Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 75 - Lucky Star


My name is Gina Schlater and I have been waiting for this year to start so I could join the derby! My horse goals from last year were simple, but due to "real life", I was unable to reach them. I want to be able to hitch my team, drive to Pawnee lake (it's about 7 miles from where I live) on a Friday afternoon, set up camp and ride the trail at least twice before heading home on Sunday morning!  I willingly admit I don't do much winter riding, but hopefully, being in the derby will encourage me to do more riding and driving year round. I have a team of Percheron's, Jingles and Jade, and a Norwegian Fjord, Lyder.


  1. DATE: 1/10/14
    MILES: 1.3
    MILES TO DATE: 1.3
    WooHoo! First post to the derby! I rode Jingles today. It was snowing when we started and by the time we were done so was the snow. I don't think I've ever ridden him while it was snowing. Maybe that's why he was a little keyed up today.

  2. DATE: 1/26/14
    MILES: 2.3
    MILES TO DATE: 3.6

    Took Lyder for a drive

  3. DATE: 2/2/14
    MILES: 1.6
    MILES TO DATE: 5.2

    Rode Jingles again. And once again, he was rarin' to go! I didn't want to him work up to much of a sweat with the cold and all so, really had him on a tight rein.

  4. DATE: 3/29/14
    MILES: 3.3
    MILES TO DATE: 8.5

    Finally got to ride again! Well, actually rode a bit last weekend. I hadn't intended on it but went out to just do some ground work and decided to hop on then realized I had left my gps in the house. Oh, well just road around the farm anyway. Jingles did a great job yesterday. He always does better when he's got somebody to ride with. I rode Jingles and Ryan rode Lyder.

  5. DATE: 4/11/14
    MILES: 1.8
    MILES TO DATE: 10.3

    Worked with Lyder in the round pen then with Jingles in the round pen. After working with Jingles, we went for a ride. It was such a gorgeous day! If anyone has any tips on posting from an iPad I would appreciate it. I can never get it to post from mine.

  6. DATE: 5/2/14
    MILES: 3.5
    MILES TO DATE: 13.8

    I know I am entering these miles on the last possible day. Please let me know if I didn't get them in soon enough. I keep trying to enter my miles from my iPad and for whatever reason I can't get a comment published. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

  7. DATE: 5/9/14
    MILES: 2.5
    MILES TO DATE: 16.3

    Today was a great day to ride! Jingles did awesome. Scared up a turkey and a deer. Well, scared up a deer three times, but I think it was the same one every time, poor thing. Tomorrow we will have the grandkids, maybe I'll hitch up the wagon and go for a ride that way! I think all involved will enjoy that!

  8. DATE: 5/14/14
    MILES: 2.0
    MILES TO DATE: 18.3

    Rode Jingles today and got done just in time before the rain started.

  9. DATE: 5/21/14
    MILES: 2.0
    MILES TO DATE: 20.3

    WooHoo! Made my first 20 mile mark! I hitched up Lyder today. First time he's driven all year. It was only 2 miles but we live in a hilly area of Seward County so he was really tired when we got back!

    1. Ooops! DATE should actually be 5/22/14! I really don't want to repeat a day.

  10. DATE: 5/26/14
    MILES: 2.1
    MILES TO DATE: 22.4

    Had a fun ride with friends and family! My son did pretty good considering he doesn't ride much.

  11. DATE: 5/31/14
    MILES: 3.2
    MILES TO DATE: 25.6

    Had a young friend out to ride today. She hasn't ridden much but Lyder did such a good job for her! She may start taking lessons!

  12. DATE: 6/25/14
    MILES: 2.2
    MILES TO DATE: 27.8

    Wow! I can't believe it's been over a month since I last rode! Last night was a great ride! Jingles did fantastic! It seemed like it was a much longer ride than the two miles the eTrex said but it was a very good ride.

  13. DATE: 6/28/2014
    MILES: 2.7
    MILES TO DATE: 30.5

    It was a wonderful evening to ride even if I did feel like a chaperone!

  14. DATE: 7/8/2014
    MILES: 2.7
    MILES TO DATE: 33.2

    The weather was beautiful! It was a perfect night to ride. Doesn't hardly seem like it's July!

  15. DATE: 7/12/2014
    MILES: 2.6
    MILESTO DATE: 35.8

    Lyder is

  16. DATE: 7/27/2014
    MILES: 1.8
    MILES TO DATE: 37.6

  17. DATE: 7/29/2014
    MILES: 2.9
    MILES TO DATE: 40.5

  18. DATE: 8/1/2014
    MILES: 3.7
    MILES TO DATE: 44.2

    Weather was nice, not as nice as Tuesday evening, but it was good to get a ride in this afternoon!

  19. DATE: 8/3/2014
    MILES: 2.0
    MILES TO DATE: 46.2

    It was hot yesterday but still a good ride.

  20. MILES: 3.1
    DATE: 8/12/14
    MILES TO DATE: 49.3

    Mostly it was a good ride, right up until I got thrown. Then afterwards, it was a good ride again. I'm a little achey!

  21. DATE 8/25/14
    MILES: 1.1
    MILES TO DATE: 50.4

    WooHoo! Over 50 miles!! And, what an exciting ride today! A front is coming in and Jingles was not wanting to be out in it so we kept it short. Had a great weekend at the Nebraska State Fair working the Draft Horse Hitch show and will be back there this weekend working the Carriage and Working Farm Team shows.

  22. Drove the team tonight. Did not have my gps turned on. Too much antsyness for me to even try to turn it on tonight!

  23. DATE: 10/23/14
    MILES: 1.6

    It was windy but still a good ride.