Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Team 67 - Mustang Dreams *

I have too many horses and most of them don't have jobs but I love them all.  Again this year the two main ones I plan on riding are my mustangs, Tripp and Wyoming.  Tripp is great but thinks any distance in the double digits is a waste of time and energy. Wyoming put in over half of my miles in 2013 and I am so proud of him. He is the most green of the two and is a worry wart, but he seems to love being out and double digit miles agree with him. His worrying and my bad choices is what got me hurt, so we are going to work on that this year.  I am going to work on 'me' so I can prove to him he can count on me. I would like to ride endurance, and Wyoming is going to be the lucky stang!  This should get both of them in better shape...not to mention myself!

Looking forward to another fun riding year!  Woo hoo!

Karen C. Mid-MO

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"The things that stay with us forever are the things we give away."  

The best thing I try to do for myself is to try to listen to the horse.  I don't mean let him take over.  I listen to how he's operating: what he's understanding or what he doesn't understand: what's bothering him and what isn't bothering him.  I try to feel what the horse is feeling and operate from where the horse is. - TD (Tom Dorrance)
2013 / 609.18 miles / 28th Place


  1. I can't wait to get started. Happy riding everyone!

  2. I am finally on the board! It was not exactly what I had planned because it got COLD fast, but it is better than nothing!
    I spent a while riding Tripp around the barn lot. Not very fun for him, but good for me because I got to work the healing wrist, riding over the big log and going over the bridge.

    Distance: .7, and is point seven.
    Took me almost an hour to get it, but I got 'er done! Yay me!!!!


  3. I got another ride in! Woo hoo!!! They will still be slow coming, but be watching for me. Early morning I took Wyoming for a walk to check the fence line. Then that evening I rode Tripp for a while. He was ancy and was moving quick, and I was careful not to put myself in a position to hurt the wrist. It is healing slowly but surely...don't want to screw things up now...or later...hee hee! :-) We did some zooming (for us) around the trees, and some slow work to remind him that I am the driver of this team. :-)

    Tripp - around the woods on our place.
    Distance: 3.19 miles ( was so much fun!!!!)
    Time: 1 hr 15 minutes


  4. I got to go on a REAL trail ride! First one since the November 3rd fall! Woo hoo! I am in double digits now! :-)
    Wrist is not healing well so another surgery is on the way. Will know tomorrow what the next step is. What a mess!
    I am so glad I took a day off work to ride! :-)

    Trail Ride - Tripp
    Distance: 8.46 miles (It has been a rump is sore!)
    Time: 4 hrs 26 minutes (We took our time so I could get a feel again...)


  5. Yay, I am on the board again! It is only a couple miles but it was a couple miles of wonderful! I rode with a friend who is starting a riding stable, and I rode one of her mustangs, Reno. What a great day in the Ozark Hills!
    I will be so happy to get this wrist is amazing how many things it puts a monkey wrench in. I did figure out how to get the new and improved My Tracks to my e-mail....woo hoo!
    In spite of the hiccups, I am still living the dream! :-)

    Name: 10/18/2014 2:40 Trail RIDE Reno
    Total Distance: 2.3 mi
    Total Time: 1:40