Thursday, January 9, 2014

Team 39 - SissyTazzRider

Hi my name is Kelly and I live in NW Washington state.  I'll be riding my two girls,  Sissy and Razzmatazz. My main mare Sissy is a dapple gray Arab/Saddlebred who will go anywhere you point her and is an awesome trail horse. Tazz is a black Arab I started riding last year. She's doing great,  just needs more miles, which is a great reason to join the derby! Love reading all the bios and getting inspired to get out and RIDE!!!


  1. First day of my derby miles:
    Home Trails w/Sissy
    3.62 miles
    MTD 3.62

  2. 3/1/14
    Home Trails w/Sissy
    4.34 miles
    MTD 7.96

  3. 4/22/14
    Home Trails w/Sissy
    4.12 miles
    MTD 12.08

  4. 4/24/14
    Home Trails w/Sissy 7.66 miles
    Home Trails w/Tazz 3.15 miles
    MTD 22.89

  5. 6/18/14 Arena & Road Ride/Sissy 4.62 miles
    6/19/14 Home Trails/Sissy 3.28 miles
    6/20/14 Home Trails/Sissy 7.04 miles
    6/21/14 Home Trails/Sissy 8.28 miles
    MTD 46.11