Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 84 - Slash Quarter Circle *

Hi, My name is Diana Kaiser Berglund, I have been riding almost my whole life. My passion is my horses, I live on a ranch with my best friend and fiancĂ© just north of North Platte, NE. we have a cow/calf operation and have 16 horses, and  variety at that, we have a team of Haflingers, two Gypsy Vanners, a mini, a Welsh pony, Paints, and Quarter Horses.  I love to trail ride and have always wanted to ride in a  a competitive trail ride, but never have, another dream is to learn and ride a dressage horse.  Working with cows horseback is so much fun and rewarding also. I love to drive also, I am kind of new to it but have found it is a lot of fun also, but honestly what is not fun when it involves horses. I plan on teaching my Gypsy horses to ride and drive, we drive the Haflingers and the Welsh pony.

I am a member of a all woman mounted drill team, we perform at our local rodeo and for the last 2 years at the Nebraska State Fair, I also belong to 2 other riding clubs, we get to meet a lot of wonderful people and make lots of new friends. I look forward to participating in the 2013 Distance Derby and hope to log a lot of miles on my horses. I will be riding Sam and Lexi most of the time, they are both Quarter Horses.   Good luck to all, be safe and God Bless the trails you ride.
2013 / 803.59 Miles / 24th Place


  1. Getting a late start to this years Distance Derby, But at least I did get to ride yesterday 1/11/14, I rode Cricket a total of 8.31 miles.

  2. Jan 26 2014 rode Lexi 6.62 miles moved cows to a new pasture, started out as an ok day but turned very cold and wind blowing, snow flying. We got them moved.
    Miles to date 14.93

  3. Can't believe you even rode yesterday! Those are the days I'm glad I'm working inside! Stay warm. Rae

  4. This is Team #85 Leather and Lace posting Diana's miles for February 20-23 for her. She left snowy, windy and cold NE to see friends in Wickenburg, AZ. She also had the audacity to post pics on FB of her riding every day in sunny, 75 degree Arizona. It looked like she had fun and she had a different horse to ride each day.

    Miles for February 20-23: 38.4

    Miles to date: 53.33

  5. Thank you Penny for posting for me, Arizona was WONDERFUL
    I had so much fun.
    Miles for February 25 - 27 28.65 miles

    Miles to date 81.98

    1. I enjoyed the pics. I was also jealous. It looked liked boatloads of fun. I'm glad you had safe travels. Did you post any of the pics to the DD wall?

    2. No, I need to do that, I have a lot of neat pictures. I will have to find out how to post pictures. I hope to go back next year!

  6. March 9 2014 8.4 miles on Cricket
    March 10 2014 8.9 miles on Cricket

    Previous Miles 81.98
    Miles to date 99.28

  7. March 16th rode 11 miles on the Peckerneck trail at Alma, awesome fun with good friends, and met some new friends.
    previous miles 99.28
    Miles to date 110.28

  8. March 24th rode 18.44 miles on Cricket sorting pairs, over 6 hours in the saddle, we were both tired.
    March 26th rode 5.61 miles on Cricket
    Previous Miles 110.28
    Miles to date 134.33

  9. April 6th,rode Ebby then drove Flash and Tie for a total of 5.38 miles.
    April 7th rode Cricket sorting pairs 15.7 miles.
    previous miles 134.44
    miles to date 155.52

  10. Two days of pairing out, Rode Cricket both days.
    April 23 2014 14.4 miles
    April 25 2014 11/6
    Miles to date 181.52

  11. I attended a clinic this weekend with my mare Cricket, Dana Kesserling was our clinician, learned a lot and had fun. Just wish the wind was not blowing so hard.
    Previous miles 181.52
    Miles April 6 & 7 12.4
    Miles to date 193.92