Saturday, January 11, 2014

Team 123 - Commins

Hello! My name is Beth. I am from northwest of Lexington, Nebraska. I have been riding for 15 years. I have learned from mistakes over the years, and taking what I learn from clinicians and applying them to my horsemanship. My main horse is my almost 5 year old bay roan Paint x Missouri Fox Trotter gelding, Zeke. I have had him since he was born, and he's my first horse I have ever broke to ride. He's still a bit green, but he's always been a willing to please type, and I figured joining this distance derby would give me the motivation to put more miles on him, and hope to teach him about driving this year as well. I hope to maybe get the opportunity to ride with a few of the other riders here in Nebraska through out this year! Good luck to you all!


  1. Did 15.75 miles for 1-12-14

  2. Didn't ride nearly as far for today. Lower back is killing me. 2.40 miles for 1-13-14

  3. Got home from work today and found out we are having my brother's friend's old quarter horse gelding(he's like in his mid 20s) here for a while to get him built back up from being chased away from the food by their other horses so much. Such a sweet old guy, he reminds me olf my 34 yr old gelding of mine that just passed away in October. Took old Thunder out with Zeke after they got their introductions done, and ponied him for a 1.55 mile trot to get his blood flowing good which seemed to help increase his appetite, then rode Zeke for another 4.23 miles. This is for 1-15-14

  4. Decided to get some riding done before the supposed chance of snow tomorrow.. highly doubt that we'll get any, but it'd be nice. Had some company this time from my aussie x border collie Topaz, and we had us a 10.65 mile jaunt

    1. Sorry I forgot to put that this was for today 1-21-2014

  5. Got some miles in today after work. Was a great day for it. Met up with the neighbors that were moving cows home on the road, and helped them with the last mile, then continued on my riding through the neighbor hood, getting 10.92 miles in. 1-25-14

  6. 1-29-14..... Got in a 10.45 mile ride today after work since it was a nice day compared to what its been the last couple days.. can't believe I used to ride in that kind of cold weather 10+ years ago lol. I had my dog Topaz for company again, and she's quite a trooper in keeping up, and being paitent with Zeke not keeping up with her when we slowed down to walk.. she'd found a racoon out in a cornfield we rode by and killed it. It was an old coon, it was skinny, completely blind, and hardly any teeth, and which Topaz pretty much did it a favor. For those of you with Facebook, I hope to get a short video put up there tomorrow if y'all wanna see lol. Desktop computer and facebook are clashing tonight. Goodnight y'all and happy trails!

    1. Finally a small break from the nasty cold weather, and I took Zeke out for a small ride after work with the company of my dog topaz, who kept egging him on to race today. The two if them usually play a game of chase in the mornings during chore time. Today's ride was 4.72 miles 2-8-2014

  7. 12-13-14.. Got in a nice LONG ride on this glorious day after work. 16.82 mile ride. Woot woot! But omg I'm already feeling it, and I have to work tomorrow, and I'm the only one working.. oh boy.

  8. 2-21-14 Well I finally felt good enough yesterday to get a ride in. Serious sinus infection had been keeping me out of the saddle as well as a clogged ear that's ringing and annoying the heck out of me. Sinuses are a lot better, but not really my ear. Zeke had got a hoof trim, as we'll as his momma who I am starting to see some signs of her coming out the abuse she suffered from my ex husband, so I will try to start working with her again when it begins to stay warm. After those two got trimmed, I had to go over to my friends house to help the farrier with her three horses since she was gone at work. Then after all the fun stuff me and Zeke took off for a 12.35 mile jaunt. Completely exhausted after all that. I will be so glad when I'm back to full health!

  9. 3-5-14.. Finally back to pretty much full health, ears aren't clogged no more! woohoo! I got in a very short jaunt since my dad couldn't watch my son very long because of the crop insurance person came out to talk etc.. so only 3.55 miles

    3-6-14.. really excited about today being so dang wonderful! 63 degrees here, with a south wind. It was just a great day, and boy did we cover ground. We were really cruising along and we managed to go 23.85 miles! Zeke's becoming a stamina freak with trotting long distance! Just wish he had the smooth trot his mommas got. Tell you what if Zeke, and my dog Topaz aren't tired after that, well then I don't know what to do! I'm actually feeling good after all that, and I was dragging horribly at work, almost to the point of falling asleep standing up.

  10. 3-9-14
    Got in a great ride today with a few of my horsey friends. Very rare we all have the same time off to go riding together! Did some road riding, and a lot of pasture riding in my cousin's huge pasture. Was a fantastic warm, but windy afternoon and all together I put in 17.87 miles

  11. 3-17-14

    Went out for a fantastic ride on this St. Patricks day, after work. Wonderful weather! Did 22.24 miles.

    133.56 + 22.24 = 155.80 miles ytd. Hopefully I did my Math right lol

  12. 3-26-14

    got in a ride since it was actually decent, and before the wacky weather came in.. Anyone else get all of that slushy stuff? But anyways I got 16.65 miles in.

    155.80 + 16.65 miles = 172.45 miles

  13. 3-30-14

    Got in 16.48 miles today

    172.45 + 16.48 = 188.93

  14. 4-7-14
    got in 15.45 miles in the morning before it rained in the afternoon. so happy for April Showers. :)

    Got in 16.12 miles after work. Was a great relaxer after a long day at work, and such nice weather too. great way to get my tanning done hehehe.


    Got in another ride after work since this weekend I have off is looking to be crummy with rain. Wouldn't have a problem with riding in rain, but i'd like it to be a little warmer first lol. 23.44 miles

    188.93 + 23.44 + 16.12 + 15.45 = 243.94

  15. You are movin' on up....congrats :-)

  16. Thank you much! Hope you had a great Easter. I unfortunatwly had to work. Poo.

    11.87 miles

    16.55 miles

    16.45 miles

    243.94 + 16.45 + 16.55 + 11.87 = 288.81 miles

  17. 4-21-14

    Got in a late afternoon ride 23.03 miles

    288.81 + 23.03 = 311.84

  18. Congrats on getting over 300 miles :-)

  19. Thank You Much! I honestly didn't think I would get in this many miles already :-) Or else I didn't realize I ever rode that far.

    Finally after the horrible week I had I got in some miles Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

    5-2-14 got in 15.47 miles

    5-3-14 Got in 18.02 miles

    5-4-14 Got in 23.65 miles

    311.84 + 23.65 + 18.02 + 15.47 = 368.98

  20. Wow its been a while since I have logged miles. Been so busy with work. I had worked the last three weekends in a row, and on top of that helping with planting in the fields when I got home from work, and this past weekend rototilled the garden with my dad three times to get the dirt nice and soft again. And its a good sized garden, like 80' x 60', something like that. Feels a lot bigger when you're puddling along behind the tiller in the heat. But, as of yesterday that is all planted, and now we just have to water, keep the weeds out, and hope everything comes up! Can't wait to see what our labor will produce. Planted sweet corn, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, pumpkins, sunflowers, green beans, peas, zuccini squash, water melon and cantalope.. yeah got quite the work load lol. And I have been on a flower planting craze lately too. Plotted up 12 calla lilly bulbs, and have numerous spots with seeds planted, and herbs.. let's say I have gone extreme this year in planting lol.

    But I have finally got in some riding today! Finally! Long over due and I hope to get in more this weekend because I have a three day weekend, which I'm totally surprised about, didn't think I was going to have memorial day off. I needed to go for a ride despite the attack of the allergies and sinus infectin AGAIN! This is the worst year I have had with allergies. Really annoying! I am cursed with my dad's horrid sinuses!Was supposed to go camping but those plans went down the toilet, when my friend told me she started a new job and had to work this weekend, and so instead my mom and I were going to take the beef to my cousins in lincoln they bought from us, but then that changed and they're gonna come out for the day. And so, we're gonna 'try' smoking a brisket to have for lunch when they get there. Should be a good weekend!

    My miles for 5-22-14 16.43 miles

    368.98 + 16.43 = 385.41

    Did that in my head, hopefully its right lol

  21. 7-1-2014

    I don't know of you will let me count me posting my miles on th e dd2014 Facebook page. Had Internet issues not long after, and couldn't get anywhere with anything online till today. Sucks sometimes having satellite Internet. If not let me know.

    385.41 + 16.52 =401.93 miles

  22. Congrats on getting over 400 miles :-)

  23. 7-26-14

    Got a ride in last minute thanks to my friend amanda texting me and asking if I wanted to go for a ride, and it was the motivation to get me out on a ride. We rode on the gravel roads and out on her dad's pastures and walked our horses through the cattle pond to cool off. And by the time we finished we rode 20.81 miles. And i tell you what I am spent. Don't know what riding I will get done in the next week or so, my little boy is going in for hernia surgery this coming Thursday and I'm scared to death about it cause he's only 3 and this is the first major surgery he's ever had. Idk if I'm just being an overly worry wart mom, but it's just worry some. And so when I'm home after the surgery I will be trying to keep him mellow so he don't pull a stitch.

    1. 401.93 + 20.81 = 422.74 miles

  24. 8-16-14

    Got in another ride in with my friend amanda, and rode with her and her niece and one of her not so horse savvy friends, who says whoa to the horse every 5 Seconds I swear. Zeke was being a dummy because one of amanda's older horses, Bo, that went out on the ride with, hates his guts, and we almost had a mess when we stopped out at the cattle pond again to cool off. Her niece was hanging on to him when it happened, that big gray boy came charging right at Zeke, and I threw my hands up in the air to stop him, and poor Zeke reared up and backed off. Zeke hadn't done anything, he was minding his own business just grazing. Bo is just a grumpy old man who don't want any other horse near his mare and pony. It's been that way since Zeke was a baby, Bo has never liked him. Idk if he sees him as competition or what he just flat out hates him. But other than that little scuffle, the ride went really good, and we rode 22.53 miles.

    422.74 + 22.53 = 445.27 miles

  25. 9-21-14

    Went on the Eddyville Trail Ride with a few friends. Got up really early in the morning and got Zeke saddled up and rode over to my friend's house while they were saddling up their horses and then loaded everyone up, and headed up to Eddyville. There was 60+ horses there I believe, and also a couple teams of Belgians that went through the canyons before they had to turn back. Went through some pretty country, and up and down a few steep hills, but Zeke handled it like a champ. He and a lot of horses were full of themselves at the beginning of the ride, but were really tired by the end of the ride, and so was by poor rear. It was mostly walking throughout the ride, and Zeke and I usually go at a trotting pace most of the time to get where we need to go, so it was a different pace and experience for him, especially being around so many horses, and the Belgians too. He'd never been around horses as big as they were. But overall l, Zeke was great, and my friend's horse Bo didn't try attacking Zeke, met some new people, and had a great time, and had good food after we got back. All the combined riding of that day, Zeke traveled 27.44 miles.

    445.27 + 27.44 = 472.71 miles.

  26. 10-14-14

    put in a short 9.75 mile ride

    put in a 11.03 mile ride

    472.71 + 9.75 + 11.03 = 493.49 miles