Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 52 - Lazy A **

Hi--I’m Jenny Andersen from Blue Hill, Nebraska.  I live on a farm (Lazy AA Land and Cattle Co.) with my husband (the farmer) and my 2 sons (18,7).  I have a full time job in town.  My husband also runs a side business doing trenching and dirt work (Andersen Custom Services).  We raise Red Angus/Red Limousine cross cattle.  He is very tolerant of my 'horse addiction' but will tell me that he can have another pair for every horse that I get rid of--not gonna happen, buddy!

'Sedona' Star Dust is my gray AQHA/FQHA mare, she is 11 and after a pretty solid two seasons as my main trail mount ready for about anything.  She is turning into a solid trail partner with continued effort on my part.

Roo is our miniature that is just great driving.  We are having a lot of fun with him. 

My son’s AQHA Palomino gelding Sunny has been a great back up horse for other kids around my place  but he fell in love with Xena the Percheron mare we bought to drive and I don’t think is going to be back in the saddle on that Pali anytime soon.  I am really getting into driving and enjoying that so much more than I would have ever thought.  We are currently looking to add a wagon to our barn and hope that will be part of my miles this year in a much bigger way.

I have 10 horses and too many to go into here, but I am starting a Missouri Fox Trotter this year so perhaps he may get some mileage yet this year if it works out.  I have several really nice horses and will be trying my hand at some open shows and foundation quarter shows also.

I have tracked miles for 2 years and did much better remembering my tech last year.  I would say by the end my goal was to not be LAST!  But it did really help me track my time/miles and I actually turned in sheets to the APHA and AQHA programs I am also signed up for.  LOL  It was a lot of FUN!

I enjoy trail riding with my friends, improving my riding with some clinics and would love to think about doing some driving obstacle courses now that I have tried my hand at the Horse Expo!  I find that making a schedule for new places I want to ride and planning my riding helps me make it a priority.

I love to ride and camp and enjoy telling stories around the fire.  I have a few good ones!  Hope to see you on the TRAILS!

2012 / 203.69 Miles / 41st Place
2013 / 233.41 Miles / 56th Place


  1. Great wonderful weather today! WOW WOW! It was in the 60s in January!

    Drove Roo around the yard and gave the newspaper photographer a fun little ride. She came out to take pics of me and my horses cause they are writing an article about me in the paper about scouts/horse clubs etc. Apparently I am a human interest piece or something. Quite funny really. Did 1.23 miles in circles in my yard. Couldnt help myself and had to saddle up for a quick ride over to my neighbor to say hello. Kids were out on the Motorbike trail. They are motorcrossers and have a track cut into their horse pasture complete with jumps, etc. Their youngest saw me coming down the road and whipped a pretty impressive kitty in the track and went back the other way so as not to get to close to me, which was very polite of him. Although fairly unnecessary since the horse lives in the pasture next to it all the time. LOL. 2.5 miles
    3.73 total for my FIRST RIDE of the year! Yah!

  2. I have not been riding. It has stayed below zero here and I am not up for that. What I have been doing is help with planning activities for when it will be nice for our Saddle Club, Spring Lawn Chair Activity for the Horse Council etc...

    If you are a FB person please check out our page. I have been getting all of our events on there!

  3. Saddle Club fun Day. did not ride the horse but drove the mini in a bunch of cart games. it was a hoot! couldn't believe how far we went all over the fairgrounds. 4.61 miles all over the track, infield, and in several classes. Roo was one tired pony. he was so happy to go back to the trailer. He also carried all the gear from one place to another. I need a little utility cart behind the seat for the 'stuff'

    3.73 + 4.61= 8.34

  4. My status on the board says 12.07 but I seem to be missing a post. I will go with that since I am confused..

    I rode a lot this last weekend. Friday I rode the Oak Creek Trail and did the Friday Before Mother's Day ride. It was fun. I was actually incredibly late and for once did not even care! It was my birthday and the kids wanted me to have breakfast with them. So I did and got them on the school bus and then headed out. So I got the the trail about an hour after ride out! Surprise Surprise my mare was a rockstar. She was so good all by ourselves. All of her normal 'mareness' was just gone. What a super ride. We loped on some nice flat grassy spots (I never lope...LOL) What fun . Met up with other friends on the way back as I got closer to the turnaround at Loma. It was actually really nice and I got to see just about everyone that way.

    Met up with a nice fellow on his own also on a mule and we rode back together. My pleasure bred mare sure had to hustle to walk anywhere close to the speed of that mule he just made some serious tracks and sure didn't seem to be hurrying at all!

    Then I went to my horsetrainer/farriers and picked up my Missouri Fox Trotter Max that she has been starting. He is ready for a break and just needs to get some 'season' he had been really isolated I think and not had a lot of exposure. I will start hauling him to every event/ride that I go to until he has been exposed to everything that I can throw at him. I had a really nice lesson/ride on him in the arena. He startles really easily and rather than do typical spook he 'giraffes' as we have come to call it. He kind of jumps sortof and spreads out his legs weird. He is a goof. I really like him.

    Total for the day. 18.21 + 12.07= 30.28

    Had a two day clinic with Dr Mike Guerini. He did a nice job and I got a lot done with my mare. THis is my 3rd clinic with Dr Mike. He is a Western Dressage movement follower and we did a lot with footfalls placement and transitions, did some fun drills. who knew you could ride so far in circles in an arena.
    30.28 +
    Sat= 7.94
    = 44.34

  5. Had a great ride right before I left for my vacation and could not get my Ipad to let me post so I am playing my catch-up that I messaged you about Diane.

    Had a great ride on May 24th at the Peckerneck Trail in Alma, NE. My Palomino Sunny gave me a great ride and I ponied my MFT Max. he is going to turn into a really nice horse for me! He was so calm and went along really well. 14.38

    44.34 + 14.38 = 58.72

    Had a great PRR this week. It was at my house. We have had pretty nice moisture and the creek is really full. We have a natural spring so there is almost always water but there is a LOT of water and we did 8 water crossings. Some of it was over knee deep which is unusual at the crossing points. Good night. Saw a new baby calf. Friend rode one of my mares and ponied the MFT and I rode my Spotted Saddle Horse who was a total knothead and was very difficult ride. 6.18

    58.72 + 6.18 = 64.90

    See you on the trail.