Monday, January 13, 2014

Team 125 - Smokey Trails

Hello there! My name is Amber King and I live in Northeastern Nebraska. I am a full time college student (In the middle of my 5th year...I think I'll just stay for forever) and I love animals, especially horses. Though there are between 8 and 13 horses at my house at any given time. I own two; a mare and a gelding.  My main man is Smokey, (Smokey Smoke-Stackersons the Magnificent), a Quarter Horse cross gelding. I bought Smokey in 2005 when he was a young, green broke, pain in my buttocks. Over the years we've learned a lot together and grown into a fabulous riding team. He taught me how to ride and be a proper horseman and even though it was hard, frustrating, and painful at times we both made it out alive and better than ever; and here we are, still going strong!

Together Smokey and I discovered that small bodies of water do not house leviathins, krakens, or other sea creatures with malicious intent. Terraces in the fields are great for leaping over and so are barrel racing barrels when placed in a line. We've slain imaginary dragons that harass the cattle in the pasture and we've jousted stationary Hot-Heals with PVC pipe lances. We have flown fearlessly into battle, ready and willing to hunt down our enemies including but not limited to: The birds of Nebraska, Frazzle the Goat,  The menacing Longhorn Cattle, and That shadow over there who is clearly up to no good.

In addition to teaching me how to ride, Smokey has been my most stalwart friend and companion. He taught me (on several occasions) that when you can't rely on anything else in the world, you can rely on your horse as much as relies on you. He can be your portal to another world for a while, your partner in crime, and a pair of always listening ears and watchful eyes.

In our 8 years together, Smokey and I have done a lot of things and covered a lot of ground. I'm excited to enter this competition and log where we go and how far it actually is. I'm sure this year will be full of great adventures and opportunities for Smokey and I to grow stronger and better. I'm happy to be here and good luck everyone! And remember, when life gets rough, just keep posting.


  1. Welcome to the Derby Amber! I live in Northeast Nebraska also ... between Wayne and Wakefield. Where do you live? Maybe we'll meet on the trails! Marvel Rahn (Team #70: Follow Your Dreams)

    1. Hey thanks! And nice to meet you! I live about 5 miles out of Clarkson so sadly, I don't see the trail very often, just my farm. Last summer I rode with two friends from Ainsworth to Valentine on the Cowboy Trail and I hope to ride a larger chunk of that this summer. Where do you ride? Are there trails other than that one that I'm just not aware of? Wayne's not too far off from where I am.


  2. Rode Smokey around the farm today--finally nice enough to get out without blowing away in the wind!

    Time: 1:17:03
    Distance: 4.57 miles
    YTD: 4.57 miles

  3. Rode Smokey yesterday. It was nice for a while, but then ninja wind showed up. Oy.

    Time: 1:19:45
    Distance: 5.31 miles
    YTD: 9.88 miles

  4. Haven't been able to ride much at all with this snow and getting sick. I usually ride at dice when it gets awful awful cold and windy. Still wanna be in the derby, don't count Me out yet! Just gonna have to pack on the miles in he summer :)

  5. Rode Smokey for a short while tonight.

    Distance: .54 miles
    YTD: 10.42

  6. Whoop whoop first longer ride since January. Cold as heck, get your stuff together, Spring. I need you.

    Time: 1:07:41
    Distance: 5.20 miles
    YTD: 15.62 miles

  7. Night ride, whoop whoop.

    Time: 00:40:58
    Distance: 2.62 miles
    YTD: 18.24 miles

  8. We're trimming up! Can't wait for longer rides in the summer.

    March 27

    Time: 00:26:15
    Distance: 1.58 miles
    YTD: 19.82

    March 28
    Time: 1:31:31
    Distance: 5.36 miles
    YTD: 25.18 miles

    March 29
    Time: 00:53:39
    Distance: 3.13 miles
    YTD: 28.28 miles

  9. Time: 1:01:51
    Distance: 3.9 miles
    YTD: 32.18

  10. Second mile was in 6 minutes, whoop whoop! So out of shape.

    Time: 0:48:01
    Distance: 3.11 miles
    YTD: 35.29

  11. Time: 2:28:11
    Distance: 8.29 miles
    YTD: 43.58 miles

  12. Time: 2:26:44
    Distance: 9.61 miles
    YTD: 53.19 miles

  13. Recent days:

    Time 0:30:53
    Distance: 2.32 miles
    YTD: 55.51 miles

    Time: 0:50:33
    Distance: 2.1 miles
    YTD: 57.61 miles

    Time: 0:33:21
    Distance: 1.67
    YTD: 59.28 miles

    Time: 0:20:32
    Distance: .55 miles
    YTD: 59.83 miles

  14. May 17
    Time: 0:37:15
    Distance: 1.44 miles
    YTD: 61.27 miles

  15. Rode Captain for the first time. Wooot! He was excellent! As excellent as a first ride can be!

    Time: 0:20:42
    Distance: .40 miles
    YTD: 61.67 miles

  16. Captain:
    Time: 0:17:13
    Distance: .19 miles
    YTD: 61.86

    Time: 0:50:01
    Distance: 2.03 miles
    YTD: 63.89 miles

  17. Ponied Captain 3 miles with Smokey, then rode Smokey out alone for a mile-ish.

    Time: 1:18:12
    Distance: 4.19 miles
    YTD: 68.08 miles

  18. Recent days:

    Time: 0:16:56
    Distance: .69 miles
    YTD: 68.77

    Time: 0:49:23
    Distance: 2.37 miles
    YTD: 71.14 miles

    Time: 0:29:41
    Distance: 1.21 miles
    YTD: 72.35 miles

    Time: 0:08:53
    Distance: .5 miles
    YTD: 72.85 miles

    Time: 0:53:33
    Distance: 2.6 miles
    YTD: 75.45

  19. Last night:

    Time 1:09:25
    Distance: 5.36 miles
    YTD: 80.81 miles

  20. Time: 1:41:23
    Distance: 5.41 miles
    YTD: 86.22 miles

  21. Time: 0:40:41
    Distance: 1.05 miles
    YTD: 87.27 miles

  22. Time: 0:50:19
    Distance: 2.61 miles
    YTD: 89.88

  23. Time: 1:15:26
    Distance: 5.08 miles
    YTD: 94.96 miles

  24. Rode Captain. He clipped his front foot with his back foot and has a bit of a skinned heel. :/ Gonna get it checked out tomorrow and hopefully it's on the mend soon. The mud really isn't helping anything.

    Time: 0:52:22
    Distance: 3.03 miles
    YTD: 97.99 miles

  25. Time: 0:52:05
    Distance: 3.09 miles
    YTD: 101.08 miles

  26. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

  27. Time: 0:22:29
    Distance: 1.56 miles
    YTD: 102.64 miles

  28. Longest ride on Captain yet. He was a butt for the first 5 minutes but after that he was pretty awesome! That boy needs some muscle hard core.

    Time: 1:13:16
    Distance: 4.35 miles
    YTD: 106.99 miles

  29. Past six days:

    Time 0:13:04
    Distance: .63 miles
    YTD:107.62 miles

    Time: 1:01:36
    Distance: 3.40 miles
    YTD: 111.02 miles

    Time: 1:02:14
    Distance: 3.33 miles
    YTD: 114.35 miles

    Time: 1:02:25
    Ditance: 2.64 miles
    YTD: 116.99 miles

    Time: 1:04:42
    Distance: 5.04 miles
    YTD: 122.03 miles

  30. Time: 0:20:50
    Distance: 1.27 miles
    YTD: 123.3 miles

  31. July 28:
    Time: 1:03:10
    Distance: 4.76 miles
    YTD: 128.06 miles

    July 30:
    Time: 0:41:33
    Distance:2.6 miles
    YTD: 130.66 miles

  32. Today:
    Time: 1:26:57
    Distance: 6.89 miles
    YTD: 137.55 miles

  33. New saddle, English style. Fun fun. Very strange. Smokey seems to like it.

    Time: 1:36:53
    Distance: 5.25 miles
    YTD: 142.8

  34. Time: 0:41:48
    Distance: 2.22 miles
    YTD: 145.02 miles

    Distance: 3.56 miles
    YTD: 148.58

  35. Time: 0:25:48
    Distance: 1.62 miles
    YTD: 150.2 miles

    Time: 0:51:09
    Distance: 4.05 miles
    YTD: 154.25 miles

  36. Time: 2:03:33
    Distance: 8.1 miles
    YTD: 162.35 miles

    Longest ride on Captain to date. He was a boob after a week in the pasture, but we got to going pretty good. He's a pretty radical horse.

  37. Time: 1:13:30
    Distance: 4.05 miles
    YTD: 166.5 miles

  38. Time: 0:40:00
    Distance: 3.08 miles
    YTD: 169.48 miles

    Captain did 3 foot jumps lunging. Flew right over them. :)

  39. Time: 0:56:35
    Distance: 3.69 miles
    YTD: 173.17 miles

  40. Time: 0:34:58
    Distance: 2.13 miles
    YTD: 175.3 miles

    First time riding Captain bareback and he did really well!

  41. Dear Diary, Smokey spent 3 weeks on pasture and got REALLY FAT.

    October 3:
    Time: 0:36:34
    Distance: 2.29 miles
    YTD: 177.59 miles

  42. Time: 2:52:42
    Distance: 7.07 miles
    YTD: 184.66 miles

    Lots of stops today because picture taking. Pretty fall colors! So time's a little whack, but that's okay. Rode both horses.

  43. Yesterday:
    Time: 1:02:28
    Distance: 4.21 miles
    YTD: 188.87 miles

    Time: 1:16:22
    Distance: 5.01 miles
    YTD: 193.88 miles

  44. Time: 1:08:20
    Distance: 4.01 miles
    YTD: 197.87 miles

  45. Yesterday:
    Time: 1:33:40
    Distance: 5.36 miles
    YTD: 203.23 miles

  46. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  47. November 3:
    Time: 1:23:50
    Distance: 4.89 miles
    YTD: 208.12 miles

    November 4:
    Time: 0:33:01
    Distance: 1.96 miles
    YTD: 210.08 miles

    November 5:
    Time: 1:03:32
    Distance: 4.24 miles
    YTD: 214.32 miles

  48. November 7:
    Time: 1:35:03
    Distance: 6.48 miles
    YTD: 220.8 miles

  49. Time: 0:43:56
    Distance: 2.19 miles
    YTD: 222.99 miles

    Time: 2:02:09
    Distance: 5.09 miles
    YTD: 228.08 miles

    Time: 1:09:26
    Distance: 3.15 miles
    YTD: 231.23 miles

    Time: 1:07:19
    Distance: 3.84 miles
    YTD: 235.07 miles

  50. Last minute miles for the year, haha.

    Time: 0:30:17
    Miles: 1.23 miles
    YTD: 236.3 miles

    Time: 0:32:56
    Miles: 1.54 miles
    YTD: 237.84 miles