Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Team 116 - Weber

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Hello, my name is Kris Weber and I live near Valentine Nebraska. I love riding, and growing up on a cattle ranch, it fueled my passion for horses and riding, when I'm not riding, my busy with the local drill team,  or showing horses, or photographing them. 

I own several horses, but my main horse is Wyatt, a 5 yr old solid bred paint horse, or one of the main ranch horses, Sis, a 9 yr old grey quarter horse or one of the many other ranch horses. 

I have allot of plans this year to ride and log in miles with the Ride America, go on a few overnight trail rides, ride with the lady wranglers, and of course working cattle on the ranch. 


  1. Date 1/19
    Miles 4.75
    MTD 4.75
    Time: 1hr 22min

    Finally rode Wyatt out at the ranch, just in the pasture, he does great riding with other horses but hates going alone, he was naughty kept wanting to turn around and head home, and when we were headed home he kept wanting to trot.

  2. Date 1/25
    Miles 10.2
    Time: 3 hr 15 min
    MTD 14.95 miles

    Had the day off, and the wind wasn't blowing, so I went for a ride in the afternoon. He did somewhat better, still hated leaving his buddy. Left the dog at home so we could trot and lope in the hills.