Sunday, December 29, 2013

Team 18 - Luvriden Jordan~River *

Hi!  This is Team Luvriden Jordan~River.  My KMSH mare, Jordan, and I have been together for 9 years.  She is now 14 years old and we have really grown together as a horse and rider team.  She is my first horse and I am blessed to have her.  River joined the team in March 2013 and he will be 6 this year and very green.  Most of our rides are a little tense, but we are getting better with every ride.

I love to trail ride and have done a few CTR rides and hope to do a few more this year. I rode 920 miles in 2013 and that is the most miles I have ridden in a year so far.  Even though my husband doesn't ride, I am blessed that he supports and encourages my horsey habit.

See you on the trail. :-)
2013 / 920.04 miles / 16th place

Team 79 - JV *

As Written by TV of Team 1

So I asked my husband, John, if he wanted to join the Derby this year.  His response was, “What’s the ticket for that?” 

I said, “Do you mean the price?”

and he said, “Yeah.” 

I said there was no price to join. 

He went on to say that he isn’t going to run no computer to do this and I told him I would enter his miles for him and that I had an extra GPS he could use. 

He didn’t necessarily say no.  And it might motivate him to ride a little more.

I then asked if he wanted his team to be called “Fancy” after his horse.  He said that he might get a wagon rigged up for Baby Dutch and he might drive her.   She is almost 13 years old and he’s been saying this since she was three but maybe this is the year, you think?

So I suggested perhaps his team name should be “Driving Miss Baby” but he didn’t respond. 

Since I use the “Vasa” name for my team, I have simply given him his initials, “JV”. 

And this is as close to a bio as we will get.
2013 / 314.22 miles / 51st place

Team 1 - Vasa **

My name is Tammy Vasa.  I live north of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Riding is my passion.  And when I'm not riding, I am talking about it on my website,, or on the Distance Derby site or our list serve, Horsetales.  I love to talk and write about as much as I love to ride.

This is my 3nd year in the Distance Derby.  I top 10'd the first year and finished in the top 25 the second year.  This year - who knows?

Windy, my home-grown, coming 12 year old quarter horse mare is my main mount.  She is my {heart} horse.  We have shared the trails since she was 3 and have grown together as a team.  She tests me, I test her; and I think she loves me as much as I love her.  :)  It'a a great partnership.  I also enjoy putting time on my husband's mare,  year old, Fancy.  We have 2 other quarter horses, Butter and Blue, and a Belgian-x draft mare, Baby.

This past year, we quit dabbling in Competitive Trail Riding and started really competing.  I am looking forward to more of those rides.  I  help sponsor a Trail Challenge for our local Trails Committee but most of all, enjoy loading up and riding and camping with my husband and friends.

I chased the miles for the Derby in 2012 but not so much in 2013.  We'll see where this year takes us.  I am looking forward to the ride.
2012 / 1235.80 miles /  8th Place
2013 /  678.24 miles /   25th Place