Monday, January 6, 2014

Team 113 - Wiley's Adventure

My name is Laura Bond I am from McCleary, WA and love anything and everything about my horses.
I am excited to enter the distant derby, I am currently a PNER  and AERC member and will be conditioning for our rides here soon.

I enjoy the out doors camping and doing various outings with my my horses besides trail riding or conditioning; we like to practice our patterns for speed events as well as work on cattle work. My boyfriend and I own two paint mares and a bay roan quarter horse.

I will be riding my main steed Wiley,  the young bay roan was born at our place and will be 6 in the summer.


  1. I will als bee riding Wileys mom as well, hopefully get some miles logged this weekend

  2. Let's Ride Laura! isn't DD fun? have you ridden at Scattercreek Wildlife area

  3. most def, Eileen, can't wait! I have not rode scatter creek yet

  4. Today January 18, 2014
    Great Ride first day to add miles to my entry so excited

    Distance: 10.75 mi
    Time: 3:25:10
    Avg Speed: 3.1 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,524 ft
    I used my Garmin 310 to track my milage today


  5. Today January 19, 2014
    Great Ride with another endurance pal Donna Bacon
    Distance: 10.81 mi
    Time: 3:21:05
    Avg Speed: 3.2 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,554 ft
    used with my Garmin 310 to track my milage

  6. Today January 26th, 2014
    Great ride with another endurance pal and DD2014 member
    Distance: 6.74 mi
    Time: 2:02:42
    Avg Speed: 3.3 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,060 ft
    Calories: 633 C

  7. Today February 1st my boyfriend and I were able to get the horses out to add some miles in I am hoping again for tomorrow as well

    Distance: 7.20 mi
    Time: 2:14:40
    Avg Speed: 3.2 mph
    Elevation Gain:1,243 ft
    Calories: 510 C
    all up hill to the top then back down

  8. rode friday Febuary 7th short ride
    Distance: 5.18 mi
    Time: 1:37:04
    Avg Pace: 18:44 min/mi
    Avg Speed: 3.2 mph
    Elevation Gain: 433

  9. rode Saturday February 8th long slow hill climbs
    Distance: 7.80 mi
    Time: 2:55:31
    Avg Pace: 22:13 min/mi
    Avg Speed: 2.7 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,525 ft

  10. today's ride with my good friend Dawn Ancich out at my moms we were able to see Elk on our ride today as well
    Distance: 6.72 mi
    Time: 2:01:26
    Avg Speed: 3.3 mph
    Elevation Gain: 293 ft

  11. Great Ride today with My friend Dawn and my Boy friend Gary Mielke
    here are our stats from my garmin 310
    Distance: 10.92 mi
    Time: 3:22:44
    Avg Speed: 3.2 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,583 ft

  12. great ride today down in Mossy Rock for there annual mountain man ride, it was great to have so many friends there riding today, Eileen Reilcih, Andrea Hurn, Nicole Miller, Gary Mielke, Keela Rice, Jala Neufield, Alyssa Denny, Ann Szolas
    Distance: 6.98 mi
    Time: 2:05:52
    Avg Speed: 3.3 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,183 ft

  13. great ride with nicole miller and kathryn miller out in yelm
    Distance10.12 mi
    Duration 2h:33m:37s
    Avg. Speed 4.0 mph
    Max. Speed13.6 mph
    Calories2028 kcal
    Min. Altitude438 ft
    Max. Altitude653 ft
    Total Ascent621 ft
    Total Descent630 ft
    Wind4.3 mph →
    this was tracked with:

  14. my ride with my friend Dawn Ancich out at my moms place on 2/28/14

    Distance: 9.56 mi
    Time: 3:01:51
    Avg Speed:3.2 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,216 ft

  15. my ride with My boyfriend and friends on 3/1/14
    Distance: 8.21 mi
    Time: 2:36:27
    Avg Speed: 3.1 mph
    Elevation Gain: 606 ft

  16. Congrats on getting your first 100.79 miles :-)

  17. 3/8/14 rode with Donna and Bob In Tenino, WA
    Distance: 9.57 mi
    Time: 2:25:18
    Avg Pace: 15:00 min/mi
    Avg Speed: 4.0 mph
    Elevation Gain: 815 ft

  18. 3/9/14 rode with Ann Szolas out at Mary M Knight
    Distance: 4.79 mi
    Time: 1:06:14
    Avg Pace: 13:57 min/mi
    Avg Speed: 4.3 mph
    Elevation Gain: 243 ft

  19. tonights ride hill climb left in the light at 715 pacific time and home about 845

    Distance: 5.33 mi
    Time: 1:21:06
    Avg Speed: 3.9 mph
    Elevation Gain: 856 ft

  20. Friday March 14th ride,
    Distance: 14.21 mi
    Time: 3:04:30
    Avg Speed: 4.6 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,229 ft
    Calories: 1,289 C

  21. Friday March 21st ride out at Mary M Knight, Matlock, WA
    Distance: 11.50 mi
    Time: 2:08:16
    Avg Pace: 11:07 min/mi
    Avg Speed: 5.4 mph
    Elevation Gain: 348 ft
    Calories: 1,200 C

  22. Saturday March 22nd with my friend Keela and her young horse Ruger
    Distance: 8.36 mi
    Time: 2:46:28
    Avg Pace: 20:00 min/mi
    Avg Speed: 3.0 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,414 ft
    Calories: 1,004 C

  23. Sunday March 23rd on Wiley slow hill climb loop
    Distance: 9.57 mi
    Time: 3:00:19
    Avg Pace: 18:45 min/mi
    Avg Speed: 3.2 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,427 ft
    Calories: 1,052 C