Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 10th Leaderboard Update

March 10th Leaderboard Update.  We had a fantastic Sunday and Monday here in Nebraska and Tammy Vasa choose to have her birthday on Monday, so she had a birthday bash and we rode both days and had a blast.  However none of the DD riders that were at the bash posted their miles for this weeks leaderboard, (except me of course) LOL.  So I am reminding everyone that I usually update the leaderboard on Monday evenings after 10:30 pm so if you want your miles to count, get'em posted!  Also please be sure to update your YTD miles after your rides are posted.  That helps me make sure I have not missed updating on my spreadsheet.  

Congrats to Team 74 - Crazy Legs for getting over 500 miles already!  You go girl :-)  We also have 115 of our 131 riders now on the leaderboard.  Congrats everyone!


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  1. Hi, Team 67 here. I am not on with my .7. Just waned to let you know for next time. Yesterday was 65 here and GORGEOUS! Today low 30's, windy and snowy. Hoping to get another .3 to make it an even 1.0! Woo hoo! Thanks!