Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9th Leaderboard Update

We had a beautiful weekend for the Branching Out Clinic and CTR here near Lincoln, NE.  I was the ride secretary and had a blast watching all my friends ride and have fun.  But I will tell ya, that I am oh sooo much more tired then I have every been doing the ride myself.  That management stuff is tuff LOL.
Have a great week everyone :-)


  1. I agree, Diane! The ride was the easy part! Luckily I got some miles in the planning process, as well. Thank you for your hard work at the ride and sorry you didn't get to ride. Hope you and Jordan or Rosie are back on the board, soon. Sure you don't want to meet us in MO?

  2. Thanks for taking such good care of us this season Diane!