Monday, January 20, 2014

Team 17 - Painted Arrow

My name is Jessica Smith. I am 22 years old and I am Vice President of a local non-profit bareback horse riding organization for youths here in Bellevue, Nebraska. The focus of our club is to teach our members responsibility, positive self-esteem, and good citizenship through caring for the horses, learning good horsemanship, fundraising, and civic activities.

My horse is a 6 year old American Paint Horse mare named Arrow. I've had her for two years now and I trained her myself. We've definately gone on some crazy rides! When I first got her, things weren't perfect. I went out looking for a 14.2 - 14.3hh Arabian and came home with an untrained, young, spooky, and pushy 15.3hh painted rollercoaster. Now she's my best friend and having her in my life has been the greatest ride of all. Nothing compares nor ever will. This will be our first year with the distance derby and I'm really excited! Thanks.


  1. Date; 01/29
    Miles: 2.62

    First recordable ride! Finally got gps thing to work. Fell off of Arrow when I decided I wanted to take up show jumping lol. All is good though and it was a nice ride with a friend and the fiance also riding with me.

    MTD: 2.62

  2. Date: 01/29
    Miles: 3.33

    Went out again today just me and the fiance. He took the Haflinger, Cody. Beautiful day for riding! The trails were gorgeous! No falls this time either lol.

    MTD: 5.95

  3. Date: 01/29
    Miles: 3.21

    Evening ride with the club. Rode Stormy Night, our 7 year old grey QH mare. Beautiful night. High-paced ride! Loved racing around on Stormy.

    MTD: 9.16

  4. Date: 1/31
    Miles: 3.71

    Rode Stormy again tonight.

    MTD: 12.87

  5. Date: 02/01
    Miles: 2.19

    Rode Arrow, very cold ride! Wind was horrible and the trails were a little icy but so glad to get in a little time on her back. Riding my horse always makes the rest of the world fade away.

    MTD: 15.06

  6. Date: 02/03
    Miles: 1.26

    Rode my friend's Arabian gelding Moe tonight, but forgot to turn my gps on half way through my ride. Ugh lol.

    MTD: 16.32

  7. Date: 02/06
    Miles: 0.90

    Snuck in a short ride on Arrow before work.

    MTD: 17.22

  8. Date: 02/07
    Miles: 0.80

    Rode Arrow for a little bit after work. Can't wait for warmer weather.

    MTD: 18.02

  9. Date: 02/10
    Miles: 4.07

    Rode Deuce, our flea-bitten grey Arabian gelding out on the trails with a couple friends. Very nice relaxing ride after my accident on Saturday, despite the cold. Saturday I was grabbing Arrow to go riding and the other horses started fighting and slammed me from behind pinning me against Arrow. Then Arrow dragged me out of the way, if it wasn't for her I would've been trampled. Still in a lot of pain, I think my sternum might be broke, but glad I was able to ride tonight. Cannot wait for summer.

    MTD: 22.09

  10. Date: 02/12
    Miles: 5.58

    Beautiful ride through the trails as the snow fell. Everything seems to be ever more breathtaking from the back of my lovely horse.

    MTD: 27.67

  11. Date: 02/13
    Miles: 2.98

    Rode the Halflinger Cody today. Beautiful weather! Wonderful ride but ended with both Cody and me in the mud. He tripped and just couldn't catch himself and we both fell and skidded in the mud and melting snow. No injuries!

    MTD: 30.65

  12. Date: 02/14
    Miles: 1.79
    Rode Arrow for a little bit before going out with the fiance for Valentines Day.

    Date: 02/15
    Miles: 4.23
    Gorgeous ride on my Arrow. Warmer temps but terrible wind.

    Date: 02/16
    Miles: 4.28
    Started off the ride on the grey Arab Deuce but we ended up sliding and he fell during the first 10 minutes and strained his leg so I let him go and bridled the beautiful Jema, our skittish black Arab mare. Nice ride despite the cold morning temps.

    MTD: 40.95

  13. Date: 02/17
    Miles: 2.74

    Started off on Jema and then rode Arrow on the way back. Jema spooked at some bats diving into the grass. I ended up sliding off Jema when she spooked at a rabbit... I enjoyed riding Arrow on the way back.

    MTD: 43.69

  14. Date: 02/18
    Miles: 5.64

    Beautiful weather. Took Arrow out on the trails alone, just her and me. First time ever doing that. I loved it! Arrow was nervous and a little spooky but she was calm aslong as I kept talking/singing. If I stopped she started getting nervous again. Kinda felt silly but I enjoyed it. I'm so proud of her, such an amazing ride!

    MTD: 49.33

  15. Date: 02/19
    Miles: 3.06

    Rode Moe. So muddy!

    MTD: 52.39

  16. Date: 03/07
    Miles: 2.54

    Date: 03/10
    Miles: 4.76
    Amazing ride tonight. 80 degree weather. Great way to end the night after a long day at work.

    MTD: 59.69

  17. Date: 03/14
    Miles: 3.70

    Rode Jema out on on hills after trimming her hooves. Nice ride after a bad day.

    MTD: 63.39

  18. Date: 03/15
    Miles: 4.73

    Gps died halfway through my ride but I was able to record the first half. Rode my paint Arrow with a friend and then the Haflinger Cody with the horse club. Great ride!

  19. Hate when that happens. :-( That's when you need a friend who also has a GPS so you can use their GPS to record miles :-)

    1. I know right?! I should've thought of that. Next time. :)

  20. Date: 03/19
    Miiles: 4.76

    Rode the Arab gelding Moe. Beautiful ride. Herded the Haflinger cause he didn't want to be caught and then rode out on the trails.

    MTD: 72.88

  21. Date: 03/21
    Miles: 3.72

    My Paint Arrow turned 7 years old today! Great ride with her yet she was really excited and kept trying to take off with me. Beautiful but windy ride out on the trails and down to Swanson park.

    MTD: 76.60

  22. Date: 3/28
    Miles: 3.88

    Rode my paint Arrow and then the red roan Arabian mare Maysoun "Mae" for a little bit. Beautiful day. Raced around the hills. Little fog made for gorgeous scenery. Really need a day off to get in some good miles.

    MTD: 80.48

  23. Date: 3/29
    Miles: 5.10

    Rode Jema double with Denae, Stormy for about half an hour before giving her to Melissa, and then rode Moe down through the trails and at Swanson Park. Moe and I almost got attacked by a Rottweiler at the park... Luckily she backed off when I jumped off Moe and got infront of him and blocked her so she couldn't get at his legs and then she ran off. Still scary though. Overall a great ride.

    MTD: 85.58

  24. Date: 4/02
    Miles: 4.36

    Rode in the rain/fog on Arrow. Such a peaceful ride.

    MTD: 89.94

  25. Date: 4/05
    Miles: 4.47

    My birthday. Took Arrow out with the group and then rode Cody for a bit.

    Date: 4/07
    Miles: 4.38

    Rode Jema, the black Arab mare.

    MTD: 98.79

  26. Date: 4/10
    Miles: 4.25

    Arrow and I went riding with Alaina and her horse Tornado. Rode around on the trails and played at the park. Arrow found the merry-go-round was a little intimidating lol. Had so much fun!

    MTD: 103.04

  27. Date: 4/11
    Miles: 5.01
    Rode Mae. Beautiful ride on the trails.

    Date: 4/12
    Miles: 3.92
    Rode Mae again today. Another great ride! Racing through those trails haha.

    MTD: 111.97

  28. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

  29. Date: 4/18
    Miles: 4.35
    Rode Arrow on trails.

    Date: 4/19
    Miles: 3.97
    Rode Arrow, went out on the hills. Wasn't feeling to good.

    Date: 4/21
    Miles: 4.80
    Rode Stormy out on hills, had so much fun. She was so excited.

    MTD: 125.09

  30. Date: 6/11
    Miles: 3.88

    Finally have things working again. Rode Moe. Fell off Moe. Horse-eating flowers popped out of nowhere... Lovely bruise on my very sore butt lol.

    MTD: 128.97

  31. Date: 6/21
    Miles: 2.2

    Took Arrow out with some new riders. Crashed an autism icecream social down at Swanson park. The kids loved Arrow and were feeding her popsicles lol. She likes grape! Orange not so much. Awesome feeling watching the kids and Arrow interact. So proud of my big girl.

    MTD: 131.17

  32. Date: 7/8
    Miles: 4.3

    Went out riding with the fiancé. He rode my paint mare Arrow and I rode my friend's quarter/paint mare Tornado. Nice ride, just unfortunately way too short. Its hard to get Jacob to find time to go riding with me anymore with his work. Afterwards I rode Arrow for a little bit by herself, she's getting a little buddy-sour so that's something to work on.

    MTD: 135.47

  33. Date: 7/11
    Miles: 3.7

    Hot and humid. Rode Arrow out with the club on hills. Got some much needed racing in. I know Arrow liked stretching her legs.

    MTD: 139.17

  34. Date: 7/12
    Miles: 2.66

    Rode Mae today. Such a gorgeous, spirited, and opinionated Arabian. I feel like hot stuff when I ride her. Had a good night running around like idiots with the other riders.

    MTD: 141.83

  35. Date: 7/14
    Miles: 1.74

    Rode Melissa's new horse Jericho. He's a drop dead gorgeous 3 year old thoroughbred gelding. What a dream! Reminds me so much of our late Arabian stallion, Star.

    MTD: 143.57

  36. Date: 7/18
    Miles: 2.85
    Finally have my dog, Sadie, back! Took her out riding with me and the club. I rode Arrow.

    Date: 7/19
    Miles: 3.51
    Another great ride. Had the dog with me again and I rode Mae.


  37. Date: 7/28
    Miles: 2.97

    Rode down through the neighborhood to a park I've never been too. My friend Brittany was leading on my mare Arrow and I rode Jericho for a second time. Great ride.

    MTD: 152.90

  38. Date: 2/29
    Miles: 4.19

    Rode Tornado around the neighborhood.

    MTD: 157.09

  39. Date: 7/31
    Miles: 1.75

    Went out riding on Arrow with Tornado's owner and my dog, Sadie. We ran into a little lone fawn grazing. So beautiful... Short but very sweet ride.

    MTD: 158.84

  40. Date: 8/01
    Miles: 3.58
    Rode Arrow out on the hills with the club.

    Date: 8/02
    Miles: 3.65
    Hills again on Arrow with the club. Had a bad day, needed a good ride on my girl... So stressed out.

    MTD: 166.07

  41. Date: 8/04
    Miles: 2.99

    Rode Moe with the club to the park and back.

    MTD: 169.06

  42. Date: 8/08
    Miles: 3.24

    Rode Arrow. A friend had a pretty nasty fall but luckily she's just a little shaken up and has a slight concussion.

    MTD : 172.30

  43. Date: 8/13
    Miles: 4.05
    Rode Arrow with Alaina and her horse, Tornado.

    Date: 8/18
    Miles: 3.02
    Rode Jema out on the hills to do some maintenance.

    MTD: 179.37

  44. Date: 9/01
    Miles: 5.06

    Gorgeous night for a ride on Arrow after a horrible day.

    MTD: 184.43

  45. Date: 9/5
    Miles: 4.58

    Miles: 1.83

    MTD: 190.84

  46. Date: 9/15
    Miles: 3.93
    Rode Arrow.

    Miles: 4.52
    Little bit of trails then rode down to the park. Rode Deuce.

    Date: 9/20
    Miles: 3.77
    Rode Deuce on trails and taught some of the riders how to jump their horses.

    MTD: 203.06

  47. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  48. Date: 9/22
    Miles: 3.45

    Rode Arrow out on trails with the girls after some groundwork in the round pen.

    MTD: 206.51

  49. Date: 10/20
    Miles: 3.26

    Finally got GPS fixed. Rode Deuce on trails with the fiance on Cody and my friend Linda on Stormy. Great fast paced ride.

    MTD: 209.77

  50. Date: 10/24
    Miles: 2.31
    Rode Mae and Rebecca rode Stormy. Gave Rebecca some jumping lessons.

    Date: 10/25
    Miles: 3.00
    Rode Mae, such a fun horse.

    Date: 10/26
    Miles: 3.70
    Helped a friend do her senior pictures horse-style lol. Great day for a ride.

    MTD: 218.78

  51. Date: 12/29
    Miles: 1.26

    First day back riding after having my baby and its snowing lol.

    MTD: 220.04