Photo Contest Rules

DD2014 Photo Contest



1)      The contest is open only to 2014 Distance Derby team members. Photos may be submitted by the person who took the photo or the legal guardian of a minor photographer.  If you are submitting a photo on someone else’s behalf as a favor for the “technically challenged,” any prize won will be mailed to the person you are submitting for.

2)      This is an amateur photo contest.  If you are professional or accept money for your photos, please do not enter.

3)      Eligible photos have to have been taken by the team member submitting them.  Eligible photos must have been taken in 2014.  If a submitted photo does not win in a given month it may be resubmitted again in another month.  Only one photo per team may be submitted per month.

4)      Photos must have been taken while riding or driving an equine or while preparing to ride or drive, not while traveling to or from a ride while not riding or driving.

5)      This is a photo contest, not a picture contest.  Photos may be cropped, lightened, or darkened, but no other enhancements are allowed.

6)      The contest runs from January 20th through December 31, 2014.  However, entries may include photos taken starting January 1, 2014.

7)      Your entry for each month must be received by midnight on the fifth of the following month to be eligible.  Any entries received after the deadline will be considered your entry for the month in which it is received.

8)      Each month’s winner will be announced by the 10th of the following month.  Prizes will be shipped in the month the winner is announced.

9)       The 2014 judge is professional photographer, Bill Jammer of Wayne,NE.  The judge’s decisions are final.

10)   TO ENTER:  Email photos to in a JPG format.  Entries will NOT be accepted in any other form or through postal mail, text, or via any other type of social or electronic media.  Please include the photographer’s name, postal address, DD2014 team number/name, and a description of the photograph.  Please try to keep photos under 1MB.

11)   Each photographer retains the rights to his/her photographs.  Each photographer, by submitting his/her entries hereby gives permission to the 2014 Distance Derby Photo Contest coordinator to use his/her photograph(s) for this photo contest’s purposes only and will not be used for resale.  Winning photos will be posted on the DD2014 blogspot and DD2014 Facebook page.  We also reserve the right to resize, crop, or color-adjust winning photos for contest purposes.

Note:   This contest is sponsored by Marvel Rahn, Team 70 - Follow your Dreams.

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