Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Team 131 - Willy

Hi, my name is Emily and have a horse named Willy (A.K.A.)
"Big Ug" as my mother calls him. I live outside of Lawrence, Nebraska. My mom's name is Marcia (Dodgin' Bullets", dad: Kurt, who doesn't  like horses, sisters: Kelsey and Kara, brother: Henry
We borrowed Willy from some friends and well, basically I fell in love with him from first glance. I am saving up to buy him this summer, hint hint wink wink. 
I hope to have a full horse loving life and am glad to be able to sign up with people who share the same interests.
Welp that's about it, see ya later :)  


  1. Handsome horse! I love grays!

    Augusta and Nyx (Team 130)

  2. 01/19/14 - 8.02 mi. Had a great ride with my mom!

  3. Still in the derby, just haven't had much time to ride with school. And having to share time on Willy with my brother :/

  4. No problem, have fun with your brother :-)

  5. 05/02/14 - 3.49 mi. Finally got to ride!
    YTD: 11.51

  6. 05/05/14 - 1.0
    05/06/14 - 3.49
    YTD: 16.0

  7. 05/14/14 - 1.0
    05/15/14 - 1.0
    Learning to ride bareback, it's my favorite!
    YTD: 18.0

  8. 05/22/14 - 5.62 birthday ride with one of my best friends (for his birthday)
    YTD: 26.08