Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 80 - The A Team *

team 80 a team

My name is Mike Anderson. I live in rural Washington County south of Blair Nebraska.  I enjoy trail riding in Nebraska and surrounding states.  I have a herd of five horses.  My main horses are Sweetie (Impressive Sweetheart) who is a black and white paint with solid quarter horse breeding, she is a rock solid horse and a pleasure to ride.  The other one I ride a lot is Badger (Badgers Dun) a gelding who is on his way to becoming my horse of the future.  

I spend many hours throughout the year on horse trails both on a horse and on foot, working on trails.  I have around ten miles of trails “out my back door” both on my property as well as on neighboring land. I do enjoy being outdoors!  For the past decade I have traveled to the mountain states for horse vacations.  I have spent most of my time in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains in the Cloud Peak Wilderness area.  My son, David and a friend of mine, Mike Ladd and I have done numerous pack trips throughout the Cloud Peak Wilderness.  I am looking forward to adding up the miles next year in the Distance Derby.  I hope to see you on the trail!
2013 / 261.85 Miles / 54th Place

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  1. I've always been the A Team.... that is until NOW. LOL Use it well Mr. Anderson.