Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11th Leaderboard

So sorry to be late in getting this posted, but here it is :-)  Lots of riding this week as everyone tried to get a lot of miles during the beautiful week.  Yeow!! Yesterday I was riding with friends and in the morning it was 60* and I said I had on too many layers, by the time we stopped riding it was 40* and the wind was a windy 40mph.  Then last night we got snow!!  From 60* to 26* in one day!  That can take it's toll on our ponies!  Keep an eye on them.  Congrats to Team 74 - Crazy Legs with over 2000 miles!  Awesome Team!!


  1. ride crazy legs, ride, I love to watch the miles rack up

  2. The polar vortex has arrived. I see no riding in the near future in Nebraska. At least for rider. Dang weather. Thought it might hold off until December. Maybe we will get it back again.