Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Team 130 - Nyx

My name is Augusta Schubert, and this is my horse, Nyx, an 8 year old grade mare I have had since my junior year in high school. I've been riding since I was old enough to hold on; my dad jokes that his cow horse was my first babysitter. I spend nearly every spare moment I have on horseback, and I know I've put a lot of miles on my old saddle! Together Nyx and I have overcome every obstacle in our path, and when I am on her back, I know there's nothing that can hold me back. When I read about the Distance Derby in the North Platte Telegraph I knew I had to give it a try. I mostly ride solo, since my 'horsey' friends are spread far and wide, but if anybody finds themselves in the northern Sandhills of Nebraska I'd love to show you my favorite trails!


  1. 1-14 I rode Nyx 4.2 miles and Misty 3.1 miles
    1-15 I rode Nyx 3.2 miles and Twister .3 miles
    Miles to date 10.8

    I got to ride all three on my days off work, it's still pretty cold and today was windy, but I'm glad I made it out!

  2. 1/17 I rode Nyx 6.4 miles and Twister 2.3 miles

    Miles to date 19.5

  3. 1/18 I rode Misty 5.5 miles

    YTD 25 miles

    Maybe not the best day to take my youngest horse for a spin, we were spooking at everything in the fencerow.

  4. 1/19 I rode Nyx 5.2 miles

    YTD 30.5 miles

    I was thinking today, and Nyx is 10, not 8, and that makes me two years older than I thought!? Anyway, the wind picked up again and if it doesn't blow me off my horse it'll sure spook the bejeezuz out of her, done for the day.

  5. 1/25 -- I rode Nyx 5.5 miles and Misty 2.9 total today 8.4

    YTD 38.6

    after having to 're-program' Nyx back to an English saddle we enjoyed a good ride. crow-hopping is a lot more exciting riding English! haven't done that since high school! I wanted to ride Twister today, too but she's not feeling the best so I let her alone.

  6. 1/26 -- I rode Twister 2.7 miles

    YTD 41.3

    Twister was looking pretty good today so I took her out for a spin after work before the weather set in, I asked her if she'd like to run a bit and she responded like a true QH, off like a starting gate, almost left me behind! that old mare's still got it! Top speed 31.5 mph! I haven't felt her do that for years!! :)

  7. 2/7 -- Rode Misty today for 3.1 miles

    YTD 44.4 miles

    More to get the gitters out than the hope of accomplishing anything, The only decent weather expected this week lands on the two days I work double shifts... But I'm thankful for anything above 0*.

  8. 2/8 -- Rode Nyx 2.3 miles

    YTD 46.7 miles


  9. 2/15 Nyx 3.3 miles
    2/17 Misty 13.1 miles and Twister 2.1 miles (15.2 miles today!)

    YTD 65.2 miles

  10. 3-7 I rode Nyx 4.6 miles
    3/8 I rode Misty 6.2 miles

    YTD 76 miles

    hope to ride again this afternoon and take advantage of the weather!

  11. 3-20 Twister for 6.6 miles

    YTD 82.6 miles

    I'm loving the daylight hours! I plan to start catching up in the next 2 weeks with the weather being more tolerable on my days off, besides having 3 hrs after work.
    Twister was a pill today but i love her quick little walk!

  12. 3-21 Nyx for 2.4 miles
    YTD 85.0

    Pinched a nerve in my lower back last tuesday so gotta take it easy. Just getting all 3 brushed and turned out was about all I could handle. :( Got company coming next week and hope to get some proper miles put on...

  13. 3-24 Rode Twister and Nyx for a total of 6.0 miles

    YTD 91.0 miles

    Nyx gave me 35.4 mph today, she was feeling goooooood!!

  14. Nearly at 100 miles, I see. Smokey and I are at 28.28 miles for the year now. Watch out, were' coming for you! :)

    1. hopefully we can get some miles together this summer! I'm really looking forward to it, I miss you!

  15. 3/30 I rode Misty for 5.2 miles

    YTD 96.2 miles

    we are working on our 'mall walk' but she likes to mosey...

  16. 4/4 Rode Misty today for 8.7 miles

    YTD 104.9 !!

    kept the pace at 4.1 mph, I was hoping to get in 10 miles but I was pushing her as it was and time doesn't grow on trees. she's come a long way already this year, I'm hoping she'll be sell-able this fall.

  17. 4/5 Rode Misty 15.9 miles

    YTD 120.8

    kept a good overall pace at 3.2, had to stop and chat a couple times and also there was some protest about a bridge that looked exactly like the 5 bridges we'd already crossed. but still an enjoyable day! sometimes she can be smooth as silk and others you swear she's gonna beat you to death without actually doing anything contrary. :S

  18. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

    1. Thanks! I am having so much fun, I'm glad I heard about the Distance Derby! Thank you so much for putting this together! I enjoy seeing how much everybody rides.

  19. 4/7 Rode Nyx 13.5 miles

    YTD 134.3

    overall pace 3.6

    just barely made it back before the weather set in, but the first thunderstorm of spring puts a smile on everybody's face. :)

  20. 4/8 Rode Misty and Twister for a total of 10.7 miles

    YTD 145

  21. 4/15 I rode Misty 11.4 miles

    YTD 156.4 miles

  22. 4-17 rode Nyx 8.1 miles

    YTD 164.5

    her head was not in the game today, an unpleasant ride for us both. and cold, she didn't appreciate being made to ride in the freezing rain.
    Come back, Spring!

  23. 4-17 Misty for 5.3

    YTD 169.8

    didn't think i'd make it back out today but the sun started shining after all. Misty was wonderful and enjoyed looking at all the new calves! she's a lot more 'cowy' than Nyx :/

  24. 4/19 Twister 4.1 miles

    YTD 173.9 miles

  25. 4/20 Rode all three for a total of 8.5 miles

    YTD 182.4

  26. 4/21 I rode Misty for 14.0 miles

    YTD 196.4

    I 'spose, if I really wanted to I could go get 4 more miles to break 200. but we're done. rode out with my brother on Nyx and got to see a little bit of the competitive side of Misty, she show'd me 34.5 mph but Nyx still smoked us out and threw dirt in our faces. she's so pretty, I never get to see what she looks like under saddle, since I'm always the one riding her.

  27. 4/24 I rode Nyx .9 miles
    YTD 197.3

    She hasn't had much experience with small children, I rode with my nephew on board, but she was ok.

  28. 4/27 Rode Twister 1.9 miles

    YTD 199.2

    Tornado watch didn't scare us. much.

  29. 5/3 I rode Nyx and Misty for a total of 7.1
    YTD 206.3

  30. 5/13 Rode all three for a total of 7.5 miles

    YTD 220.9 miles

    Twister has been hurting these last few weeks, I try to ride her often just to keep her loosened up but I don't think she appreciates my efforts. :( she's such a stinker about my trying to sneak some bute into her feed, too. oh, well, she's my Money Bucket so she does what she wants.

  31. 5/19 Rode Misty and Nyx total 10.1 miles
    YTD 231.0 miles

  32. 5/21 Rode Twister and Nyx total 12.1 miles

    YTD 243.1

  33. 5/22 Rode Twister and Nyx total 14.5 miles

    YTD 257.6

    Twister was feeling better today, Nyx thought about spooking at an inconvenient moment and I thought for a sec she was gonna throw me under the bus, literally!

    I am going to be leaving for a 10 day adventure starting on Sunday the 25th, during which time I will not be able to update my miles. I may have enough service to call my mom and have her update for me, but I'll prolly just journal them and submit them all at once when I get back.

  34. No problem. I put you on hold. Have a great adventure!!

  35. This comp is pissing me off.

    I rode 172.9 miles during the week of the 25th-31st. it was amazing but I'll type an explained comment later.

    YTD 430.5 miles

  36. ok, we'll try this again, first a breakdown of my trip.
    5/25 - 26.7mi
    5/26 - 22.6 mi
    5/27 18.4 mi on Misty
    5/28 - 23.5 mi
    5/29 - 29.0 mi
    5/30 28.9 mi
    5/31 21.7 mi on Nyx
    I rode from Valentine to Oniell and made it back to Bassett before getting rained out and trailered home b/c of expected thunderstorms all week. it was the most amazing 7 days I think I've ever spent and I wish I were still out there!

    on 6/2 I rode Twister and Nyx 9.2 miles
    on 6/5 I rode Twister and Misty 7.8 miles

    YTD 447.4 miles

  37. 6/10 I rode all three 7.2 miles

    YTD 454.6

  38. 6/15 Rode all 3 for 26.6 miles

    YTD 481.2

  39. 6/16 Nyx 6.7 miles
    YTD 487.9

    I've been riding with the local drill team. I'm still not sure about all the sparkling, but it's nice to meet people and ride with a purpose.

  40. 6/24 Misty and Nyx 11.6 miles

    YTD 508.7!

  41. congrats on getting over 500 miles :-)

  42. 6/28 I rode Misty and Nyx 13.9 miles

    YTD 522.6

    I rode Misty through a friends pasture looking for 50 heifers, the running water was new to us but she handled it like a champ, it helped a lot that the other horse was a rock star, too!

  43. 6/30 I rode Misty 6.5 miles
    YTD 529.1

  44. 7/3 Rode Nyx 4.2 miles
    YTD 533.3

    a friend rode Twister, she likes to ride but so far is still just a passenger, pretty much just along for the ride!

  45. 7/6 Rode Nyx 8.1
    YTD 542.4

    Had an awesome time exploring the town with a friend who rode Twister.

  46. 7/7 Rode Nyx 3.6 miles
    YTD 546.0

    hoping to hit 600 before the 10th, with any luck I'll have some company!

  47. 7/10 Rode Nyx 5.2 miles
    YTD 551.2

    Nyx was a peach, top speed 35.6 mph. we both needed that

  48. Rode Nyx 10.0 miles today

    YTD 561.2

    a friend rode Twister with me out to Gov't Canyon it was a lot of fun.

  49. Rode Nyx 10.3 miles today
    YTD 571.5

  50. Rode Nyx 4.3 miles today

    YTD 575.8

  51. 7/19 Rode misty and then a friends horse total 9.1 miles
    YTD 584.9

  52. 7/21 rode Nyx 6.4 miles with the Lady Wranglers

    YTD 591.3

  53. 7/22 Rode Nxy 8.3 miles with a friend
    YTD 599.6

  54. 7/28 Rode Nyx 7.2 miles with the LW

    YTD 606.8

  55. Congrats on getting over 600 miles :-)

  56. 8/1 Rode Twister 3.2
    8/4 Rode Nyx 8.5
    YTD 618.5

  57. 8/7 Rode Nyx 10.7 miles
    YTD 632.6

    Rode in the Cherry County Parade, then ran through the drill 3 times. got offered a ride home b/c it was getting dark, tried 5 times to load and she just would not do it, so I rode her home and started working on loading in my own trailer. was out there till 10:00 but got er done. hopefully she behaves herself tomorrow when a friend picks her up for me to meet at the fair grounds.

  58. 8/8 and 8/9 Rode Nyx 8.2 miles

    YTD 640.8

  59. 8/11 Rode Nyx 4.8 miles

    YTD 645.6

    Trimmed her a little short yesterday, oops.

  60. 8/13 Rode Nyx and Misty 9.4 miles

    YTD 655.0

  61. 8/22 Rode all three for 10.6 miles

    YTD 680.0

  62. 9/1 rode 8.4 miles today
    YTD 688.4

    I had the chiropractor out a couple days ago to go over all three. what a difference! took it easy today

  63. 9-2 Rode Twister 3.0 miles today

    YTD 691.4

    feeling good!

  64. 9/5 Rode Misty and Twister 8.5 miles

    YTD 699.9 !!

    gonna have to step it up a notch to make my year end goal, only 3 1/2 months left!

  65. 9/8 Rode Twister 2.5 miles

    YTD 702.4

    my tracker shut of at some point during my ride, oh, well. this is what it recorded

  66. congrats on getting over 700 miles :-)

  67. 9/13 I rode Nyx 13.5 miles
    9/14 I rode Nyx 4.5 miles and Twister 4.1 miles

    YTD 724.5

    I got to go ride at Ft Robinson State Park with the Lady Wranglers this weekend. I've wanted to go riding there for years, so beautiful! I could have spent all week exploring those hills. a lot different riding than Nyx and I are used to, it was good to get a workout!

  68. 9/15 Rode Misty 13.7 miles

    YTD 738.2

    she had to pick a fight with me at 10 miles, we were at the gate and we were done, but she wouldn't rollback to the right, so we had to go back until she gave me one good rollback. she went to the left just fine, and she'd turn on the front to the right (which is handy, when I want that...) *sigh* she finally gave me one after threatening to lay down, rearing, and bulling up. just one though ;)

  69. 9/16 Rode a friends horse 10.5 miles

    YTD 748.7

    Rode a big lug named "Clueless to a Tee" He thought at first I was a total nube he needed to take care of, then he thought maybe he could get away with the old "tree brush", then a few mouthfuls of grass, finally around mile 5 or 6 he started behaving like the well mannered ranch horse he is! funny how horses check out a new rider!

  70. 9/21 Rode Nyx 11.4 miles

    YTD 760.1

    longest ride we've done with the english saddle, she did awesome, even jumped a ditch for me!

  71. 9/23 Rode Twister and Misty 15.1 miles

    YTD 778.2

    Misty and I got 'locked in' at the fish hatchery! but with a little creative horsemanship on my part and quite a lot of bravery on hers, we forded the Minnichaduza Creek, got around the gate and back on the road! note to self: be out of hatchery by 4:00 PM.

  72. 10/7 Rode Misty 4.3 miles

    YTD 792.2792.2

  73. 10/12 Rode Misty 8.6 miles
    YTD 800.8 !!

    Only 200 more miles to my goal, We can do this!

  74. Yes you can do this!!! Congrats on the 800 miles :-)

  75. 10/13 Rode Twister and Nyx 10.5 miles

    YTD 811.3

    My rides are getting shorter with the daylight hours! come back, summer!

  76. 10/15 Rode Twister and Misty 10.1 miles
    YTD 834.4

  77. 10/31 Rode Twister and Misty 5.6 miles
    YTD 840.0

  78. 11/6 Rode Misty 6.0 miles
    YTD 849.6

    oh! the joy of bareback!

  79. 11/29 I rode all 3 for 13.2 miles
    YTD 889.6

  80. Sorry, my spreadsheet says 879.60 .

  81. Rode Misty today 15.3 miles

    ytd 894.9

    sorry for the math error.

  82. congrats on getting over 900 miles :-)