Cynder around Cholla Mtn and back via Vaquero trail with Anjie and Mark

  12. 1/25/2014
    12.0 miles on Cynder with Shannon
    Whiskey Bottle Trail; Turpentine; 136 Express
    87.05 to date

  13. 1/28/2014
    4.82 miles on Syrah - Maverick and Vaquero Trails
    91.87 miles to date

  14. 1/31/2014
    9.67 miles on Syrah - Tom Thumb Trailhead: Pemberton to Bluff to Granite to Stoneman Wash loop with Annie
    101.54 to date

  15. 2/11/2014
    5.58 miles on Syrah - Brown's Mountain back trail with Bob

    3.5 miles on Syrah - Westworld with Holly and Jolene

    5.76 miles on Syrah - Corral Trail, Brown's Ranch with Robert

    MILES TO DATE: 116.38

  16. 3/10/2014
    5.62 miles on Syrah - Brown's Ranch Latigo, Whiskey Bottle, Powerline trails

    2.29 miles on Syrah - Troon Wash

    MILES TO DATE: 124.29