Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 5 - Cindy **


A country girl born and raised in the city, I always dreamed of living in the country and owning my own horses. That dream was realized 7 years ago when my dad bought me my first horse. His health was failing and he wanted to see my dream realized before he left this earth. I was no longer a little girl, but a married woman with four kids! Rarely doing things for myself, he wanted me to finally realize that dream.  My older 3 kids were teenagers or married. Busy lives of their own. My youngest , Sierra, was 8. So in order to get time on my horse, I bought her a older horse to learn to ride on also.  We spent many hours playing with and riding our horses together. Couldn't think of a better way to spend time with my little girl. And thus the passion I had for horses soon became hers as well.  We dabbled in 4H, and she soon caught the show bug. As Sierra grew in her horsemanship I felt more confident in buying her a show horse. Now we enjoy a 4H club, and she shows at local and state level. 

After show season winds down in the fall, I get to enjoy my time on the trails with friends. I've come to realize horses are my rest. When I am riding, all the stressors of life seem to go to another place. I love the quietness of the barn when I am feeding. The sighs and snorts coming from their stalls. And of course the smell of their coats! I am now living my dream in the country with my own small herd of 3 horses.

2012 / 307.7 Miles / 33rd Place
2013 / 221.34 miles / 58th place


  1. Looking forward to seeing you on the trails this year!

  2. Jan. 20, 2014 First ride of the year... 7.76 miles. It was brisk and windy!! But felt so great to be out:)

  3. Rode Garden of the gods, Colorado Springs Colorado. 1/24/14
    4.58 miles. For a year to date total miles of 12.34 miles

  4. 15.45 miles 3/10/14 at Oak Creek trail. Great Ride! Beautiful day and great company:) Checkers and I went through our paces. Doubled our miles in one day, how about that!
    I'm still a little sore:/
    Total to date is 27. 79 miles.

  5. 6 miles at Wagon Train lake. 3/19/14 for a Total to date of 33.79 miles

  6. April 9, 2014
    11.22 miles at Two Rivers first PPR for a year to date total of 45.01 miles.

  7. 6 miles 4/24
    4.22 on 4/25 am
    5.28 on 4/25 pm
    Total miles from the Bader weekend = 15.5 miles. For a year to date total of =60.51 miles.

  8. 5/9/14 Ride at Wagon Train 6.60 miles. For a year to date total 83.21 miles.

  9. Posting for Cindy :-)
    6/17 4.01 miles
    6/19 6.67 miles
    6/20 5.17 miles for a totol of 99.07 miles to date. Ah should have ridden another mile yesterday :-)

  10. 6/24 7.10 miles
    6/25 8.35 miles
    Year to date total miles 114.51 miles

  11. Yay Cindy on getting over 100 miles :-)

  12. 5.48 miles 7/19 at Wagon Train Lake
    Year to date total 119.99 miles. Ok, I should have taken a few more steps:)

  13. 7/23/14 9.55 miles at Rock Creek Station
    Year to date total 129.54

  14. 6.0 miles at Elmwood in the RAIN!
    year to date total 135.54

  15. 17.6 miles near Burwell for 8/19-8/21 Year to date total 153.14

  16. Total of 16.89 miles for the weekend of 9/5/14. Year to date total of 170.03

  17. Posting for Cindy. She rode Wilderness Park 10/9/14 -10.04 miles. = 180.07 YTD

  18. 10/15/14 9.0 miles
    10/16/14 11.55 miles
    year to date total =200.62 miles

  19. 10/20/14 Rides at Lexington Ne
    8.1 miles
    10/21/14 14.6 miles
    10/22/14 5.3 miled = 228.62

  20. 8.80 miles 11/2 at rock creek

  21. Posting for Cindy, she rode Checkers at Wilderness Park 9.96 miles on 11/10/14. = 247.38