Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Team 8 - Hard to Prove

     My name is Megan Aprill. I am from Nashville TN, but have recently moved up to the DC area. I've been riding for 15 years. I started out in the hunter world as a kid, but switched to dressage a couple years back. Since moving to Maryland, a good friend of mine has introduced me to endurance riding and I'm loving it! My horse Milo is a 12 year old OTTB rescue. I'm really looking forward to the competition keeping me accountable with my riding goals and am ready to hit the trails!


  1. Date: 01/15
    Miles: 4.72
    Miles to date: 4.72
    First ride!

  2. Date: 01/16
    Miles: 3.73
    Miles to date: 8.45

  3. Date: 01/20
    Miles: 4.59
    Miles to date: 13.04

  4. Date: 01/26
    Miles: 2.22
    Miles to date: 15.26