Monday, January 6, 2014

Team 100 - Red Hot Rosie

My name is Karen Cox and I live in Bozeman, MT with my husband, son, two horses and a dog. I started endurance riding in 2010. We've had our struggles with completing rides but my goal for this year for this year is to complete at least 3 limited distance or endurance rides (depending on which distance my horse decides;). The Distance Derby sounds like a fun way to record our conditioning miles. I'll be riding my coming-18 year old thoroughbred mare Hey Rose. I've chosen RedHotRosie as our team name - it suits my horse's looks and personality. Last year we moved to the top of a mountain so winter riding is limited to my neighborhood but fortunately we have quiet roads and all the hill training we could ask for. I hope to get out at least three days a week and look forward to hitting the trails as soon as the snow melts. I Have an endurance riding blog which I hope to do a better job of keeping updated this year!


  1. Finally on the board! ICY Neighborhood Loop
    Fri Jan 24, 2014
    HOURS 1:12:46
    MILES 4.96
    MILES TO DATE 4.96

  2. Sun Feb 02, 2014
    Miles: 5.02 mi
    Miles to date: 9.98

    Time: 1:13:51
    Avg Speed: 4.1 mph
    Elevation Gain: 828 ft
    Avg Moving Speed: 5.1 mph
    Max Speed: 17.7 mph

    Min Elevation: 5,892 ft
    Max Elevation: 6,783 ft

    1. Elevation gain did not record correctly - this loop is just over 1000 feet gain/loss.

  3. Sat Feb 08, 2014
    Miles: 4.96 mi
    Miles to date: 14.94

    Time: 1:00:50
    Avg Speed: 4.9 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1011 ft
    GPS shut off during the ride as you can see from the tracks, so I used the shorter measurement of the last two times I rode this loop.

  4. Sat Feb 09, 2014
    Miles: 7.16 mi
    Miles to date: 22.1

    Time: 1:11:41
    Avg Speed: 6.0 mph
    Elevation Gain: 1,188 ft
    Avg Temperature: 15.0 °F
    Moving Time: 1:03:43
    Elapsed Time: 1:11:41
    Avg Speed: 6.0 mph
    Avg Moving Speed: 6.4 mph
    Max Speed: 16.0 mph

  5. That last one should have said ***Sun***, Feb 09, 2014.

  6. Mon Feb 10, 2014
    Miles 6.93
    Miles to date 29.03

    Time: 1:22:54
    Moving Time: 1:08:52
    Elapsed Time: 1:22:54
    Avg Speed: 5.0 mph
    Avg Moving Speed: 6.0 mph
    Max Speed: 14.5 mph

    Elevation Gain: 1,053 ft
    Elevation Loss: 1,034 ft
    Min Elevation: 5,792 ft
    Max Elevation: 6,492 ft

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  9. I have deleted previous posts from today and consolidated into this one:

    Mon Feb 17:
    Miles 4.96
    Miles to Date: 33.99

    Time: 1:23:12 h:m:s
    Elevation Gain: 1,077 ft
    Avg Speed: 3.3 mph
    Max Avg Speed: 4.2 mph

    I am having lots of trouble with my GPS shutting off. Today's tracks recorded as three separate tracks and each has spots where the track cuts across the road, so I had to do some editing and have again posted my lowest recent mileage for the loop,

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

    This was a fun loop today because I rode with hubby and his horse was pulling our son on a sled for much of the loop!

  10. Tues Feb 18
    Mileage: 3.49 mi
    Mileage to date: 37.48

    Time: 1:03:53 h:m:s
    Elevation Gain: 384 ft
    Avg Speed: 3.3 mph
    Max Avg Speed: 3.3 mph

    Slow walk up and down the flat part of my road - pretty icy conditions.

  11. Sat Feb 22
    Distance: 5.06 mi
    Mileage to date: 42.54

    Time: 1:06:21 h:m:s
    Avg Speed: 4.6 mph

  12. Tues Feb 26
    Distance: 5.01 mi
    Mileage to date: 47.55

    Time: 58:33
    Moving Time: 52:18
    Elapsed Time: 58:33
    Avg Speed: 5.1 mph
    Avg Moving Speed: 5.7 mph
    Max Speed: 16.6 mph

  13. Weds Feb 27
    Distance 8.25 mi
    Miles to date: 55.8

    Time: 1:11:44
    Moving Time: 1:09:21
    Elapsed Time: 1:11:44
    Avg Speed: 6.9 mph
    Avg Moving Speed: 7.1 mph
    Max Speed: 16.6 mph

  14. Sun Mar 2
    Distance: 4.83 mi
    Miles to Date: 60.63

    Also - tracks for 2/27 ride are at

  15. Tues Mar 4
    Distance 6.02 miles
    Miles to date: 66.65

    (note to self - also did another 3.00 miles practicing ski joring but left the GPS at the trailer - drat).

  16. oops forgot link for 3/4 ride:

  17. Sat Mar 8 2014
    Distance 4.89 miles
    Miles to date: 71.54

  18. Tues March 18 2014
    Distance 6.05 miles
    Miles to date 77.59

  19. Thurs March 20 2014
    Distance 4.39 Miles
    Miles to date 81.98

  20. March 20 link was

    Fri March 21 2014
    Distance 3.74
    Miles to date 85.72

  21. Sun March 23 2014
    Distance 5.03 miles
    Miles to date 90.75

  22. Mon March 24, 2014
    Distance 5.77 miles
    Miles to date 96.52

  23. Tues Mar 25, 2014
    Distance 8.77 miles
    Miles to Date 105.27
    I hit 100 miles and my dog got SKUNKED!!

  24. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-) Sorry your dog had to get skunked at the same time :-(

  25. Friday Mar 28 2014
    Distance 5.88 miles
    Miles to date 111.15

  26. Sun Mar 30 2014
    Distance 8.60 miles
    Miles to date 119.75

  27. Tues April 1 2014
    Distance 5.69

    Sat April 5 2014
    Distance 11.19

    Miles to date 128.03

  28. CORRECTION: Total Miles to Date is 136.63

  29. Tues 4/8/13
    Distance 5.49
    Miles to Date 142.12

  30. Thurs 4/10/13
    Distance 13.81
    Miles to Date 155.93
    These are photos of my GPS - having trouble uploading the tracks.

    Note to self:
    I also manually recorded the info to Garmin Connect at:
    I went down and up Woodchuck Rd, part of the usual loop almost all the way around, then turned around before I got home and did the loop backwards, then up and down Peak, and continued the loop home.

  31. Sat 4/19/14
    Distance 4.35 miles
    Miles to date 160.28

    Note to self, turn GPS on right away :/ Also did about 8 miles on Sunday at the foxhunt, didn't bring batteries for GPS, grrr, oh well.

  32. Sat 4/26/2014
    Distance 25 miles (Bridger Trail LD ride, Otto, WY)
    Miles to date 185.28 :)
    And I won Best Condition!

  33. Finally correcting my miles to date which has been wrong since 3/25 (sorry!). The leaderboard is right: my miles to date is currently 185.30!

  34. Thurs 5/8/2014
    Distance 5.29 miles
    Miles to date 190.59

  35. Completed the Canyon Ferry Lake 50 Mile Endurance Ride in Winston MT. Missed a few miles of tracks due to batteries dying but here are the loops. I also didn't record my warmup ride the night before, oh well.

    Sat 5/17/2014
    Distance 50 miles
    Miles to date 240.59

  36. Completed the Canyon Ferry Lake 50 Mile Endurance Ride in Winston MT. Missed a few miles of tracks due to batteries dying but here are the loops. I also didn't record my warmup ride the night before, oh well.

    Sat 5/17/2014
    Distance 50 miles
    Miles to date 240.59

  37. Post-50 Limber up ride
    Weds 5/22/2014
    Distance 3.99 miles
    Miles to date 244.58

  38. To Forest Service and Back 7.50 miles
    Miles to date 252.08

  39. Hi, Just wanted to let you know we are sort of on hiatus after a hoof issue with my horse and a wreck.... but we will be back into the derby hopefully soon!

  40. So sorry to read this :-( I put you on hold until you are back in the saddle!

  41. Back in the saddle again!!! First ride since our wreck, Rosie doing well in her new shoes.

    Fri July 11th
    Distance 5.09 Miles

    Saturday July 12th
    Bridger Bowl Poker Ride
    Distance 10 Miles

    Miles to date: 267.16

  42. Saturday 7/26
    Distance 7.95 miles
    Miles to Date 275.11

  43. (correction: previous ride that says Sat 7/26 was actually Fri 7/25)

    Weds 7/30 Loop with shortcut 4.83 miles

    Thurs 7/31 Up and back High Ridge w/Alexa 3.47 miles

    Sun 8/3 Loop with shortcut with Alexa 4.75 miles

    Miles to Date 288.16

  44. Thur 8/7 Ride&GetSpookedOff :) 1.17 miles

    Sat 8/9 Winchester loop 5.71 miles

    Sun 8/10 Jackson Creek w/Alexa 7.45 miles

    Miles to Date 302.49

  45. Congrats on getting over 300 miles :-)

  46. Fri 9/19 Tatman Mountain LD Ride Loop 1 plus backtracking - 18.95 miles

    Fri 9/19 Tatman Mountain LD Ride Loop 2 10.21 miles

    Miles to date 331.65

  47. Weds 9/24/2014 Bohart with Kelsey 4.85 miles

    Miles to date 336.5