Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 31 - Dressage Storm

Hello Everyone! 

My name is Jennifer and this is my first Derby thanks to an old Pony Club friend who mentioned this on Facebook.  My family and I just moved to East Texas last summer and I signed up for the Derby to motivate me to get into the saddle, explore our 21 acres and the two National Forests we are sandwiched between.  I have been riding for 27 years and can't imagine never having my own horse.  My passion began 26 years ago when my parents bought me Quisto Quest,  a beautiful 3 year old leopard Appaloosa.  Growing up thru Pony Club we did a little bit of everything: Eventing, Jumpers, Dressage, Trails, Games, even Barrel Racing in an English saddle. Quisto is now 29 years old and is enjoying retirement life. 

I will be riding my two Dressage horses in the Derby for fun this year.  Woodruff Dancer is a Mahogany Bay, 16.1 hh English Shire X TB.  I've had him since he was a yearly and broke him myself.  We've done many a shows together.  Can't wait to hit the trails with him this year.

I will also be riding Dancer's cousin, Woodruff Vivaldi, aka " Spanky".  He is a Dapple Grey, 17.1 hh English Shire X TB.  I've had him for about 1.5 years now.  My husband bought him before he deployed to Qatar as a birthday present for me from a family friend.  He and I have just started our relationship but I have already had to go out of my comfort zone with him.  lol  A very different personality than what I had been use to, but also very rewarding.  This year out on the trails should be exciting.

Yes, I know... not the breed or discipline you typically see doing trails, but I firmly believe you have to keep things interesting for these guys to keep the relationship healthy.  I am looking forward to the Derby. 

See y'all on the virtual trails!!!

the picture with me in a wedding dress is Wooduff Dancer and the other pic is Woodurff Vivaldi


  1. First rides of the year:
    Jan. 7 2014
    Dancer: 1.64 miles
    Vivaldi: 1.13
    Miles to date: 2.77

    Jan. 8, 2014
    Vivaldi: 1.60 miles
    Dancer: 1.68
    Miles to Date: 6.05

  2. OMG, you are ahead of Stacy, lol. The race is on for the two of you.

    1. LOL. Not for long. My rides are pretty short compared to the rest of y'all. She will be surpassing me in no time once your weather gets better. What are your team numbers?

  3. LOL. Not for long. My rides are pretty short compared to the rest of y'all. She will be surpassing me in no time once your weather gets better. What are your team numbers?

  4. Jan. 9, 2014
    Dancer: 1.69
    Miles to Date: 7.74

  5. Jan. 14,, 2014
    Vivaldi: 1.72 walk/trot
    Dancer: 1.92 walk/trot
    Miles to Date: 11.38

  6. Shoot! You are still ahead of me! I better kick it into high gear. :)

    1. You have nothing to worry about my dear friend. My 2 miles a ride are a drop in the bucket compared to your 8 + mile rides. lol

  7. Team 53 and 41 are the main people I ride with, although they are tougher than me and have more miles!

    1. It'll be fun to watch each other this year. Having fun doing this. Thanks again for mentioning this on FB. It has motivated me to get into the saddle.

  8. Jan 21, 2014
    Dancer: 2.34 miles - walk/trot
    Vivaldi: 1.29 miles - walk/trot
    MTD: 15.01 miles

  9. Jan. 22, 2014
    Dancer : 2.28 miles - walk trot
    Vivaldi : 2.0 miles - walk trot
    MTD: 19.3 MILES

  10. Finally dried out enough to get some rides in. Yay!
    Dancer: 2.63 miles - walk trot
    Vivaldi: 1.79 miles - walk trot
    MTD: 23.72

  11. Managed to get a few miles in before the rain and heavy winds.
    Dancer: 3.02 miles - walk trot
    Vivaldi: 2.15 miles - walk trot
    MTD: 28.89 miles

  12. Was determined to ride despite all the rain we've had all week. Thank goodness we have a flat front yard and it's about 25 meters. Managed to walk, trot, canter.
    Dancer: 2.57 miles - walk trot canter
    MTD: 31.46

  13. Rode in the front yard again. Still too icky in the pasture to ride.
    Dancer: 1.80 miles - walk trot canter
    Vivaldi: 1.54 - walk trot
    MTD: 34.80 miles

  14. Rode yesterday on a trail. Still very squishy in the pasture, but ok in the woods. Dancer was hyped up about the pond. Not sure what was up about that since he eats next to it everyday. Vivaldi was lazy as usual.
    Dancer: 2.35 miles walk trot
    Vivaldi: 2.19 miles walk trot
    MTD:39.34 miles

  15. Trails still squishy around our place so it's still slow moving. Did check out the national forest around us so I am looking forward to going out there.
    Vivaldi: 2.12 miles walk trot
    Dancer: 1.41 miles walk trot
    MTD: 42.87 miles

  16. Yesterday I rode Dancer. Ground is finally dry enough to ride around the trees in the wooded area.
    Dancer: 2.69 miles walk trot
    MTD: 45.56

  17. Spent two hours clearing trails today. Was able to walk trot and canter. Cantering was like a rollercoaster ride thru the woods. It was awesome!
    Dancer: 3.58 miles walk trot canter
    Vivaldi: 2.89 miles walk trot canter
    MTD: 52.03 miles

  18. Managed to get a sunrise ride in Sunday despite the wind.
    Dancer: 1.5 miles walk trot
    Vivaldi: 1.1 miles walk
    MTD: 54.63 miles

  19. Rode Vivaldi this am before the farrier came out.
    Vivaldi: 1.51 miles walk trot
    MTD: 56.14 miles

  20. Managed to get in a few rides before the rain set in. Vivaldi we worked on moving off the leg again and great in the woods with figure 8 walk trot canter. Also rode in the front yard. Dancer was extremely forward which was amazing. Wore rowel spur for both.
    Vivaldi: 3.27 miles walk trot canter
    Dancer: 2.62 miles walk trot canter
    MTD: 62.03 miles

  21. Vivaldi: 1.94 miles walk trot due to down limbs. Had to clean up trails before riding Dancer.
    Dancer: 2.45 miles walk trot canter. Tripping quite a bit.
    MTD: 66.42 miles

  22. Rode Dancer yesterday around the place. It was beautiful now that spring is here.
    Dancer: 2.7 miles
    MTD: 69.12 miles

  23. Was able to get two rides in. Such a beautiful day!
    Dancer: walk trot canter upper pasture: 2.71 miles
    Vivaldi: walk trot canter upper pasture: 2.65 miles
    MTD: 74.48 miles

  24. Ride with my beautiful daughter.
    Dancer: 1.1 miles
    MTD: 75.49 miles

  25. Finally ride again. This inconsistency is killing me. Rode yesterday and today.
    Yesterday: dancer walk trot canter 2.56 miles
    vials walk trot canter 2.26 miles
    Dancer bareback and played in the pond. 1.10 miles
    MTD. 81.40 miles

  26. Rode Vivaldi walk trot field. Still squishy.
    2.23 miles
    MTD. 83.63 miles

  27. Back from vacation and back in the saddle.
    Dancer walk trot canter in front yard. 2.13 miles
    Vivaldi walk trot up lane. 2.51 miles
    MTD: 88.27 miles

  28. Got to ride during the off an on showers today.
    Dancer walk trot canter in field 3.10 miles
    Vivaldi walk trot in field 2.29 miles
    MTD 93.66 miles

  29. Actually the above mileage was for yesterday.
    Today I rode dancer walk trot canter in the field. Was a bit sluggish probably due to work yesterday. 2.87 miles
    MTD: 96.53 miles

  30. Rose both boys in a freshly cut pasture, it was heavenly
    Dancer walk trot canter 3.26 miles
    Vivaldi walk trot canter 2.81 miles

    1. So happy for you and your new place with lots of riding!!

    2. Thank you. Can't wait to get an arena space done so I can ride more. Hope you are back in the saddle again!

  31. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

  32. July 13th I rode Vivaldi walk trot canter. He was very forward. 2.20 miles
    Then rode dancer with Brooke 1.30 miles

  33. Rode for the first time after work. Boy was it hot. Dancer was very forward walk trot canter. 1.86 miles
    MTD 107.96

  34. Managed to rid before it got too brutally hot today.
    Sparky walk trot canter. 2.79 miles
    Dancer walk trot canter 3.93 miles
    MTD. 114.68 miles

  35. Summer has finally hit in full force. Stinking hot outside.
    Dancer walk trot canter. 2.88 miles
    Vivaldi. Aka sparky walk trot canter. Bucked a bit but had to work harder for that. 3.01 miles
    MTD: 120.57 miles

  36. Dancer 2.36 and Vivaldi 2.18
    MTD 125.11

  37. Dancer walk trot canter 3.46 miles
    MTD 128.57

  38. Dancer walk trot canter 1.96 miles
    Vivaldi right before the rain came in. 1.06 miles
    MTD 131.59 miles

  39. Vivaldi walk trot canter very forward. 2.56 miles
    Dancer walking trail ride 1.09 miles
    MTD 135.24

  40. Dancer walk trot bareback trail 1.23 miles
    MTD 136.47

  41. Dancer walk trot canter. Seemed a little girth at trot. Canter was fine. 2.86 miles.
    Vivaldi walk trot canter. Very forward but leaning. 3.18 miles
    MTD 142.51 miles

  42. Great birthday rides Saturday and Sunday.
    Dancer 2.56
    Vivaldi 2.94
    Dancer 2.66
    Vivaldi. 2.42
    MTD 152.19

  43. Able to ride on my new trails. woohoo!
    DAncer 2.83 walk trot
    Vivaldi 2.70 walk trot
    MTD 157.72 miles

  44. Rode a few times this past week. Yay! Love the fall weather we've been having.
    Sunday - Dancer 1.45 miles walk trot

    Tuesday - Vivaldi 1.78 miles walk trot and Dancer 2.27 miles walk trot
    MTD: 163.22 miles

  45. Finallky got back into the saddle... rode both horses for quite a bit yesterday.
    Dancer - walk trot 2.90 miles
    Vivaldi - walk trot 2.50 miles

    MTD: 168.62 miles

    Trying to make it to 200 miles total before the end of the year. Not sure if I'm gonna make it.

  46. Rode Dancer - 3.10 miles walk trot canter
    Vivaldi - 2.51 miels walk trot

    MTD 174.23