Monday, September 1, 2014

End of August Leaderboard

End of August Leaderboard is here and fall is in the air.  What a week of weather we had, wow!  I didn't get to ride much at all, but alot of people did.  Glad for ya'll :-)  September is here at last, and my next 4 weekends are loaded with riding.  YAY!!!  I also bought a new horse to do it all on so this month will be an exciting one for me.  Hope it is all you are looking forward to.  Please be sure to review your miles and make sure that I have everything accurate.  Thanks.  Happy Trails :-)


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  1. Dianne - IF you are actually going for end of Aug miles ONLY, I only have 754.14. BUT the over all 762.16 you have is correct for year to date (I rode Sept. 1). It makes NO difference to me - just didn't want you to double count my miles :) #32 Rather-Be-Riding, 6th place. - Julia