Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 40 - ARockyStorm

        My name is Nikkie Orr. I live in Scottsbluff, Ne. I have had horses all my life and participated in Gymkhana, competitive trail riding, and regular trail riding. When I am not out with my horses, I keep busy with work and school.My Boyfriend and I currently own 5 horses, 3 cats, 2 ferrets, and a dog. All of which are my babies.

This will be my first Distance Derby and I was refereed here by my friend who participated last year. My goal is to be in the top 50% this year since this is my first year in the running. I was drawn in by the friendly competition and the amazing price...aka FREE ha-ha. 

My main mount is Rocky a 8 year old Mustang/QH mix. He has been with me for the past 3 years now and we have been through a lot together and I trust him. My second mount is Storm a  7 year old Tennessee Walker that I started just this past summer. She is very green, but her personality is that of a old timer, been there, done that kind of horse. My goal is to put many miles on Storm this year and to get Rocky back in shape and build a even stronger bond between my horses and I. 

I am curious to see where we end up this year and look forward to seeing how many miles everyone else racks up. Best of Luck to everyone!!


  1. 1/10/14
    Miles: 0.52
    YTD: 0.52

    First ride of the 2014 year. Did that half mile on my green broke horse Storm in a round pen. Our first ride together where someone hasn't been standing there watching us and being a buffer for bad behavior. She did pretty good IMO. Later that night I lost my older mare. RIP Shiloh...One good ride...then one tragic passing....I could use a day to just go ride my emotions away...sadly I have to work. More Miles to come!

  2. So sorry to read about Shiloh :-( RIP sweet mare! Many prayers and {{{hugs}}} for you.

  3. 1-11-14
    Time: 14.27
    Distance: 0.33 Miles
    YTD: 0.85 Miles

    Sunny day with a few minutes between my two jobs...Decided to go out and ride...Rode Storm...BAREBACK!! We have almost done a mile total...haha its a start. I was so proud of her and I because I didn't fall off. Thank you for the internet hugs :)

  4. Date:1-13-14
    Time: 44.01
    Distance: 2.23 miles
    YTD: 3.08 miles!!

    Fun ride on my girl Storm. It was cold and windy out. She handled herself pretty well for not having been out in the big world before...Spooked once but I didn't fall off and she listened to my reins. I am so proud of her and so happy to be doing this DD. It is pushing me out of my comfort zone and I hope I place on the upcoming leader board :) Happy Trails

  5. Submitting two rides: Both on Storm. The first one was her first ride out of the property and out on a trail!! Second one was in the yard, having an off day. :/

    Date: 1/21/14
    Distance: 4.13 miles

    Date: 1/24/14
    Time: 31:20
    Distance: 1.01 miles

    YTD: 8.22 miles!

  6. Again Submitting multiple rides :)

    Date: 1/26/14
    Time: 1 hour 29 minutes
    Distance: 5.51 miles
    Rode Rocky!! His first ride of this year. Did well for having been sitting for a few months.

    Date: 1/28/14
    Time: 1 hour 55 minutes and 5 seconds
    Distance: 6.52 miles
    Rode Rocky again!

    Date: 1/29/14
    Time: 1 hour 15 minutes and 20 seconds
    Distance: 5.05 miles
    Rode Storm :) She did very well considering we went a new route and only her second time leaving the yard.

    YTD: 25.30 Miles!!!

  7. Well it has been a challenge getting miles in recently between work, the weather, and now a cold...BUT I got a few in anyway!

    Date: 2/13/14
    Time: 28:51
    Distance: 1.56 miles
    Horse: Storm...Boy was she being naughty! But I did get to try out my new saddle :)

    Time: 44:30
    Distance: 2.80
    Horse: Rocky...Rode him in my new saddle as well. Did a short ride. He was very good....that why he is my old reliable.

    Time: 2:21:57
    Distance: 8.64miles!
    Horse: Rocky....We rode out and ended up getting lost a bit, hopped on the tri state and followed it back to a familiar area. He was spooky, ground was mush, but we survived and overall it was a good ride...even with my head in a cold buzz.

    YTD: 38.3 Miles!!! How EXCITING!!!

  8. Date: 3/9/14
    Time: 1:53:48
    Distance: 5.58 miles
    Horse: Lil Mama- Grade QH mare maybe 17 years old or so...but still moves like a youngin! (She is my other mare who I free lease to my Boyfriends mother who just happens to live down the road from where I keep my other fur children at).

    She was a bit buddy sour but moved out pretty good once she realized I was in charge. Was a pretty good ride and I needed it after having such a bad time lately. *I have been slacking in the riding department lately due to being lazy after going back to working 50-70 hour weeks. Takes a lot out of a person!

    YTD: 43.88 miles.

  9. Date: 3/26/14
    Time: 36:39
    Distance: 1.16
    Horse: Storm...Giving her a refresher on her patience and steering. She did very well. All round pen riding, but still did very well.

    Date: 3/20/14
    Distance: 7.08 miles
    Horse: Rocky

    YTD: 52.12 Miles!

  10. Date: 3/28/14
    Time: 1:04:44
    Distance: 3.08 miles
    Horse: Storm

    She did pretty good for being so buddy sour, She was worried about my 11 month old baby boy Pistol. He is not her foal but she sure worries about him! Overall a good ride and good learning experience. Very proud of my greenie.

    YTD: 55.2 Miles!

  11. Date: 3/30/14
    Distance: 2.62 Miles
    Horse: Storm

    Date: 4/2/14
    Time: 51:50
    Distance: 2.77 Miles
    Horse: Rocky

    YTD: 60.59 Miles

  12. 4/9
    2.42 miles


  13. 4/19
    Time: 34:06
    Distance: 1.12 Miles
    Horse: Storm

    Time: 3:42:46
    Distance: 11.02 miles
    Horse: Rocky

    *My friend Angie from (Team 115) came up to ride with me. She rode my other mare Lil Mama. She put in a little bit more than me by working Lil Mama out after our ride. It was a great time and felt good to get so many miles in. Storm experienced what it was like for another horse to be worked while she was supposed to be focusing on me. Then I switched horses and we hit the trail. Good times!

    Time: 42:41
    Distance: 2.81 miles
    Horse: Rocky

    Time: 54:16
    Distance: 3.07 miles
    Horse: Rocky

    YTD: 81.03 Miles!

    Only 4 months in to 2014 and almost at 100 miles...getting closer...haha...if the weather can just be nice to me, I could get a lot more in!

  14. 4/25
    Time: 1:06:25
    Distance: 4.04 Miles
    Horse: Rocky

    Distance: 5.33 miles
    Horse: Storm (Day 1 of Riding Clinic)

    Time: 5:33:42
    Distance: 10.33 miles
    Horse: Storm (Day two of riding clinic)
    YTD:100.73 miles!!

  15. Congrats on getting over 100 miles!

  16. May 2nd

    Time: 3:43:29
    Distance: 13.01
    Horse: Rocky * He did very well, we crossed the highway twice and we rode to the next nearby town and back. Very happy with his behavior today.

    Time: 1:12:01
    Distance: 5.05
    Horse: Storm * Did pretty well today. Had her first "highway" experience today. Had to cross a big cement bridge with wind whipping through it. We spent a lot of time doing a nice Flat walk and at times possibly a Running walk. She was so smooth majority of the ride. On our way home three cows charged a fence and spooked her...we survived but when I had her cross the ditch again she stumbled and fell and began to come back over into the ditch so for us both I bailed... she regained balance and stood up and waited for me to climb out of the ditch. I got back on and we rode on like nothing happened. Overall a good ride...we learned a lot ;P

    YTD: 118.79 Miles!

  17. May 3rd
    Distance: 5.58
    Horse: Storm
    *Very antsy most likely due to yesterdays falls. Finished strong.

    May 4th
    Time: 1:06:14
    Distance: 5.05
    Horse: Rocky
    *Did a lot of trotting and a lot of loping today. Barely broke a sweat!

    YTD: 129.42 miles!

  18. May 5th
    *On way home*
    Time: 59:15
    Distance: 5.47
    Horse: Rocky

    *On way to Saddle Club*
    Time: 1:02:34
    Distance: 5.68
    Horse: Rocky

    * Tracked mileage too and from saddle club for saddle club meeting...First time riding in the dark on the way home...left at dusk, arrived home in pitch black...scary!! Thank goodness rocky seemed to be in his element because he was calm and going at it like a champ. Goal: 200 miles by end of may!! getting closer!

    YTD: 140.57 Miles!!!

  19. May 9th

    *Weather cleared up long enough for me to squeeze a short ride in. Made me feel a heck of a lot better!!

    Time: 1:00:08
    Distance: 4.22
    Horse: Rocky

    YTD: 144.79 Miles!

  20. May 14th

    Time: 1:39:33
    Distance: 6.10 miles
    Horse: Rocky

    *Practiced some barrel racing and hurry scurry jumps for the upcoming Gymkhana. Then went out on a trail ride. He did very well in the pasture but once we were out on the road he was a whole different horse...turns out he hates sheep but I was able to stay on his first spook and was able to make him walk through the rest of his spooky attitude until we were in safe grounds away from the evil horse eating sheep. XP

    YTD: 150.89 Miles!!

  21. May 17th
    Time: 39:37
    Distance: 2.13 miles
    Horse: Storm

    May 18th
    Time: 45.38
    Distance: 3.61 miles
    Horse: Storm

    YTD: 156.63 Miles!

  22. 5/19

    Time: 1:33:40
    Distance: 7.05 miles
    Horse: Rocky
    *Practicing for our upcoming Gymkhana, Working on Speed and Stamina. Then of course we finish it up with a nice trail ride. We nearly stepped on a turkey...thankfully she was very calm and laid still while I steered my horse away from her nest. Very nice weather 73 degrees and sunny!

    YTD: 163.68 miles!

  23. 5/20

    Time: 1:19:39
    Distance: 5.09 miles
    Horse: Lil Mama
    *Had a pretty good ride, did a little uncontrolled running, went well*

    Time: 41:27
    Distance: 3.14 miles
    Horse: Storm
    *She was amp'd! Tried to do some gentle loping which she took to mean...RUN FOR YOUR we did some work on that. Still a successful ride.


    Time: 34:13
    Distance: 3.05 miles
    Horse: Rocky
    *Did a quick Gymkhana practice since I had to work and since I am not supposed to be riding horses for awhile due to an! Still hoping to make my 200 miles by end of may...we shall see! Only need 26 more miles to pass that goal....that's do-able ha-ha.

    YTD: 174.96 miles!

  24. 5/22

    Time: 4:01:40
    Distance: 13.33 miles
    Horse: Sierra
    *Went riding with my friend Angie and her horse Mister. We had a great time. My gps system malfunctioned so I had to go off her gps which works since we were riding together. I can't wait to ride with her again.

    YTD: 188.29 miles

  25. 5/31
    Horse: Rocky *at a gymkhana*

    YTD: 190.20

  26. 6/4
    Distance: 5.03
    Horse: Rocky

    YTD: 195.19

  27. I went with 3 ladies and their 3 geldings to Fort Rob for the weekend. We had a great time and learned a lot. Rocky was a pretty darn good ride and I have so much love for him after this weekend. He kept me safe in some pretty scary situations, such as being lost in the middle of Fort Rob grounds at night with no clue where home was and what was ahead of us. It is amazing how strong a bond can be build between a horse and owner. We make a good team. For simplicity sake, I am combining the hours and the miles into one large amount seeing as how my first post I wrote did not post and I have to do it all over again.

    Total Time: 19:30:27
    Total Distance: 50.27 miles!!
    Horse: Rocky

    June Goal is to reach 300 miles.

    YTD: 245.46 Miles

  28. 6/21/14
    Time: 32:26
    Distance: 2.02miles
    Horse: Rusty
    *Riding my Aunt's horse for the first time ever.

    YTD: 247.48 miles!

  29. 7/23
    Time: 1:20:04
    Distance: 3.05
    Horse: Rocky

    Time: 1:13:44
    Distance: 4.50
    Horse: Rocky

    Time: 2:57:08
    Distance: 9.02
    Horse: Lil Mama

    Time: 1:14:44
    Distance: 5.01
    Horse: Rocky

    Time: 3:29:18
    Distance: 4.09
    Horse: Rocky & Storm at Gymkhana

    Time: 1:36:43
    Distance: 4.39
    Horse: Rocky *Ponied Storm while riding proud of my boy!!*

    YTD: 277.54 miles!
    *Goal is to reach 300 miles by the end of this month.

  30. 8/5/14
    Time: 3:43:46
    Distance: 9.21 miles
    Horse: Storm
    *Rode horses with Teams C&W (Chelsey riding my horse Rocky) and The Fighters (Angie riding Lil mama half the ride and Kahlua the second half.) as well as two other lovely ladies.

    Time: 9:22
    Distance:.0.49 miles
    Horse: Lil Mama *Rode her from my pasture over to my mother in laws pasture.

    YTD: 286.25 miles.

  31. 8/13/14
    Distance: 1.12 miles
    Horses: Rocky &Storm *Rode both. One 0.62 miles and the other 0.50 miles.

    Date: 8/14/14
    Time: 36:48
    Distance: 1.27 miles
    Horses: Rocky 1.16 miles, Storm. 0.11 miles

    Time: 39:12
    Distance: 1.73 miles
    Horse: Rocky

    YTD: 290.37 miles
    *Goal 300 by end of August*

  32. 8/23/14
    Time: 2:12:34
    Distance: 2.05 miles
    Horse: Storm

    YTD.292.42 miles

  33. 9/5/14
    Time: 1:27:12
    Distance: 5.07
    Horse: Storm (Brief time on Rocky)

    YTD: 297.49 miles
    Goal: 300 by end of the week.

  34. 9/12/14
    Time: 15:47
    Distance: 0.47 miles
    Horse: Lil Mama

    Time: 6:28:45
    Distance: 18.35 miles
    Horse: Rocky

    Distance: 4.13 miles
    Horse: Lil Mama

    YTD: 320.44 miles

  35. 9/17/14
    Time: 1:20:25
    Distance: 4.07 miles
    Horse: Lil Mama

    YTD: 324.51 miles

  36. 9/18/14
    two rides Storm and Lil Mama
    4.51 miles on Storm
    3.59 miles on Lil Mama

    Two rides on Lil Mama and Storm
    4.11 miles on Storm
    3.02 miles on Lil Mama

    YTD: 339.74 miles

  37. 9/25
    Time: 1:08:64
    Distance: 3.04 miles
    Horse: Rocky *ponied Pistol*

    Time: 3:31:58
    Distance: 8.64 Miles
    Horse: Storm

    Distance: 9.67 miles
    Horse: Lil Mama

    YTD: 361.09 miles!

  38. 10/3/14
    Distance:4.77 miles
    Horse: Rocky
    *Rode Buffalo Creek with my friend Becky. It was cold and windy. Hoping to get more miles in before the nasty weather really sets in.

    YTD: 365.86 miles!

  39. 10/8/14
    Distance: 6.86 miles
    Horse: Lil Mama
    *Rode at Buffalo Creek with my friend Alaina riding my other horse Rocky.

    YTD: 372.72 Miles

  40. 10/14
    Time: 3:11
    Horse: Lil Mama Bareback before an apt.

    Miles: 3.10
    Lil Mama

    Time: 1:39:02
    Miles: 6.23
    Horse: Rocky
    Rode at Buffalo Creek. Did some exploring. There is an interesting cave that I am dying to see. Its a risky choice as there are wildcats in the area, but it was one I was willing to take. Sadly it was too steep. Couldn't get up there. Boo!

    YTD: 382.11 miles!

  41. 10/20
    Time: 1:33:30
    Distance: 6.54 miles
    Horse: Storm
    *Good ride, worked on gaiting and loping out in the open on the trail. We also did some more exploring of Buffalo Creek.

    Time: 1:37:47
    Distance:8.08 miles
    Horse: Rocky
    *Did some schooling for bad behavior. Lots of loping, worked on jumping, and then hit the trail!

    YTD: 396.73 miles

  42. 11/23
    Time: 20:48 & 1:20:47
    Distance: 0.35 & 7.02
    Horse: Storm & Rocky

    Time: 52:49 & 31:59
    Distance: 2.33 & 1.46
    Horse: Rocky & Storm

    YTD: 407.89 miles

  43. Congrats on getting over 400 miles :-)