Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 20 - Silver Spur *

Hi, I'm Jayda! I'm 11 yrs. old but I'll be turning 12 in May. I've been wanting to be in the Great Distance Derby because I've been watching and helping my mom ride to 200 miles. I love horses and ponies! I ride my moms horses but usually ride my dads 25 yr. old sorrel mare. I chose Silver Spur in honor of my 23yr. old Shetland/Welsh pony, who died last fall, Jaspur. He had a silver coat. He is a very special member of my team. 

2013 / 44.59 miles / 78th Place


  1. 1-5-14
    0.14 mi
    0.14 YTD

    rode Cherokee bb today, brrrrr!

  2. 2-1-14
    1.0 mi
    1.14 YTD

    Second English lesson the first one I forgot my Garmin at home. I get to ride a Thoroughbred for lessons and get to learn Dressage.

  3. 2-14-14
    1.61 mi
    2.75 YTD

    English lesson on a 31 year old Quarter Horse named Blues.

  4. 2-17-14
    3.14 mi
    5.89 YTD

    Mom's birthday ride i got of the bus just as they were starting to saddle up! :) Firecracker was very well behaved

  5. 3-7-14
    .28 mi
    6.17 YTD

    Rode Cherokee bareback again, nice day he didn't want to go at first but he eventually gave in and we had a good ride.

  6. 3-7-14
    .84 mi
    7.01 YTD

    Rode a reining horse today! I love this whole lesson thing, i get to ride some really amazing horses(and unique). That horse gives the impression of a lazy olde horse but when you ask him to trot he really just goes at it. The funny thing is that when you say whoa he goes ''whoa'' , even if you say "no" his goes whoa. It was quite an interesting ride! I am so happy Shelia Purdum let me ride him.

  7. 3-28-14
    1.65 mi
    8.67 YTD

    Rode Turner(the reining horse) again today we are really starting to build a relationship together! :)