Monday, January 6, 2014

Team 98 - Gramsgoneriding

My name is Lynn Webster and I live in Monroe, Washington. I have two horses, one is Sophie (19), Morgan/Quarter Horse and Bizy Bee (11), Quarter Horse. I love riding my horses on trails with good friends. The mares and I have done CMO's, prize rides, obstacle clinics, endurance rides, gaming, barrels and horse camping just to name a few.
In 2013 I started keeping track of my miles because of my friend and riding partner, Connie Hoge, that joined the Distance Derby last January. I was surprised that I rode over 1100 miles which was split between the two girls.
I am not sure what is in store for me this year, but if I know Connie she will have me out there doing lots of miles.
A nice trail ride for us is at least 20 miles!


  1. Welcome Lynn! Always happy to share miles with you!

  2. Lynne, do you know Connie Hoge, drinks,lol. Welcome to the derby

  3. Ignore Juanita Lynn! She's got it "In" for me! :-)

  4. I just like to pull, connie's chain lynne

  5. Lord Hill - NWHSAR fundraiser - rode in rain, wind, thunder, lightening with Sara, Arlene, Lisa, and Martha
    time: 02:30
    miles: 6
    MTD: 6

  6. Rode with Connie at Lord Hill - what different from Saturday to today. Perfect riding weather! no rain
    Hours: 3:20
    Miles: 10.65
    MTD: 16.65

  7. Rode at home in the arena working on obstacles and then down the rode.
    Hours: 1:05
    Miles: 2
    MTD: 18.65

  8. Today rode with Connie from KTP to Sammamish River trail & return by Power line trail to Tuscany and then Redmond Watershed
    Hours: 4:16
    Miles: 18:93
    MTD: 37.58

  9. Rode with Amanda, Lisa, and Beth today at Bridle Trails State Park. The trails were great and the weather was perfect.
    Hours: 1:55
    Miles: 5.96
    MTD: 43.54

  10. 1-19-14 Sophie and I went to a trail challenge at Sky River Ranch. Fun!
    Hrs: 1.06
    Miles: 1.50
    MTD: 45.04

  11. 1-21 Another great ride with Connie, Tolt Pipeline to Moss Lake and back
    Hrs: 5
    Miles: 16.65
    MTD 61.69

  12. Today took out my lumpy horse and rode with Amanda at Lord Hill. Then came home and did arena work.
    Hrs: 2:14
    Miles: 5.67
    MTD: 67.36

  13. Rode with three nice ladies at the Mann Road. Bizy hives were almost gone.
    Hrs: 1:56
    Miles: 5.83
    MTD: 73.19

  14. Rode at Lord Hill with Connie in the cold.
    Hrs: 2.07
    Miles: 6.60
    MTD: 79.79

  15. Rode at Lord Hill with a friend on Bizy Bee
    Hrs: 2:13
    Miles: 6.30
    MTD: 86.09

  16. Rode with Connie at the Redmond Watershed
    Hrs: 4:16
    Miles: 14.15
    MTD: 100.24

  17. Rode with friends at Lord Hill and it felt like Spring! 2/26/14
    Hrs: 2:15
    Miles: 6.03
    MTD: 106.27

  18. Congrats on getting over your first 100 miles :-)

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  20. Pilchuck Tree Farm with Connie today and the sun was shining.
    Hrs: 3.30
    Miles: 10.8
    MTD: 117.07

  21. Another great ride with Connie at Victoria.
    Hours: 4:07
    Miles: 17.35
    MTD: 134.42

  22. Arlene and I went to KT to ride in the rain today. We had a great time in spite of the weather.
    Hours: 3
    Miles: 13.10
    MTD: 147,52

  23. Connie and I tried to ride the SVT, but one part is under water so changed our plans and went to KT. The sun was out and it was beautiful!
    Hours: 3.48
    Miles: 13.72
    MTD: 161.24

  24. Connie and I rode out from Bryant today in the sunshine. It felt like a spring day! Finally!
    Hours: 3.43
    Miles: 11.41
    MTD: 172.65

  25. I had another great ride with Connie and we added two other people to our ride, Arlene and Linda. A beautiful day!
    Hours: 2.36
    Miles: 7.82
    MTD: 180.47

  26. I had another great ride with Connie at Victoria. The sun was out, but it was still cold.
    Hours: 3.54
    Miles: 15.25
    MTD: 195.72

  27. Today Arlene and I rode the SVT that last week Connie and I could not ride because it was flooded. We had a great ride!
    Hours: 3.45
    Miles: 12.2
    MTD: 207.92

  28. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  29. I changed my plans instead of going to an obstacle challenge I decided to do a trail ride with my friend Arlene. It is nice she rides Bizy so I can get both girls out at the same time.
    Hours: 2.30
    Miles: 8.21
    MTD: 216.13

  30. Today Connie and I bump it up a little and rode 22 miles on the SVT from Duvall to Griffin Creek.
    Hours: 5.16
    Miles: 22.38
    MTD: 238.51

  31. I had another wonderful ride with Connie from KT to Sammamish trail and back around. The sun was out! Hurray!
    Hours: 4.59
    Miles: 21.01
    MTD: 259.52

  32. Yesterday (Feb. 3rd) I rode with Arlene and Susan at Lord Hill. We had another great ride.
    Hours: 2.51
    Miles: 9.88
    MTD: 269.40

  33. Another great ride with Connie at Victoria on a beautiful sunny day!
    Hours: 3.57
    Miles: 17.34
    MTD: 286.74

  34. Arlene and I took the girls to the Mann Road and had a nice ride again in the sunshine.
    Hours: 2:30
    Miles: 7.09
    MTD: 293.83

  35. Arlene and I took the girls to Moss Lake today to check out the trails. It was another beautiful spring day.
    Hours: 3.30
    Miles: 10.30
    MTD: 304.13

  36. Congrats on getting over 300 miles :-)

  37. Yesterday Connie and I rode at Lord Hill and found a new trail to ride on. We had a great ride and nice weather also.
    Hours: 3.29
    Miles: 10.30
    MTD: 314.43

  38. Well, today I had nobody to ride with so I decided to ride in my arena and around the neighborhood. We worked on side passing, backing on a loose rein, carrying things, bridges and riding around visiting with the neighbors.
    Hours: 1.25
    Miles: 2
    MTD: 316.43

  39. Today Sara, Arlene and I took the horses and went to Lord Hill for a nice ride before the rains came. Nice ride!
    Hours: 2:15
    Miles: 6.30
    MTD: 322.73

  40. Today Connie and I rode Cascade trail in the sun. Great ride!
    Hours: 4.29
    Miles: 22.40
    MTD; 345.13

  41. It is so much fun to ride with Connie because she is up to some of my crazy ideas. We rode at Moss Lake and went exploring today.
    Hours: 4.17
    Miles: 14.20
    MTD: 359.33

  42. Today I rode with Jen and Susan at Lord Hill. The weather was perfect!
    Hours: 2.30
    Miles: 8.53
    MTD: 367.86

  43. Today Susan and I rode the SVT from Duvall to Carnation in the rain. Ugh!
    Hours: 2.36
    Miles: 15
    MTD: 382.86

  44. Today Arlene, Sara, Jen and I went for a nice ride at Redmond Watershed. Afterwards we decided to go have lunch at Ming's which is wonderful.
    Hours: 2:14
    Miles: 8.23
    MTD: 391.09

  45. I had another wonderful ride with Connie at Victoria tracts.
    Hours: 4:20
    Miles: 15.22
    MTD: 406.31

  46. We had a nice leisurely ride with friends today at Lord Hill.
    Hours: 1:30
    Miles: 5.12
    MTD: 411.43

  47. Congrats on getting over 400 miles :-)

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  49. Today Arlene and I went to the end of the Mann Rd and had an awesome ride. The trails still have lots of mud, but we managed to get through.
    Hrs: 2.55
    Miles: 9.62
    MTD: 421.05

  50. Glad you two had a good ride & that those trails were doable!

  51. I met up with Connie at Lord Hill and had another great ride. We even find some new trails that they have just put in.
    Hrs: 3:23
    Miles: 10.52
    MTD: 431.57

  52. Today I stayed home and worked Bizy in the arena and rode around the neighborhood. It is warm today!
    Hrs: 1:09
    Miles: 2.30
    MTD: 433.87

  53. Our 1st camping trip this year with the horses. We took Sara's horse and mind and went to Silver Ridge Ranch Friday. On Saturday we were going to do a Prize Ride.
    Hrs: 1:32
    Miles: 5.14
    MTD: 439.01

  54. Saturday Sara and I did the Joe Watt Prize Ride. It was a little windy, but no rain!
    Hrs. 2.23
    Miles: 7.75
    MTD: 446.76

  55. Yesterday I wanted to show Sara Jane the two new trails they have made at Lord Hill. We had a great ride!
    Hrs: 2:14
    Miles: 6.98
    MTD: 453.74

  56. We met Connie at KT and started down the trail to catch up with Amanda and Jan. We had a great ride! Cool in the trees, but warm in the sun.
    Hrs: 3:15
    Miles: 12.77
    MTD: 466.51

  57. Over the weekend it seems like all my riding buddies had other plans so it is time to stay home and do arena work.
    5/24 Hrs.: .54 mins.
    Miles: 1.10
    5/26 Hrs: 1.09
    Miles: 2.30
    MTD: 469.91

  58. Great ride with Connie today at the Pilchuck Tree Farm. Perfect day for a ride.
    Hrs. 3.11
    Miles: 11.27
    Afterwards I came home and rode Bizy doing obstacle training. I had a friend come over with her two horses and worked on the obstacles also.
    Hrs: 2 hrs
    Miles: 1.96
    MTD: 483.14

  59. Today I had a great ride with Amanda and Arlene at Moss Lake.
    Miles. 12.8
    MTD: 495.94

  60. The last few days we have been at a beautiful state park in Oregon riding on the beach. What fun! The bad part I forgot my battery to my camera so I did not take pictures. Grrrrr!
    6/5 Hrs: 2.96
    Miles: 11.85
    6/6 Hrs: 2.70
    Miles: 10.58
    6/7 Hrs: 2.67
    Miles: 10.51
    MTD: 528.98

  61. Congrats on getting over 500 miles :-)

  62. The last couple of days is staying home and working in the arena on obstacles. Sara Jane and Arlene came over Weds. to work their horses on the obstacles. Today I rode Sophie in the arena and down the road and I can tell she has been off for a couple of weeks. Too much energy! We need a long ride with Connie and Farah.
    Hrs: 2
    Miles: 1.96
    Hrs: .45
    Miles: 1.30
    MTD: 532.24

  63. 6/18 I had a great ride with Connie again from Victoria to Haller Park. We did a point-to-point with the help of my hubby.
    Hrs: 4.46
    Miles: 17.16
    MTD: 549.40

  64. Today Connie and I got together at Lord Hill and had a nice ride in the warm, humid day. We went exploring and found a new trail.
    Hrs: 3.31
    Miles: 10.02
    MTD: 559.42

  65. Yesterday Sara and I had a chance to ride together at Mann Road. Nice ride! Also, practiced in our arena on obstacles.
    Hrs: 2:29
    Miles: 7.30
    MTD: 566.72

  66. Yesterday I worked Bizy in the arena on flexing and bending and responding better to my commands. This help when we do the obstacles.
    Hrs: 1:10
    Miles: 1.96
    MTD: 568.68

  67. Today Sara and I rode at Lord Hill early this morning to beat the heat. In the Seattle area we set a new record of 91 degrees on the first of July. Hot for us!
    Hrs: 2:30
    Miles: 7:48
    MTD: 576.16

  68. I had a great ride yesterday with Connie, Amanda and Beth at the tree farm. The weather was perfect riding weather - cool!
    Hrs? 3:07
    Miles: 10.03
    MTD: 586.19

  69. Yesterday Sara and I went up the Mann Rd to ride, but we spent most of our riding time clearing brush off the trails. We did play in the river!
    Hrs: 2:00
    Miles: 5.05
    Hrs: 45 mins
    Miles: 1.15 arena work after trail ride
    MTD: 592.39

  70. Today, I met up with Amanda and Beth and had a nice hot ride in the watershed and the pipeline.
    Hrs: 1:45
    Miles: 6.70
    MTD: 599.09

  71. I am staying home in this heat and riding in the early morning or evening in the arena on doing obstacles.
    Hrs: 50 mins
    Miles: 1.86
    MTD: 600.95

  72. Congrats on getting 600 miles :-)

  73. Yesterday, Connie and I finally made it to Heart Lake and had a wonderful ride in cooler weather.
    Hrs: 3:46
    Miles: 8.71
    MTD: 609.66

  74. July 18-20 I was at an ETS event in Sedro Woolley. Fun weekend!
    Hrs: 2.30
    Miles: 1.72 (arena)
    Hrs: 1.20
    Miles: 4.45 (trail)
    Hrs: 2.17
    Miles: 6.92 (trail)
    MTD: 622.75

  75. Yesterday, I did an ETS event at Lord Hill with Bizy. The bugs were so bad that she was focusing more on the bugs than on me.
    Hrs: 3
    Miles: 6:41
    MTD: 629.16

  76. I had a great ride at Lord Hill with Susan.
    Hrs: 3.30
    Miles: 10.02
    8-9 Fire Mountain Obstacle event
    Hrs: 3.05
    Miles: 2.05
    Sara and I went for a trail ride Saturday evening
    Hrs: 1.
    Miles: 3.10
    8-10 On Sunday we went out on the trails and had six trail challenges. I noticed it takes lots of time doing these challenges. Lots of waiting with people getting through their challenges one at a time.
    Hrs: 3
    Miles: 4.35
    MTD: 648.68

  77. It was a fun ride at Moss Lake with Susan and Kate today. The horses did wonderful on some challenging trails.
    Hrs: 4
    Miles: 12.20
    MTD: 660.88

  78. Today was a great day getting a friend of mind back on my horse after she had an accident on another horse she was riding. We rode at Lord Hill and took the girls down to the river.
    Hrs: 3
    Miles: 9.30
    MTD: 670.18

  79. The only riding I have done was at a trail clinic and riding in my arena. I definitely not putting in the miles.
    Hrs: 6 hrs
    Miles: 2.60
    MTD: 672.78

  80. I had a nice ride with Lisa and Susan today. Rode out from KT parking lot into RWS, and did the Tuscany loop.
    Miles: 10.80
    MTD: 683.58

  81. This weekend I went up to Fire Mtn for the last of our buckle series. I did not get in too many miles, but I did have fun.
    Hrs: 3
    Miles: 6.72
    MTD: 690.30

  82. Yesterday I went to a prize ride in Arlington with my Sophie Girl and had a great ride.
    Hrs: 3
    Miles: 8.79
    MTD: 699.09

  83. Hurray! After 2 weeks I was on the trails again with nice ladies today at the Pilchuck Tree Farm.
    Hrs: 2.30
    Miles: 6.67

  84. I forgot my miles to date
    MTD: 705.76

  85. Congrats on getting over 700 miles :-)

  86. Yesterday, Connie and I had a nice ride along the SVT in Duvall. Life has gotten in the way for the last two months for Connie and I so it was nice getting together again. This was my longest ride since April 28th.
    Hrs: 5.22
    Miles: 19.01
    MTD: 724.77

  87. I rode Lord Hill with Sara and Arlene. It was nice getting both horses out
    Hrs: 1.30
    Miles: 3.71
    MTD: 728.48

  88. I had a wonderful time yesterday doing a prize ride in Woodinville with a nice bunch of ladies. We did not get in a lot of miles, but it was a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest.
    Hrs. 2.30
    Miles 7.39
    MTD: 735.87

  89. Today had a nice ride with Connie up at Bracken.
    Hrs: 3.31
    Miles: 10.36
    MTD: 746.23

  90. Today was a great day to get the girls out since I have been gone all week. Arlene rode Bizy for me and Sara on Sissy and we went to the Redmond Watershed for a nice fall day ride.
    Hrs: 2.45
    Miles: 9.17
    MTD: 755.40

  91. Another great ride with Connie at Bracken! In the morning it was raining and then the afternoon turned in a beautiful day.
    Hrs: 3.26
    Miles: 10.24
    MTD: 765.64

  92. This weekend I did my last obstacle challenge at Butler Hill where we had 12 obstacles in the arena. So I did not keep track of miles, but I did go on a short trail ride.
    Hrs: 1.05
    Miles: 3.10
    MTD: 768.74

  93. Sara and I had a nice ride at the end of the Mann Road. We just got back to the trailer when the sky opened up and the rain came down.
    Hrs: 1.39
    Miles: 5.45
    MTD: 774.19

  94. Bizy and I went to the prize ride put on by the Trail Dusters in Arlington. This was a fun ride! I was glad the rain stopped long enough for us ride.
    Hrs: 2.30
    Miles: 7.57
    MTD: 781.76

  95. Today Sara and I took the girls to Lord Hill and had a nice ride. There was a lot of branches and trees down from the nasty storm we had Saturday night.
    This evening we switched horses and rode in the arena at the fairgrounds.
    Hrs: 2.06
    Miles: 6.55
    arena work on Bizy
    Hrs: 1.17
    Miles: 1.25
    MTD: 789.56

  96. Today my granddaughter and I went to Lord Hill for a nice ride.
    Hrs: 2
    Miles: 6.30
    MTD: 795.86

  97. Today Sara and I went to Lord Hill for a nice ride in the sun. It was nice to get both mares out at the same time. Sara's horse was not feeling well so she offered to ride Bizy.
    Hrs: 2.57
    Miles: 7.57
    MTD: 803.43

  98. Congrats on getting over 800 miles :-)

  99. Yesterday went for a short ride at Lord Hill with Sara Jane and Sarah. The trails were very frozen so no trotting for us.
    Hrs: 1.30
    Miles: 4.35
    MTD: 807.78

  100. Today I rode Sophie in the arena and worked on obstacles, but she had so much energy that we did a lot of trotting and circles until she settled down to business. Also took a short ride around the neighborhood.

    Hrs: 1.10
    Miles: 1.59
    MTD: 809.37

  101. Today Sara and I took the horses out for a ride at the end of the Mann Road. We rode on the logging roads only because the trails were slick.
    Hrs: 2.20
    Miles: 7.72
    MTD: 817.09

  102. Today Arlene and I went back to the Mann Rd to ride. We rode the logging roads and then went down to the river. We got in a nice short ride before the rains came.
    Hrs: 1.48
    Miles 5.74
    MTD: 822.83

  103. Today Sara and I took the girls to the end of the Mann Road for a short ride before it started raining.
    Hrs: 1.12
    Miles: 3.75
    MTD: 826.58

  104. Last night Sara and I took the horses down to the fairgrounds indoor arena and rode for an hour.
    Hrs. 1
    Miles: 1.77
    MTD: 828.35

  105. Today we rode the SVT in Duvall. We managed to get in a ride before it started pouring.
    Hrs: 2.30
    Miles: 8.72
    MTD: 837.07

  106. Today Sara and I managed to get in a ride at the end of the Mann Road. I was surprised how nice the trails were. No mud!
    Hrs: 2.50
    Miles 7.72
    MTD: 844.79

  107. This was the first time in two weeks that I finally got out for a ride. Sara and I went to the Mann Road to ride and discovered a new trail.
    Hrs: 1.33
    Miles: 5.16
    MTD: 849.95

  108. Congratulations on your ride year Lynn! Here's to more good rides in the New Year!