Monday, January 6, 2014

Team 127 - Frahm *

    I am Mary Frahm from Amelia, a tiny town in north central Nebraska, population 7.  (I’m # 7)   Not long ago I retired from teaching, so I now have more time on my hands, and a great little mare named Dutchess to throw my saddle on.   Surrounded by miles of pasture, I have lots of ground to ride on, and neighbors that don’t mind if I do.  You know, that’s a great combination.  I put it to good use.

    My husband Doug and I enjoy horse camping and trail riding, and we’re blessed to have good family and friends that enjoy the same.  We vacation with our horses, in Nebraska and surrounding states as well.  At home, I really like it when my husband rides with me, but when he doesn’t, I have a wonderful doggy friend that accompanies me.  She won’t be left behind.

    My sister issued a challenge to me last year to see which of us could ride more miles.  I had two goals then:  beat her, or if I couldn’t, at least put in one mile for every day of the year.  She beat me on miles, but I did make my second goal.  And who will this year?  We’ll see.  I’ve also challenged myself to ride more miles than I did last year.
2013 / 375.38 Miles / 48th Place


  1. Just have one goal,BEAT YOUR SISTER, lol

  2. March 9
    Dutchess / 5.8 miles
    Rode Todd's shop pasture and then the next two pastures north. Rode home on the minimum maintenance road. And a thank you to Juanita who encouraged me to have just one goal--that of beating my sister. She won
    last year, but I plan to win 2014. Are you reading this, Connie? Your early start isn't going to matter.

  3. March 20
    Rode Handy today / 6.6 miles
    Miles to date: 12.4

    Handy was fresh, not having been ridden since October. Gave me quite a ride. The first 1.5 miles was awful; then he settled down. Surprisingly well behaved on the home stretch. Same route as last ride, just a bit longer.

  4. April 5
    Rode Dutchess and ponied Schaeff / 6.6 miles
    (2 miles to Todd's, then rode the perimeter of that pasture, and home again. Perimeter was 2.7.)
    Miles to date: 19

  5. April 6
    Wasn't going to ride as it was cool, windy and looked like rain all day, but at 5:00 I decided to give it a try. Just as I plopped in the saddle the first few rain drops hit me. Ok. Well, I don't mind getting wet. I rode on. Then it started to sprinkle in earnest. And then came the thunder boomer. Handy almost jumped out of his skin. This is Handy, who has been ridden just once since October--very fresh. Now he's even more fresh. A second thunder boomer, and we're off, skittering all over the place. When I saw the lightning, sky to ground, I decided maybe this was not the time to ride. I headed back. Shortest ride ever: .44 miles.

    Miles to date: 19.44

  6. April 8
    Dutchess / Took the two mile long trip to Todd's shop; then the road north to our pastures; circled the tank; then home again, taking the road all the way; rode in from the south.
    8.87 miles

    Miles to date: 28.31

  7. April 12
    Dutchess / Doug rode Handy
    Alma, NE / Peckerneck Trail
    Make a donation to maintain the trail. It is an awesome trail! Camped Fri. and Sat. night; great weather, but woke up Sun. to cold rain, and wind, and hail, and snow all the way home, all 140 miles.

    Rode 11.78 miles
    Miles to date: 40.09

  8. May 4
    SM Trail Ride
    Dutchess / Doug rode Handy
    a.m. 7.12 miles p.m. 9.27 miles
    Miles to date: 56.48

  9. May 14
    Dutchess 4.44 miles
    Handy 4.46 miles
    Rode the perimeter of our home section.
    Miles to date: 65.38

  10. May 23-27
    Fort Robinson, NE
    Mary / Dutchess and Doug / Handy
    Awesome trails. Even did some trail blazing.
    46.31 miles
    Miles to date: 111.69

  11. June 21-22
    Alma, NE St Jude Benefit Ride
    Mary / Dutchess; Doug / Handy
    Sat. 11.96 miles Sun. 8.23 miles
    Miles to date: 131.88

  12. July 3-6
    Nebr. National Forest
    Halsey, NE
    Mary / Dutchess; Doug / Lonesome
    Thurs. 4.5 miles; Fri. 9.76 miles; Sat. 7.3
    Miles to date: 153,54

  13. July 12-18
    Black Hills Trip / Elk Haven Horsecamp
    Mary on Dutchess / Doug on Handy
    Rode 57.95 miles total.
    Miles to date: 211.49

  14. Aug. 17
    Dutchess 4.77 miles
    Miles to date: 216.26

  15. Aug. 26

    Doug on Lonesome
    Todd's east road
    4.38 miles
    Miles to date: 220.64

  16. Aug. 30
    Nebr. Nat. Forest at Halsey
    Doug on Lonesome
    Me on Dutchess
    Northwest of Natick: 13.6 miles
    Aug. 31
    Southeast of Natick: 10.97 miles
    Sep. 1
    Southwest & southeast of Natick: 8.5 miles
    Miles to date: 253.71

  17. National Prairie Chicken Championship held on the Lee Ranch, Atkinson, NE (8 miles north of my home). Spectators can ride horseback behind the dog handlers and judges and watch the dogs work. It's called riding in the gallery. Weather permitting, they run 16 dogs a day: 2 at a time for an hour (called a brace), 4 braces A,M. and 4 P.M.

    Sep. 8 P.M. on Dutchess 10 miles
    Sep. 9 A.M. on Dutchess 15 miles
    Sep. 10 P.M. on Handy 8.67 miles
    Sep. 11 P.M. on Handy 11.1 miles

    Miles to date: 298.48

  18. More gallery riding on the Lee Ranch watching the hunting dogs compete. My sister came up to see what it was all about. Sat. and Sun. they ran the All Age Event. These dogs ran so far afield we hardly ever saw them. Most everyone rode gaited horses; we had to long trot all day to keep up with them. Tired horses, tired butts but worth every minute of it.

    Sep. 13 A.M. 16.1 miles
    P.M. 5.28 miles
    Sep. 14 P.M. 10.75 miles

    Miles to date: 330.61

  19. Lee Ranch / Prairie Chicken Championship
    Sep. 15 P.M. 12.30 miles Gallery riding
    Miles to date: 342.91

  20. Sep. 17 Lee Ranch Derby Class for puppies
    16 dogs / half hour braces / 8 braces
    Rode Dutchess / 17.35 miles
    Last day. We rode until finished.
    Miles to date: 360.26

  21. Sep. 20-21 Nat. Forest at Halsey
    Sat. rode 13.79 miles with husband, sister & 2 friends
    Sun. rode 6.51 miles with husband & sister
    Total miles to date: 380.56

  22. Oct. 4-5, 2014
    Big Canyon / Springview, NE
    Sat.: 9.27 miles / Sun.: 7.87 miles
    Total miles to date: 397.7

  23. Oct. 10, 2014
    Trail Ride / 20.3 miles
    Miles to date: 418

  24. Error on the date in the previous entry. Didn't catch it until it was published. The date should be Oct. 19 instead of Oct. 10. I punched the zero in place of the nine. Sorry.

  25. Congrats on getting over 400 miles :-)

  26. Nov. 1-2, 2014
    Nebraska National Forest at Halsey
    Mary on Dutchess / Doug on Lonesome
    Rode new ground: 16.2 miles
    Total miles to date: 434.2